World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2202

The instance that Divine Sword of white clothing man punctures, lightens cold air, this is very strange Divine Power, but is formidable, making this look like more fearful the sword. sword tip punctured the Shen Xiang's chest! However, after bumping into the Shen Xiang's clothes, is hard to reenter in the slightest, Shen Xiang's chest unexpectedly can keep off this fearful sword directly! The white clothing man was shocked, even if on Shen Xiang has fierce divine cloth to protect the body, then Shen Xiang at least should also meet retreat several steps, but Shen Xiang actually such as mountain Dingli there, moves is motionless! He a moment ago that sword, although does not have condense very strong strength, even if is third-class God king is stabbed by this sword, will not feel better, a Shen Xiang unexpectedly not matter. On this strength! Your this third-class God king is also too weak!” Shen Xiang he he smiles, braving flame the hand to hold that Divine Sword, breaks off vigorously, disjunction. This is also very disappointing the sword, but be fiercer than you, at least after this sword undergoes my one move, can preserve in the world, but you......” Shen Xiang spoke, that white clothing man has revealed the color of fear, before he has not thought of this, has not arrived at Highest God Realm little rascal, now unexpectedly can resist his force to strike, but can also break off his sword with ease. Kills him quickly!” The white clothing man sees Shen Xiang to walk toward him, rave, why he does not know, after at this time was released that murderous aura that covers by Shen Xiang, his unexpectedly whole body shivers, he wants to be far away from Shen Xiang, but actually discovered that own both feet is unable to move. That two are very rapid when nearby male response, sees Shen Xiang breaks off the long sword of white clothing man, revolution Divine Power, now attacks, Divine Power is very cut-throat, shakes the air to come, to send out the explosion sound that intermittent Qi Energy explodes. Shen Xiang teleport, avoids the attack of these two, arrives at the white clothing man behind, the arm was being wrapped by the flame, long arm that at this time he holds up high, is similar to a god axe of combustion flame, dividing under suddenly, body unexpectedly of that white clothing man was used the arm to cleave in two by him. The body of third-class God king, he unarmed can destroy, this savage strength, making that two men scared. Shen Xiang in utilized strength that 60 Godhead and 12 skeletons blend a moment ago, what in addition he cultivates is Six Paths Power, although these third-class God king more than 70 Godhead, but at is not his match.

With is the same, Godhead that he who he expects cultivates laboriously, really can make him have extremely fearful strength, especially his present fleshly body, even if he does not use Divine Weapon, endures to compare Divine Weapon. What's wrong, wants to run?” Shen Xiang laughed, releases two fire vine to tie down them immediately, then teleport to a man before death, rips open the body of this man with both hands directly. …… Saves me!” The remaining that men's raves get up, then wields the long blade in oneself hand, chops to the tied down both legs, when his long blade must move the both legs, Shen Xiang at a distant place fist bang in the past, made Meteor God Energy. He had not used these techniques a moment ago, but now displays, the might was boundless, was only burns the heat wave that erupted, turned into the flying ash that man. Fellow of overreaching oneself!” Shen Xiang patted has feared the hand, then moved toward that side Xiao Hongque with a smile. Lian Fei shot a look at a Shen Xiang that smiling face, in the heart has been uncomfortable very much, she was still calling a moment ago Shen Xiang to run, unexpectedly has not thought that Shen Xiang was so fearful, kills this third-class God king, was similar to cuts grass such simply. You...... Does, this our battlefields, go, you join, will destroy fairly.” old man exclaimed, time that Shen Xiang walked step by step, his heart kept was trembling, how they personally saw Shen Xiang to kill that three third-class God king a moment ago. Shen Xiang has smiled, smiles is frank: You now four male hits a female, is this very fair?” His laughter also reverberates in distant place, the person vanish from sight, he arrived at that old man behind, the palm fierce thorn of combustion flame, penetrates the chest of that old man. After that old man called out pitifully, the body was emerged the flame of his within the body to rise to explode by one, turns into the little black fragment.

Moreover after that three people see old man the second kills, in heart frightened, wants to receive the hand to flee, this also made Xiao Hongque find the opportunity, a long sword thorn, pricked a throat of guy, Shen Xiang passes hastily, makes holds Meteor God Energy, the bang will kill. You help Lian Fei, these two give me!” Shen Xiang said that at this time that two third-class God king rushed to the distant place. Xiao Hongque rushes to that side Lian Fei immediately, there is her joining, Lian Fei was also more relaxed. Shen Xiang looks that looked the man who two are flying to run away, smiles lightly, then uses space power, transfers these two men to him in front. These two men were going all out to run swiftly, they also thought one ran very much far, but has not actually thought that at present dodges, unexpectedly ran. Is space power, your unexpectedly grasped Law of Space......” Really is the good eye, what a pity you were actually dying.” Shen Xiang smiled, the double palm is uneven, the bang in the chest of these two, Meteor God Energy gushes out from the palm, has a bang, these two bodies were also shaken to disperse the flame in the bang. Withdraw!” That four men saw and died four, in the heart is terrified restless. Shen Xiang displays space domain immediately, covers these four third-class God king in inside, they not run radically. That four people escape, kills two by Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque! space imprisonment!” After Shen Xiang displays, the two cannot move, Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque also immediately graze, cutting will kill.

…… little rascal, some of your how many Godhead?” Lian Fei ran over, has pinched the Shen Xiang's chest: unexpectedly installs weakly, your this young swindler, harms others to be worried about you very much.” You at least have eight ten Godhead! Only the second-rate God king strength, can deal with these more than ten fellows with ease.” Xiao Hongque said that she is also only more than 70 Godhead third-class God king. Lian Fei is fiercer than her, the skeleton are more than her, but must simultaneously cope with four strength quite strong third-class God king, they were not massacred at most, if wants easily to defeat the opposite party not to be easy. Yue'er ran from Hidden Jade Ring: Very plays attractively, I also think that I must also get rid!” „Is small kitty very also strong?” Lian Fei traces her, asked. I very fierce good, do not visit others to be small!” Yue'er is smiling: I am fiercer than you.”