World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2206

Shen Xiang sees Divine Master to become vigilant, lightly smiled, puts out grain of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, he wants to have a look at the opposite party is any level, can recognize this is any Divine Pill. Skeleton Divine Pill, moreover High-Grade!” Divine Master surprisedly said, the complexion also becomes moderate, he can see the Shen Xiang not anything evil intention, moreover does not know him! I am Shen Xiang, astrays this world, then found this town, matter that also hears you, therefore came. I want to ask that what world this is, how can exit?” Shen Xiang said very politely. Oh...... Is a long story! Should you be the Divine Country alchemy master? I am the heavenly might Divine Country alchemy master, named Lu Shaoying! I entered earth core to explore with Master at that time, who knows that actually goes to this place, that was the 70,000 year ago matter, my Master in 20,000 young died. Although he is very strong, but still cannot run away the death.” Lu Shaoying long sighed that can run into the person who outside comes, this made him very happy. His many years, always thought here one are very lonely, because here is the mortals, even if teaches their practice knowledge, but actually very difficult adolescence to get up. heavenly might Divine Country! Does not know that who your Master is?” Shen Xiang asked that if were very famous, that Xiao Yulan definitely knows. Lu Tianwei!” The Lu Shaoying facial expression reveals sad appearance, could see that their master and apprentice sentiment is very good. Shen Xiang uses Linked Heart Divine Pill production strength hastily, inquired that Xiao Yulan has the matter about Lu Tianwei, looking from the name, knows to heavenly might Divine Country is very important character. You run into the Lu Tianwei apprentice unexpectedly! Lu Shaoying in the past with the Xiao Ping same status! Lu Tianwei is the heavenly might Divine Country founder, but he gives his younger brother the position of God Emperor. One only make Great Country Master, then alchemy, will not inquire about the Divine Country matter with concentration! Has thought he went to Star Law God Territory, has not thought that unexpectedly will rush to this strange place, and dies in this!” Xiao Yulan knew after Shen Xiang comes across the Lu Shaoying matter, is very surprised. Nine Divine Country can earth core, lead to this mysterious world? In this case, other Divine Country people perhaps already in this!” Shen Xiang has thought of anything immediately, the Divine Country buried treasure radically is a trap, after nine God Emperor leave , a bureau that sets up.

Has the possibility very much, when I said in the past again!” Xiao Yulan said that she also has the similar idea with Shen Xiang. Lu Shaoying sees Shen Xiang not to speak, then asked: Your excellency whether has heard my Master matter?” He stayed here the 70,000 year, outside has very big change also to have the possibility, he even thought that heavenly might Divine Country has not existed, but after all his Master heavenly might Divine Country Great Country Master, Great Country Master is not, to shaking Divine Country the foundation. Everybody thinks that your Master and you went to Star Law God Territory, has not thought that unexpectedly was stranded in this place!” Shen Xiang long sighed: Really has not thought!” …… „It is not very good, nine Divine Country had the civil war...... This is mainly because Divine Country God Emperor departs!” Shen Xiang matter that has outside simple told this Lu Shaoying. earth core where has what buried treasure? Radically is a trap, my Master in the past was because believed such nonsense, led me to come to here, then arrived at this damned place, as far as I know, here had looks like my this astraying here person much, but we have usually not occurred together.” Lu Shaoying knows nine Divine Country matters, is very sigh with emotion. Because left heavenly might Divine Country to be very long, but he had the sentiment to heavenly might Divine Country because of his Master, but his Master died now, therefore heavenly might Divine Country extinguished, he had not thought that had anything. Right Brother Lu, these do spirit seed have what using? I heard that other towns have your this Divine Master to collect these spirit seed!” Shen Xiang puts out spirit seed, curious asking.

This I am not clear, I mainly trade divine medicine with these spirit seed! I and Master came here many years not to find divine medicine, our divine medicine exhausted quickly, but Master knows how long own life essence could not support, therefore completely used along pills of belt on me! Afterward his old man walked, my oneself person continued to seek for divine medicine.” Lu Shaoying puts out a black stone , to continue saying: Afterward I had run into a person, he is called the black stone god Venerable, he has given me this type of black stone, said that so long as collects enough many spirit seed, can summon him with this black stone, received exchange for divine medicine with him.” Lu Shaoying does not know that the function of spirit seed, he is willing to make to order the research for these years, but does not have the result, obviously he is also curious. „Does the black stone god revere? Listens to the name is very probably fierce!” Shen Xiang knit the brows, he also wants to see this black stone god Venerable now. „, It is very fierce! I thought that he and my Master is equally formidable!” Lu Shaoying said: I at least must need hundred million spirit seed, can receive in exchange for some divine medicine with him, divine medicine in this fellow hand are many, all kinds has! He even also sells the home remedy, this fellow has the skeleton Divine Pill home remedy.” Lu Shaoying smiled: „The skeleton Divine Pill home remedy I have, but very long has not refined, because I do not have divine medicine!” In the past Shen Xiang heard that skeleton Divine Pill only grasped in the minority formidable Dan God hands, but afterward only remaining Xiang Hongdao Dan God had. Then you can summon him to come out now? I want to see him!” Shen Xiang is very curious these spirit seed the functions, he thought that is definitely useful, otherwise that black stone god will revere will not collect. Ok, my present spirit seed just sufficed, do you also want to receive this black stone?” Lu Shaoying asked.

Naturally is not, I am only want to take a look to have the means to make him say the function of that spirit seed!” Although Shen Xiang's divine medicine are not many, but he has practiced Life Murdering Godhead, can duplicate, temporarily has not needed. Lu Shaoying uses that black stone, after black stone trembled slightly one next, then to Shen Xiang said: Was good, he will arrive quickly! You are also the alchemy master, when the time comes you can give a try, can join his hanger-on, has a very fierce apprentice in his side, I once want to join his hanger-on, but links his apprentice to compare but, therefore he does not want me.” …… Passes two double-hour he to arrive again, Shen Xiang might as well everywhere strolls, two double-hour have come again!” Lu Shaoying said: I must build up several furnace pill to give these mortals now.” Was right, here mortal what's the matter? Can the ripe quantity these many? Moreover looks like so is backward!” Shen Xiang is puzzled, if here humanity existed were very long, will be impossible so to be faint. For a long time existed very much, aptitude good was revered to carry off by the black stone god, for many years has been so, therefore is very difficult to develop, moreover here many disasters, the long time soon will also die one batch.” Lu Shaoying opens the door, goes out with Shen Xiang outside. Lu Shaoying went to alchemy, Shen Xiang went out of this mountain village, after arriving at outside, Xiao Yulan suddenly gave the message, said that they went to beforehand sea of flowers.