World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2204
After Shen Xiang sees airborne has three Sun, fierce jumps, looked at all around, he at this time on a small hill. This small hill full is the soft small flower, all around all over is the colorful flower, repeatedly piece of sea of flowers. Where is this?” Shen Xiang thought aloud. Yue'er ran from Hidden Jade Ring, her hastily hid into Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring a moment ago. Has not thought that unexpectedly like this, you will be dispersed, that space tide is moves the person to this place specially! Early knows that makes Yulan they enter in Hidden Jade Ring, like this you will not be separated.” After Yue'er comes out, sees the sky fiercely three positive, cannot help but knits the brows: Good strange place, is so burning hot, these ordinary flowers and plants also grow that well.” Yue'er jumps the ground, is running in sea of flowers, she also very much likes these attractive flowers. Shen Xiang, you where?” Shen Xiang suddenly receives the transmission of Xiao Yulan aspiration. Shen Xiang gives Xiao Yulan the place detailed description that he is at immediately, then also asked: You? Do you have with Lian Fei Sister Hongque together?” Our together! Possibly because in at that time, my suddenly held on their hands finally, therefore we had not been separated! We in a forest, we can also see three Sun.” Xiao Yulan said: Waits till the night, we take one's bearings through the stars position again, airborne these three Sun in three positions, are unable to be used for the definite direction separately.” …… Shen Xiang found a pitch place to lie down, then takes off a grass to put in the mouth to chew, unexpectedly very sweet, this, he here waited for several double-hour, but airborne three Sun is motionless. These three Sun are exactly the same, in three directions, forms coordinated trigonometric form separately, if has moved, can look very much easily. But several double-hour passed by, Sun has not moved . Moreover the sunlight same is very violent, obviously these three Sun exist.

Has troubled, here possibly does not have the dark night!” Yue'er said: Should have very formidable fellow, makes to fix Sun in a place, can therefore like this! This fellow is Godhead and skeleton arrives at the peak generally.” We in a man-made space?” Shen Xiang said that but at this time he also hears Xiao Yulan to broadcast the sound, their side is the similar situation, Sun has not moved. Shen Xiang is holding Yue'er, has used space teleport, does not have what influence. „The Yulan elder sister, you walks everywhere, has a look to have mountain anything, when the time comes you told me the shapes of these mountains, I also well found you.” Shen Xiang said. Does not use, I have made Lian Fei calculate that your position, when the time comes we look for you! You can stroll now everywhere, where has a look at this is, I always felt that this place is very big.” Xiao Yulan said. Lian Fei can use Heaven's Divination Technique, Shen Xiang has not thought actually. Good, I walk to look everywhere!” Shen Xiang is bringing Yue'er, had designated casually a direction carries on the short distance teleport, all around is the hill of such full floret, he must go out of this place first. What damned place is this? The air/Qi of Spiritual God is also very rich, is not inferior to the Divine Cauldron country!” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang teleport the half of the day, went out of that piece of sea of flowers finally, enters in a barren hill, after the barren hill, the front is the deep green clear short mountain, he discovered that here unexpectedly has a road. „Does here have other people inadequate? Here person are evidently many, will otherwise not take such a road.” Shen Xiang looks at that road, is somewhat pleasantly surprised, then he dashes about wildly following that road. Soon, he sees a small town, this place has the person, and many!

Not is strong, is similar to the mortal!” Yue'er said: „What world is this?” For does not bring to others' attention, she enters in Hidden Jade Ring. After Shen Xiang enters the small town, the people on street visit him, because this small town also on a little person, his face very fresh, is looked is also very normal. Shen Xiang also money that pays attention to here person to use, is grains of transparent small beads, only then grain of rice size. He also thinks here uses divine yuan stone, like this he can disguise to go shopping, then builds several words, inquired something. This place has also to have the wealth poorly, Shen Xiang walks to see on the street to look like quite ominous everybody, the body puts on very magnificently and expensively, here person sees this kind of person, will evade, but far it. The Shen Xiang use separates takes the thing spatially, starts to this quite rich and arbitrary person, obtains more than ten grain of rice sizes the transparent small beads. „Does Yue'er, what thing have a look at this is?” Shen Xiang puts in these small beads Hidden Jade Ring, making Yue'er analyze. …… Soon, Yue'er said with a smile: Planted, in like peanut, the outside shell, bared has this type of small bead, this type of thing was very stiff, inside did not have what energy, I plant now.” Shen Xiang arrives in front of a fruit stall, has selected many fruits. Those who sell the fruit is one puts on worn-out old man quite, he sees Shen Xiang selects the fruit the time, is disturbed, because Shen Xiang is also to put on now very dignified . Moreover the new face, he worried that Shen Xiang does not give that type of small bead him.

In a moment ago, Shen Xiang had discovered that here person is very honest, person who to having the status has the status fears, looks like slightly the arbitrary person walks, they will be peaceful immediately. Uncle, how many does this altogether need?” The Shen Xiang temperate smiling face asked wear a look. This...... This takes five grains of spirit seed!” old man one startled, then said timidly. „!” Shen Xiang hands over five grains of spirit seed, then put out a fruit to nip the one breath, fragrant start to talk, he put in Hidden Jade Ring hastily, ate to Yue'er. Is very delicious! How many spirit seed buys completely needs?” Shen Xiang planned through going shopping to try to get close, but actually really wants to buy now. Entire...... Completely? Two ten spirit seed!” old man is one startled, this can sell 30-40 spirit seed, he does not dare to sell now too, today can sell-out completely, he was very happy. Shen Xiang puts out two ten spirit seed to hand over, will then load Hidden Jade Ring completely, then asked with a smile: Uncle, your this fruit is plants? Can lead me to have a look at the fruit tree? I also want to make come the type!” Good, I lead you to go now!” old man hastily quits work, under the people surprised vision, bringing Shen Xiang to fill to leave, at this time this old man was a little also happy, because he thought that he ran into the big honored person.