World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2209
Where Shen Xiang does not know now, he always thought that this place is the domain that the black stone god Venerable, can only toward direction teleport, be far away from this region. After three days, Shen Xiang thought that has been far away from that region, then stops to rest, these three days, he passes through many mountain rivers and streams, meets many formidable divine beast, if not to be far away from the black stone god Venerable, he will stop to appreciate Mei and Jing, hits dozen of divine beast. At this time, he soaks the body in a creek, although airborne has three Sun, but here water source is sufficient, had not been dried. Really is cool!” Shen Xiang soaks in the river water, narrows the eye to look at three Sun in sky, looks that his suddenly has cried out strangely. Sun moved!” Shen Xiang shouts that he discovered three Sun was away from had the change, was far away gradually, resembled each one to descend the mountain to be the same. Yue'er runs immediately, understood at a glance to Sun, Moon and Stars most sensitive her these three Sun moved. Every other a period of time will have the dark night?” Yue'er said: Before should ask the matters of Lu Shaoying these three Sun.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: „The speeds of these three solar migrations are not very normal, quick wanted the darkness! I have one not good premonition! Yue'er, you enter in Hidden Jade Ring, I must continue to hurry along to be good!” Before he also thinks that here did not have dark night, but now the dark night arrives at quick suddenly very much. Xiao Yulan they must come out, Shen Xiang makes them continue to keep Hidden Jade Ring, he an intuition, that black stone god Venerable at this time quickly must come. This fellow is called the black stone god Venerable, perhaps he with dark night anything's related!” In Shen Xiang he sees the black stone god Venerable, thinks the opposite party to be evil the evil aura, is not any good thing, otherwise he will not train A Hei this apprentice. A Hei hostility is very heavy, this definitely comes under the influence that the black stone god Venerable, but the black stone god Venerable actually restrains very well, has not revealed. This also lets the place that Shen Xiang is worried about, the surface is the restraint, the innermost feelings is wild. The day was quickly black, three Sun mutually is far away, Shen Xiang came out from that river, immediately a teleport big section distance. The dark night, does not have the stars and moon, this world was covered completely dark, the flowers and plants trees in forest as if frightened were covered, piece of death Qi heavy. Quite depressing, cannot see luminously!” Shen Xiang float in the air, is looking at all around, probably closes in a jet black basket.

Bang! Far spatial suddenly transmits thunder cry, the Shen Xiang body trembles, immediately teleport leaves same place! Soon, suddenly had luminously, but is actually the blood red! Dark airborne, full is the blood-colored thick cloud! The intermittent blood-colored lightning from thick chops to hit in the clouds, follows thunderclap sudden and violent thunders, as if leads into Hell the dark night of this deathly stillness. How?” The Shen Xiang not ravelling situation, he does not dare to stay, unceasingly forward teleport. Ha Ha Ha......” airborne laughs wildly to cover. Hears this sound, in the Shen Xiang heart to sink, this is the sound that black stone god Venerable! This fellow came really!” Shen Xiang continues teleport, but actually discovered that the space was imprisoned, he is unable to break through this space. You cannot be inescapable, I during the dark night am invincible existence! The laughing wildly vocal cord that Ha Ha......” the black stone god Venerable very strong sound wave strength, is shaking nearby several hundred mountains completely to collapse. The laughter, can move the earth and shake mountains, this black stone god revere strength during dark night to be really fearful! little rascal, goes back with me! I your refined into grain of pill, I must eat you well, I must obtain you!” The black stone god Venerable appeared in front of Shen Xiang, behind unexpectedly also five wears the black robe in him, is leading the person of black mask. Shen Xiang nearby suddenly dodges, Xiao Yulan ran from Hidden Jade Ring, the Six Paths Divine Cauldron white light in her hand sparkles, Divine Cauldron arrived here, mysterious turns into the White Jade nature, but during the dark night, erupts very strong white light. This is...... That cauldron, no wonder I thought that this brat is so fearful, so that's how it is! Today I must destroy this cauldron.” The black stone god Venerable to see Six Paths Divine Cauldron, unexpectedly to reveal color of the fear. You cope with this brat!” The black stone god Venerable the black long whip in hand to wield, pulls out to Xiao Yulan.

Divine Cauldron in Xiao Yulan hand increases immediately, blocks pulling out of this whip to strike, after Divine Cauldron that black whip brushes, blows out a dazzling white light, that black whip turns into piece of clear dispersing instantaneously, like was purified. Shen Xiang and black stone god Venerable that five black robe people who brings sweeping by the formidable air wave that white glare erupts. Is more careful, that five black robe people are more than 80 Godhead, is not good to cope.” Xiao Yulan gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: I also can only suppress this black stone god Venerable at most.” Lian Fei and Hong Que also immediately come out from Hidden Jade Ring, resist that five black-robed man! However they also can only resist two, other three fire into Shen Xiang. You are careful!” Shen Xiang saw Lian Fei and Hong Que encounters several times to hit hard, these black robe people are really too fierce. Yue'er, fight!” Shen Xiang shouted, Yue'er little gets rid, even if gets rid is also only to rely on strength gives Shen Xiang. Yue'er came from Hidden Jade Ring immediately! Comes to me!” Yue'er stands on together triangle slate at this time, this is her Star Moon Hell, as Star Law God Territory Law Enforcer, has this fearful divine tool. Star Moon Hell releases three divine light, shines is pursuing Shen Xiang's that three black robe people. But that three black robe people have not gone in immediately! They are resisting the strength of that absorption! Is Star Moon Hell, who are you?” Snort, your present strength is limited, but also is not enough to receive in Star Moon Hell us!” Everybody catches up together, this cat is very disappointing!” After three black robe people strive together, triangle slate suddenly that Yue'er rides shivers, her tenderly shouted: Do not despise me, waits for my strength restoration, you are the dregs!”

You must pay attention to that brat!” Black robe person shouted. Does not need to be worried, that brat not anything strength, otherwise he will not run, but has not thought that his side unexpectedly has these many fierce fellows! Especially the woman of that handstand is fearful, can extinguish us instantaneously.” Shen Xiang suddenly moves sideways to arrive at side a black robe person, said with a sneer: My really not what strength?” Then, in the Shen Xiang hand dodged, presented a plain long sword! Dim, long sword cold light in Shen Xiang hand sparkles, murderous-looking, feels this fearfulness of long sword, a black robe person yells immediately: Is Nine Firmaments Divine Sword!” Death!” Shen Xiang to a that black robe person sword detachment, in all Godhead strength with upper body. Although Nine Firmaments Divine Sword does not have sword tip, but might is still fearful, sword blade absorbs formidable flame Divine Power that Shen Xiang releases, then the might of increase several fold! Shen Xiang's flame Divine Power was strengthened many times by Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, chops in that black robe person, releases instantaneously! Bang! After the black robe person was divided a sword, the body was poured into by that wild flame Divine Power, was supported to explode instantaneously, explodes vanishes in puff of smoke.