World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2207
Before Shen Xiang, in that piece of sea of flowers, therefore he can remember the direction and position, so long as there are these to make him carry on teleport. I immediately!” Shen Xiang goes to an unmanned place, then teleport in the past. Suddenly, he appears in that piece of sea of flowers, saw Xiao Yulan their three people. „Did you such quickly arrive? It seems like before you, is not far with my distance!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, then tells Xiao Yulan the matter that black stone god Venerable. Lian Fei said: Xiao Yuanbing they definitely also here, but has not run into them now, if it seems like we want to clarify here situation, must result from that black stone god Venerable to start.” It seems like is not only Xiao Yuanbing they, other Divine Country people definitely have come from earth core, nine Divine Country earth core are the same! This definitely is not accidental, has any formidable strength to cause trouble.” Xiao Yulan put out her Six Paths Divine Cauldron to inspect: My Divine Cauldron arrives at some here probably also changes.” Xiao Yulan did not say that Shen Xiang does not recognize this is Six Paths Divine Cauldron, before seemed like the bronze does very much likely, but now is actually similar to White Jade. This where is some changes, radically completely changed! I also think that is your Jade Cauldron!” Shen Xiang surprisedly said. My Jade Cauldron here!” Xiao Yulan puts out a small cauldron, her Jade Cauldron is the sapphire, but present Six Paths Divine Cauldron is White Jade. Or you enter in my storage divine tool! To be honest, your three beauties with me, are very free.” Shen Xiang raises in the hand that ring. That small kitty on conceal in inside?” Lian Fei asked: Remembers that beforehand Jin'er has stayed in, goes, we now somewhat are also tired.”

Xiao Yulan and Xiao Hongque also nodded, then enters in Hidden Jade Ring on coordinate Shen Xiang! Shen Xiang teleport arrives at outside Clean and Happy Town, entered the small town to stroll two double-hour, went to the Lu Shaoying mountain village, he stepped into the mountain village time, the induction to a very strong aura, this aura was covering the mountain village, making the person not gasp for breath, many male servants were frightened the complexion to be pallid. Shen Xiang has not thought anything actually, but thought the person who lends this aura is very fierce, really with is the same, the strength that Lu Shaoying said was fiercer than Great Country Master. Now he thought that this aura be stronger than Xiang Hongdao. This aura...... This is hundred Godhead and nine Godhead cultivates to send out completely, this is the God Emperor rank!” Yue'er surprisedly said: This black stone god Venerable is a fellow of God Emperor rank, must deal carefully.” Shen Xiang or the first time meet this expert, he thinks Xiao Yulan came, even if Venerable to have the conflict with this black stone god, there are able to contend with the strength, but the opposite party is Emperor Level, even if Xiao Yulan has Six Paths Divine Cauldron, hits to be definitely strenuous. Is more careful!” Xiao Yulan urged Shen Xiang, she can also induce from Hidden Jade Ring to outside aura, her strength to this rank is clearest, because Divine Cauldron Great Emperor is the same expert. After Shen Xiang enters that hall, sees a middle age of black clothed to sit on the big chair on head, his whole body black dressing up, in the hand is also pinching three black beads. He has two straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards, after seeing Shen Xiang, the eyebrow sets upright immediately, the facial expression becomes very serious, this black robe middle age is the black stone god Venerable. Few brave, you said is he? Is he also the alchemy master?” The black stone god Venerable to ask, sound very ice-cold. Venerable the side to stand an appearance pretty man in the black stone god, he is also sizing up Shen Xiang, he sees Shen Xiang through Shen Xiang aura is not very strong, then disdains is sneering. Yes, he can refine High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill!” Lu Shaoying said that he has the good impression to Shen Xiang, hopes that can very Shen Xiang become the friend, after all he was too here lonely, cannot communicate with these mortals.

Yes!” Lu Shaoying nodded. Sees the god Venerable, I am Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang goes forward to say hastily that this black stone god Venerable compared with him imagines must miss, especially that manner, Shen Xiang understood at a glance that asked anything from his mouth very much. Also astrays here? The person who these days astrays are really many!” The black stone god Venerable to ask: „Can you alchemy? To join my hanger-on?” Shen Xiang nodded, Lu Shaoying and his Master enter here these many years, road that could not find, therefore he , to exit, must result to this world understanding is clear, therefore can only revere to start from the black stone god, possibly only then the situation of his clear this world. Depends on you also to find out to join us? Looks at your appearance, alchemy is also not much! Did not say that can build up pill we to recycle you, Lu Shaoying alchemy is also good, but could not have met our standards.” The black stone god Venerable black clothed man coldly said. Before Lu Shaoying, has mentioned this man, is the black stone god Venerable the side very fierce apprentice, Lu Shaoying has not won him. Words cannot say that absolutely! How do I need to pass?” Shen Xiang asked. First must defeat me, then passes my Master that pass/test!” The black clothed man arrives in front of Shen Xiang, is holding chest said with a sneer: On your present 60 Godhead, where can go fiercely?” A Hei, competes with him, refinement High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, divine medicine I leave!” The black stone god Venerable, although the facial expression is very severe, but he does not despise Shen Xiang. Master, this will waste divine medicine, his Godhead cannot compare Lu Shaoying, he is definitely more disappointing than Lu Shaoying.” This A Hei looks down upon Shen Xiang and Lu Shaoying.

Unemotionally in nearby Lu Shaoying, but Shen Xiang can see in his heart to be very angry, but has been used. divine medicine I leave!” Shen Xiang coldly said, he not to look to this A Hei good complexion: You, since thought one are so fierce, that if wanted and do I bet? You lost called me a father to be OK!” What did you say? Courts death!” The A Hei complexion big change, the anger shouted one, the body blew out wild heat. What's wrong? Don't you dare to bet?” Shen Xiang gives a calm smile, ridiculed: You are also mediocre!” What to do did you lose? Even if you use to assign to bet with me, I cannot have a liking for your this inexpensive life.” A Hei has not met has dared such to contradict, such takes lightly his person. A Hei, let alone that many, compare with him quickly! When you become that Aunt Grandma, thought that he is inferior to you, uses the strength certificate, but not with mouth!” The black stone god Venerable to reprove, sound is very severe, making that A Hei not dare to speak again much, this also lets his more repugnant Shen Xiang. The black stone god Venerable to put out two High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, gives Shen Xiang and A Hei separately, pill furnace is also the black stone god Venerable. I do not believe you to win me, snort|hum!” A Hei puts in divine medicine pill furnace completely, his alchemy time, unexpectedly according to the home remedy on, is not has other out of the ordinary alchemy technique obviously.