World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2203
Real?” Xiao Hongque some do not believe. Yes!” Yue'er replied, but also meow meow called several, looked at this adorable appearance, saw that like was not fiercer than them. Shen Xiang looks to the distant place, when they fought a moment ago, that side is used on fearful air waves, Xiao Yulan by Six Paths Divine Cauldron, the strength shoulders four first-grade God king and four Great Country Master, obviously that Six Paths Divine Cauldron has brought very strong strength to her, no wonder in the past Divine Cauldron Great Emperor can be so fierce, founds the formidable Divine Cauldron country. „The fellow had been killed, Yulan Princess she is very really fierce!” Yue'er said: According to this way, hits again ten days eight days, can branch out the result.” Shen Xiang said: Yue'er, you said that I do pass to be able to help?” Yue'er has thought that said: Can give a try, we cannot help, will not implicate her!” „Can you pass really?” Some Lian Fei worries. Um, you were waiting for that's alright here, we will not have the matter!” Shen Xiang said that brought Yue'er teleport to pass. After approaching, Shen Xiang discovered that Xiao Yulan controls several Six Paths Divine Cauldron bang to pound other seven people crazily, each time when hit, will erupt very strong strength to come, but that seven people used very strong strength to resist. Shen Xiang sees the ground to have many fragments, these are the Divine Weapon divine tool fragments, is taking with eight people of Xiao Yulan fight, but was used the Six Paths Divine Cauldron bang to be rotten by Xiao Yulan. Bang! Divine Cauldron was being shelled by old man vigorously, arouses a glare, all around glistens big darkness, arouses true qi wave, lightning glow explodes dodges, that Divine Cauldron is also containing very strong strength, the attack time will erupt.

Xiao Yulan float in the air, the long hair and white skirt are dancing randomly, Six Paths Divine Cauldron as if merges into one organic whole with her, was being controlled by her with wishes fulfilled, transforms seven, likely is her hands and feet, along with her regard, with other seven people of dogfights, carries on fierce hits, or is the lid presses, has very big threat to that seven people. Xiao Yulan, do not think that we do not know, you die to support now, you make this Divine Cauldron release the so formidable might, own loss is also very serious! But when actually must have a look at you to insist.” Handsome and tall and strong male said with a sneer, he is actually very calm, although them died first-grade God king. Xiao Yulan did not speak, controlled the Divine Cauldron attack with single-hearted devotion, Divine Cauldron attacks each time, will be resisted by them, if she stopped attacking, these seven people will approach, had very tremendous influence to her. That seven people facing hard to deal with formidable Divine Cauldron, does not dare to treat it lightly, because in them had one a moment ago because of the general idea, thinks that the reckless place attack Xiao Yulan, has not made anything to defend, the body was hit by Divine Cauldron, exploded instantaneously. Shen Xiang is waiting and seeing in the distant place, Xiao Yulan and that seven people had not discovered that he arrives! How uses space imprisonment? Can imprison expert of this strength?” Shen Xiang inquired Yue'er. Your my joint effort, should be able a little effect, now Yulan she very much with single-hearted devotion to fight, momentarily attention these seven people of sounds, when the time comes she can definitely coordinate us to launch the attack.” Yue'er said that she also uses space power, concentrates many space Godhead. I, you prepare to absorb my space power!” Shen Xiang nodded, Yue'er space power entered his within the body, Yue'er also said: Prepared, I released all of a sudden completely, with your space power fusion, the instance after fusion, you must release again!” Good!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, then immediately felt that Yue'er that formidable space power emerges in his body, with fusion together that he releases. The instance of fusion, space power is exceptionally formidable, in Shen Xiang heart has not small surprised, this Yue'er space power unexpectedly is bigger than his stronger.

Shen Xiang planned to lock Xiao Yuanbing, but he sees Xiao Yuanbing is in these people calmest, obviously the Xiao Yuanbing strength is quite formidable, is that several Great Country Master, is very strong. Therefore he is very serious in a facial expression the lock-on target, on the face full is on the middle-aged person who the sweat falls. Was you!” Shen Xiang aims at the instance of goal, intention moves, transmits Xiao Yulan there his idea. The Shen Xiang's idea that Xiao Yulan accepts immediately, she saw that middle-aged person complexion big change at this time, he is imprisoned the body by space power that Shen Xiang releases. Was this flash, Six Paths Divine Cauldron heartless and wild dashing of Xiao Yulan control in the past! Bang! The Divine Cauldron very fierce hit on the body of that middle-aged person, breaks open his defense, after hitting fleshly body, erupts a bang. Some people plot, is very strong space power.” Xiao Yuanbing knits the brows: Everybody was careful! Some people of high skill are helping him in secret!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, smiled: Yue'er, prepares the second wave!” In the Xiao Yulan heart is also very surprised, she has not thought that this unexpectedly is Shen Xiang's space power, Shen Xiang's space here unexpectedly can imprison nine ten Godhead expert, although only then short instance, but will make her have enough time the bang to kill. Now Xiao Yulan does not have too much time to inquire Shen Xiang what's the matter, she must deal with the remaining six enemies with single-hearted devotion.

Shen Xiang and Yue'er start to condense gathers second wave of strength, when they prepare to start to release, suddenly presents a very fearful space to fluctuate. What's the matter? Is their reinforcements? This space strength is very fearful!” Shen Xiang startled shouted. „Is Shen Xiang, your strength?” Xiao Yulan felt that this strength is good, some are unbelievable, because of strength of this space fluctuation, was really too fearful, can tear all likely. „It is not I, be careful!” Because Shen Xiang grasps the strength of Law of Space, therefore he can induce to that fearful space power now is similar to the tide such enormous and powerful impact. That strength came! The Yulan elder sister, do not resist me, I make you!” Shen Xiang releases condense space power, transfers Xiao Yulan to him side, then he is bringing Xiao Yulan teleport to Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque here again. Yue'er startled shouted: In a moment ago, the Sixth Brother fellows disappeared? Was massacred?” The Xiao Yulan complexion changes, asked hastily: „Can Shen Xiang, teleport leave this place? That space power should be the strength of Great Dao, here is earth core, anything will likely occur!” Cannot, entire earth core be covered by space strength now, can only teleport in this, unable to leave earth core.” Yue'er said: Must come, be careful!” That sudden space tide has attacked, they submerges Shen Xiang instantaneously, in the instance that strength clashes, Shen Xiang only felt that body somewhat ice-cold, not ache, afterward at present one bright, he was transferred to another space probably. Shen Xiang lies down in the ground, the dazzling sunlight makes him be hard to open the eye, his unexpectedly arrived at the ground! However here has three Sun, therefore sunlight very violent! This is not any world that he is familiar with!