World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2210
A sword cuts down the black robe person, Shen Xiang shakes the hand of sword to be excited to shiver, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword damaged so was still intrepid, if were perfect more fearful? Now he understands Nine Firmaments God Emperor because in the past this damaged the sword, immediately encountered the reason that many Divine Country besieged! This sword, the Nine Firmaments God Emperor strength will not have dropped many, copes with he best opportunity. Yue'er diverts other two black robe people with Star Moon Hell immediately, they are given to hold by the suction that Star Moon Hell releases, oneself are also hard to move, now was short of a companion to resist strength together, making their pressures bigger, the body was attracted little. Allowed you to enter Star Moon Hell too convenient you, dies!” Shen Xiang rush over another sword! Bang! Also is a sword destroys completely a black robe person, Shen Xiang felt a moment ago that full feeling once more, this made Divine Power of his within the body seethe with excitement. Do not want to go in!” Shen Xiang sneered, in the distant place is a sword detachment, this time he has used Meteor God Energy, chops together Sword Qi through Nine Firmaments Divine Sword. That black robe person must enter Star Moon Hell, in the instance, was hit by Shen Xiang's Sword Qi, the body blasts out in the explosive, turns into a fragment. After extinguishing kills these three black robe people, Shen Xiang and Yue'er immediately go to that side Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque! Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque have been injured, that two black robe people are quite fierce, but they see Shen Xiang and Yue'er come, immediately retreats. Do not want to run!” Yue'er light shouted, sees only that triangle slate under her body to fly to shoot immediately, releases two divine light, anchorage these two black robe people. Shen Xiang was already best the preparation, chops two wild Sword Qi in the distant place! Sword Qi is similar to two flame anger dragons, was roaring to go to that two black robe people, penetrated their bodies instantaneously, tearing will tear into shreds. Looks that two corpses destroy during combustion, Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque relaxed, they stare in the Shen Xiang hand that not having sword tip Nine Firmaments Divine Sword at this time! They had certainly heard Nine Firmaments God Emperor this famous Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, has not thought of unexpectedly in the Shen Xiang's hand!

Although Nine Firmaments God Emperor died, many things that but he refined in the past spread, moreover is very famously and very fierce Divine Weapon divine tool, has one is very worth showing off, but Shen Xiang had Nine Firmaments God Emperor to be used for the great war four directions in the past Divine Sword. hōng hōng hōng! Xiao Yulan and black stone of god distant place Venerable to hit is heavily engaged, the intense fight is similar to destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth is ordinary, at this time so is also dim, the airborne blood cloud is steaming, making the person be similar to Hell. You were my, Ha Ha!” Laughs wildly sound suddenly to appear in Shen Xiang together behind, red light glittering, covers on Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang!” Yue'er shouted tenderly that Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque also immediately rush over, what made their unreadable was, Xiao Yulan of distant place was still fighting, but that black stone god Venerable actually here. Lian Fei their rush over time, covers Shen Xiang's that red light to disperse immediately, turns into huge pill furnace! Walks!” The black stone god Venerable to receive pill furnace, then laughs wildly is vanishing in the darkness. Xiao Yulan also stops fighting, because the black stone god Venerable suddenly to disappear, the airborne blood cloud also vanished! Is beyond the incarnation!” Yue'er said: We pass that side the Yulan elder sister!” ...... Shen Xiang was only covered by that the body cannot move, afterward arrives at around one is the flame places, he bellows to yell, but an function does not have. Soon , outside he then hears to transmit the dialog the sound. „Did Master, catch that bastard?” This is the A Hei sound.

Shen Xiang understands immediately that he was revered by the black stone god with any thing surrounding, he deeply inspires, was calmed down by oneself, Xiao Yulan their side does not need him to be worried that Xiao Yulan and Yue'er strength is very strong, even if were the black stone god Venerable how them. Held, big matter!” The black stone god Venerable to say with a smile: During dark night I am invincible!” Master, then I can teach him now? This bastard trampled my foot, but also has shamed me!” A Hei recalled that these matters, becomes very hot tempered, has been rumbling several fists to pill furnace. I imprison his strength first! However you cannot kill him, otherwise Heaven Refining Technique must be serious.” The black stone god Venerable to say. Shen Xiang is stranded in pill furnace that now, in the black stone god Venerable, his all around flame suddenly turns into the chains, covers him, his leg and foot tied up by the chains, what makes his panic-stricken is, his Divine sea unexpectedly was also sealed up, he is unable to see his Divine sea. Falls into the black stone god Venerable this God Emperor rank in the expert hand, even if Shen Xiang the method are many, is at a loss. Now was OK!” The black stone god Venerable to say. The pill furnace cover was opened, A Hei has grasped Shen Xiang. Ha Ha......” A Hei laughs crazily, then beats to Shen Xiang. Makes you rampant, making you win me, making you kick me!” A Hei like is a lunatic, bellows to yell that tramples to hit Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang was beaten violently one, but is also quite painful, his fleshly body is so formidable, at is not A Hei casually takes down can damage! However so was insulted by A Hei, in his heart is the anger is also dreadful, at this time his angry look, is makes in the A Hei heart be afraid, he starts to be also getting more and more heavy, he worried that Shen Xiang will retaliate him, he wishes one could to Shen Xiang kill, this can erase the fear in heart. Sufficed!” The black stone god Venerable one to entrain A Hei, he knew about A Hei, if continues, A Hei definitely meets fight to kill Shen Xiang.

The black stone god Venerable this time grasps Shen Xiang to consume many strength, because he has not expected Xiao Yulan and appearance of Six Paths Divine Cauldron. Shen Xiang was lost into pill furnace again, at this time he was still being imprisoned, is unable to move, is unable to use Divine Power! Now starts to build up him, quick can refined into pill!” The black stone god Venerable to lose into more than ten divine medicine to go, then pours into the intense flame: A Hei, you control the flame incinerator, probably three days of time, divine medicine will be built up, these divine medicine carefully had been transformed by me, can build up very much easily.” Hears to build up Shen Xiang personally, A Hei is happy immediately. You use the formidable flame to burn to build up him heartily!” The black stone god Venerable the position gives A Hei, making A Hei put the produce fire flame to burn to build up Shen Xiang. Where Master do you go to?” A Hei asked. Six Paths Divine Cauldron appeared! This Six Paths Divine Cauldron either was obtained by me, either must destroy, this thing is very big to my threat.” The black stone god Venerable seriously said: A Hei, here gave you!” Knew Master!” On the A Hei face is completely mean, releases very wild flame, in the mouth is reading: Shen Xiang, this taste is very definitely comfortable!” Shen Xiang can hear outside sound, the black stone god Venerable walked, outside only remaining A Hei, if were not imprisoned Divine sea and body, this A Hei at is not a match. What pill does this black stone god revere to want my refined into? unexpectedly has put these many rare and precious divine medicine, is Highest quality divine medicine...... is not evidently right, is Heaven-Grade!” Shen Xiang judges according to the medicine air/Qi that these divine medicine send out at this time, be more formidable than time High-Grade divine medicine.