World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2205
Shen Xiang chats on the road and this old man, asked about something, knew that this old man named Wang Qin, is orphans and widows old man, he once two sons, but after is goes out, again has not come back. Now Shen Xiang also knows that this small town the name, named Clean and Happy Town, sank in many years, what making him compare to be interested, here very famous Divine Master, can refine Divine Pill, guaranteed to cure all diseases, brings back to life, but can also let the person longevity. But the premise is, needs to purchase to obtain Divine Pill with massive that spirit seed! That spirit seed grows in the remote mountain open country, but words that picks, is extremely easy to meet danger(ous), for example some poisonous insect poisonous snakes, or are some beast of prey, once meets, basically did not come back. Now Shen Xiang understood, in this small town uses that spirit seed, because of that Divine Master need. Nearby this small town more than ten villages, every other ten days will also enter in the small town to sell various types of things, little brother you when the time comes can also come to see, the thing of villagers is very good.” Wang Qin said that he brings Shen Xiang is arriving at itself the place, this is in a small town very worn-out region. However the Wang Qin place is very good, because his here has a small courtyard, inside is planting several fruit trees. That type of delicious fruit, is these fruit trees grows. Wang Qin folds the next branch to give Shen Xiang, said with a smile: This gives to you, so long as can grow the branch insertion ground, the patience and other years can turn into the big tree, so long as here has the courtyard, basically each and every family has, but I most understand this fruit tree, therefore my fruit tree can frequently the result.” Thank you Old Wang!” Shen Xiang receives that branch, then gives Wang Qin small bag of that spirit seed, he worried that Wang Qin does not accept, therefore fills after Wang Qin, leaves on teleport. Shen Xiang knows where that Divine Master, can let the entire small town and nearby village collects this spirit seed for him, this Divine Master definitely is here most has the power and influence. He is quite curious, therefore has a look, because the opposite party is also alchemy! Is, he wants to know that spirit seed has anything to affect, he used Dao Heart Eye to look, did not have the discovery was containing any energy, inside just a little water attribute Divine Power, ate to the mortal a little helps.

The small town biggest house was very easy to find, that was a mountain village, Shen Xiang with Divine Soul overlook, occupied the small town environment best place, moreover some inside many houses, could see that Divine Master was also training own influence. He arrives at that mountain village entrance, stands is staring at him in the entrance guard, because sees him not to be different from here person, compared with having the makings, then start to talk asked: Is buys Divine Pill?” Shen Xiang nodded: Yes, wants to see the Divine Master elegant demeanor, does not know that has this opportunity?” You were come today to time, Divine Master happen to went out, Divine Pill that if you purchased are many, in his perhaps meeting one side you.” That guard said with a smile. Shen Xiang nodded, walked, then that guards and asks: You are other towns come? Although other towns have Divine Master, but our Clean and Happy Town Divine Master was fiercest.” Yes!” Shen Xiang has complied with one, after walking, immediately has the male servant to lead the way, now he also knows that here not only has Clean and Happy Town, but other small towns have Divine Master. Then these spirit seed definitely have to erupt to use, because other towns definitely also use this type of thing, will otherwise not circulate. This customer, you planned how many spirit seed purchase Divine Pill? If the spirit seed loquacity, can make Divine Master receive you!” Regarding the super client, here person is very polite. I am other towns, I have not known here Divine Pill price!” Shen Xiang had been led into a small hall. Male servant hastily brings a booklet, said with a smile: Divine Pill above, price mechanism detailed writing had, you look slowly!” Shen Xiang opened to look, in the heart has cannot help but criticized, which this was any Divine Pill, radically was very low level pill, Saint pill was not!

Including most common Longevity Dan, takes over ten thousand spirit seed! He turned finally, sees nice pill finally, that was a grain of Saint pill, after the leading role was to eat up, can make the person average person have hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) strength, simultaneously the millennium lives, the appearance maintained the millenniums is invariable, named Divine Master pill ate up changes Divine Master. This Divine Master pill is in the booklet is also most expensive, needs spirit seed to be able to buy one grain surely! Shen Xiang may not have surely spirit seed now, under the planter of Yue'er, he now is about tens of thousands grains. These spirit seed are good to plant, so long as dilutes the spirit bead to big water, waters with these water again, quick takes root to germinate, big piece of big piece of instantaneous maturity. Shen Xiang may have many spirit beads, but Yue'er with great speed is also planting. Sufficed hundred thousand!” Yue'er said: Was busy at me!” I must buy hundred thousand spirit seed Divine Pill probably, I take four grains of thousand strength pill, does not know that can personally see that Divine Master.” Shen Xiang asked. Can the energy, my this invite Divine Master! But hundred thousand big number!” The male servant runs hurriedly. Thousand strength pill of Shen Xiang purchase, is eats one grain to increase 1000 jin (0.5 kg) strength, altogether can only eat up ten grains, after ten grains, did not have the effect. This fellow pill of refinement, has the good help to the ordinary mortal, although is expensive, but is practical.” Shen Xiang looked at one this booklet, from beginning to end, the person of this pill not suitable practice eats, as long as after the person eats up, can obtain strength fast.

For example that thousand strength pill, eat up four grains, can obtain 4000 jin (0.5 kg) strength, while obtaining strength, can the building up strength strong body! After having strength, goes out to seek for spirit seed time, will be safer. Shen Xiang also discovered that this above Detoxification Dan and anti-poison pill are very convenient, dozens grains of spirit seed can buy, saw from this that Divine Master is the worry goes out to seek for spirit seed, the person of dying were too many, will therefore put the Detoxification Dan price very lowly. Quick, that Divine Master came, wears one set of very clean neat Chinese-style gown, although has the white long hair, but the appearance is young, on the face is having the light smile, to feeling that the person one type is as deep as a well very much. Is very strong, this fellow has more than 70 Godhead unexpectedly!” In the Shen Xiang heart shocks incomparably, the person of this small town is a mortal, but this Divine Master so is fierce, making him unreadable. He suspected that this Divine Master is perhaps same as him, by inexplicable space tide making, moreover comes for a long time. Although the opposite party has more than 70 Godhead, but Shen Xiang actually did not fear that he has formidable the enough strength, he thought that cannot win the opposite party, is insufficient to be killed. „More than 70 Godhead, you good profound cultivation base!” Shen Xiang laughed, that Divine Master was having also the smiling face, but sees Shen Xiang to expose his cultivation base, complexion sudden change. Who are you?” This Divine Master complexion and sound become serious, he looked at that male servant one eyes, hints him to exit.