World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2208
Shen Xiang thought that this A Hei is very strange, like this temper, can become the apprentice who the black stone god Venerable unexpectedly! The black stone god Venerable, although is very serious, but actually and A Hei is completely different. This black stone god Venerable is very fierce, does not know that his alchemy technique is what kind of? A Hei unexpectedly has not used the home remedy to refine directly, is the same with me, with Heaven Refining Technique?” In the Shen Xiang heart is having doubts. A Hei has looked at Shen Xiang, in the look fills to be hostile, wishes one could to give to mince Shen Xiang with the look, but he sees Shen Xiang to be the same with him, altogether loses into pill furnace after divine medicine, becomes surprised. The black stone god Venerable flashed through in a moment ago look wipes the heterochrosis, was not too surprised! Lu Shaoying that looks in side is startled, wishes one could to ask what now Shen Xiang uses is any method! You...... Can you?” A Hei now in heart some are not self-confident, before he thought that he can be very fierce , because his alchemy method is different from other people, but now saw Shen Xiang also to have unusual alchemy technique, in the heart lacks self-confidence. Shen Xiang smiles lightly: You grow up in this world since childhood, outside you have not gone to the experience to cross that great and brilliant varied world, your vision was too small.” During the speeches, Shen Xiang's pill furnace trembles slightly, A Hei knew Shen Xiang's pill furnace to have anything to be the same probably, in the heart cannot believe. Shortly after Shen Xiang just put in divine medicine goes, on start to condense pill! This speed was also too fast, A Hei he also needed the less than half double-hour most quickly, but looks at the Shen Xiang's progress now, can complete in a minute, be quicker than him! At this time his in the heart also has stratagem which ensures success, he thinks his pill quantity and quality can definitely compared with resulting in Shen Xiang, because he also with astrays here alchemy master to compete with, can win each time, the opposite party defeats each time in a complete mess. Also because of so, him looks down upon these to astray here alchemy master, especially Godhead few alchemy masters, therefore before him, that will despise Shen Xiang!

I completed!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Is impossible, you definitely cheated!” A Hei exclaimed immediately, he was hard to accept this fact, before was he makes others defeat very miserably, but now is actually he, he was not willingly, he cannot accept. Shen Xiang may be beyond control he, maliciously attack this person is one of his pleasure, he smiles lightly, opens pill furnace, takes out six grains of skeleton Divine Pill! Lu Shaoying took a deep breath, that six grains of quality excellent skeleton Divine Pill make him be hard to believe that this is real, this speed is truly astonishing, be quicker than A Hei, but A Hei has pill is also only 45 grains, the quality is poor. The black stone god Venerable in heart is very surprised, but has not displayed. Is very good!” The black stone god Venerable to look at that six grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, only said two characters. He takes back skeleton Divine Pill and that pill furnace, said: What you use is Heaven Refining Technique!” Lu Shaoying calls out in alarm said: unexpectedly is Heaven Refining Technique! No wonder, no wonder!” Good!” Shen Xiang nodded, the black stone god Venerable is expert of God Emperor rank, since were looked, he does not do to conceal. You, since has Heaven Refining Technique, then does not need to request me to be the master again, what I did not have to teach for your, won't your level definitely under me, you have in the future other goals?” The black stone god Venerable to be cold the face to ask: I do not like others using the schemes and tricks to me.” This...... Good, I want to know that the function of that spirit seed, how then leaves this place.” Shen Xiang asked that at this time Hidden Jade Ring inside Xiao Yulan has been ready that went to battle with.

spirit seed function no comment! Must leave this world is I for many years was also doing!” The black stone god Venerable to reply, he also guessed that Shen Xiang must ask these two matters. The black stone god Venerable is also unexpectedly stranded here, in the Shen Xiang heart sighed, this damned place it seems like existed was very long, was not that nine God Emperor makes, moreover God Emperor do not know probably, but knows earth core danger(ous), after going very much , was very difficult. Bang! A Hei pill furnace unexpectedly blasted! Because Shen Xiang has exceeded him, causes in his heart is very unwilling, is unable to concentrate the spiritual refinement, moreover full is the hate, explodes the furnace is also very normal matter. Master, does such person keep him to do? Since he cannot use for you, moreover grasps Heaven Refining Technique, poses the huge threat to you, why not to have killed him.” The A Hei sound is full of the hate, is looking angrily at Shen Xiang. Must kill you to kill.” The black stone god Venerable saying that put out formation plate, said: Hasn't walked? You think really you are his match?” The black stone god Venerable has as if seen through Shen Xiang, although Shen Xiang, only then six ten Godhead, but he guessed correctly that the Shen Xiang's skeleton were definitely many, although A Hei also had the skeleton, but were miserable, because here skeleton Divine Pill was limited! I do not believe me not to hit him!” The A Hei self-respect suffers setbacks, filled with fury, toward Shen Xiang rush over, just wants to fight with the fists directly, but the Shen Xiang's foot trampled to his abdomen, his heavily kicks. Comes back!” The black stone god Venerable to hold A Hei, then transmitted with formation plate. Lu Shaoying walks, knits the brows: This A Hei hostility is very heavy, was really has felt strange, even if were the envy, should not have this performance!” Shen Xiang nodded: „This adolescence environment is definitely related with him, I must against select the black stone god Venerable, although his surface not anything, but I thought that he is very fearful!”

The black stone god Venerable this type not to make noise, is most fearful, moreover he has formidable strength. I hurry to leave here to wonderfully! The black stone god Venerable truthfully is really the good thing, the disciple who he instructs to come out absolutely will not be that appearance, if the leaders are not virtuous , the people cannot expected to virtuous!” Shen Xiang has patted the shoulder of Lu Shaoying, has given his some High-Grade Divine Pill herbs. Many thanks Shen Xiang, on the road takes care, road that if you can find, but must say one with me.” Lu Shaoying alchemy technique drops many, because of divine medicine too few reasons. Shen Xiang saw that the black stone god Venerable, but does not have what harvest, his hastily leaves Clean and Happy Town, leaves toward direction teleport casually. In the Clean and Happy Town upper air, the black stone god Venerable with A Hei stands on that formation plate, A Hei said indignantly: Master, you looked that this bastard ran, you should in a moment ago fight!” What do you know? On this fellow is hiding very fearful strength, I can only induce little, I for many years so was discrete, otherwise also exactly less than now!” What the black stone god Venerable to refer to is Hidden Jade Ring inside Xiao Yulan and that Six Paths Divine Cauldron. Relax, he cannot be inescapable, but he exceedingly good divine medicine, builds up become god pill him, I can obtain his Heaven Refining Technique.” The black stone god Venerable coldly smiled.