World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2211

The Shen Xiang both feet both legs were impeded by flame chains, inside skeleton strength is unable to use, he can use is also only own body strength, he wriggles the body, arrives by Divine Fruit.

His mouth was also sealed up, cannot open and close, otherwise he will certainly eat up this Heaven-Grade Divine Fruit! Highest quality divine medicine is few, but King-Grade above Highest quality was rarer, but now here is Heaven-Grade, even if refined into pill, does not eat up directly has very big use. His mother, you underestimated my Shen Xiang, was waiting to me!” Although Shen Xiang at this time by intense flame incinerator, but has not thought uncomfortable, his body after very brutal quenching, becomes so formidable. This does not know that old bastard used any method, unexpectedly to get up the skeleton complete seal of my whole body, is unable to use including the skeleton of eyes.” Shen Xiang approaches that Heaven-Grade Divine Fruit at this time, waits for this Divine Country to be built up, although he is unable to open the mouth, but his nose can also breathe! These Heaven-Grade Divine Fruit were revered by the black stone god after the special method processed, can build up very much easily, under that A Hei crazy burning builds up, Divine Fruit started to be burnt to build up the medicine air/Qi. Attracts!” Shen Xiang inspires fiercely, inhales the body medicine air/Qi completely, he does not know that this is any Divine Fruit, in brief will not have harm that's it to him, these may not be the poisonous things, moreover must refine Heaven-Grade Divine Pill. A Shen Xiang inspiration, the medicine air/Qi inspiration body that in that Heaven-Grade Divine Fruit just released, making him feel that the body is warm, the interior also has qi flow. My mouth is independent seal, first breaks through the seal of mouth is good!” Although Shen Xiang by seal, but he can also control to enter the medicine air/Qi in within the body. Medicine air/Qi is very strong, implication very strong strength, after he inhales within the body, sinks to the dantian, he uses the intention control medicine air/Qi, attacks that strength of seal his mouth. The medicine air/Qi attacks, but has not actually succeeded, strength was too weak! This pill furnace is not very big, at this time here Heaven-Grade divine medicine gradually was built up the medicine air/Qi, he uses nose fierce sorption here medicine air/Qi to enter within the body. After the moment, his within the body had one group of very fearful medicines to be mad.

„Is outside that fellow doing? He had not discovered that I do move heedlessly in this inside?” Shen Xiang thinks somewhat strangely, what he does not know, A Hei now in going crazy to be burning down him, Shen Xiang moves heedlessly in inside, making A Hei think that own flame is too wild, burns randomly Shen Xiang jumps in the hot pot like the shrimp. These time must break through!” Shen Xiang controls that rolls condense the medicine air/Qi, attacks the seal of mouth department. Bang! Shen Xiang felt that suddenly is very to the end painful, however his mouth actually active, that seal had been broken through by him. Good, is the body and Divine sea!” Shen Xiang must make the best use of the time, he must before the black stone god Venerable has not come back leaves this pill furnace. Although here Heaven-Grade divine medicine releases the medicine air/Qi, but completely had not actually been built up, Shen Xiang is wriggling in this like the insect, was moved by own body to Heaven-Grade divine medicine by, will eat in the belly completely. Has troubled, I cannot build up these divine medicine, is unable to make divine medicine send out the efficacy!” Shen Xiang suddenly is anxious, but he thinks of the solution quickly, opens mouth devour flame in gulps. His body did not fear the flame, therefore eats up others' flame not to have anything to affect to him, the flame enters in his body, burns down his belly inside these Heaven-Grade divine medicine, quick is sending out the intense medicine air/Qi. Soon, was given to break through by that wild medicine air/Qi in his body above seal quickly, he has been able to live at this time the fight foot, the skeleton can also use. Efficacy was too fearful, I must a bit faster build up the absorption, otherwise I will have the trouble!” Shen Xiang becomes does not let some medicine air/Qi at this time from own body overflow, will otherwise support to explode him. The skeleton can use, Shen Xiang can also control the skeleton to release strength, digests the efficacy.

So to be how peaceful?” A Hei looked at pill furnace, discovered that Shen Xiang sits there is motionless, the body is complete, but the body actually sends out the efficacy. divine medicine? Was eaten by him? Is impossible, this fellow got up by the Master seal, I hit his time a moment ago, he called unable to call.” A Hei also looks at not clear inside at this time, because pill furnace had the flame that the black stone god Venerable, these flame are very fierce, will affect his Divine Sense. Cannot make this bastard in inside comfortable!” Although A Hei not looks at clear pill furnace internal situation, but actually knows that Shen Xiang is very peaceful at this time, explained Shen Xiang has not received any pain. He went all out to burn to build up Shen Xiang a moment ago, a Shen Xiang matter does not have unexpectedly, this makes in the A Hei heart the violent anger get up immediately. Above Shen Xiang is building up the efficacy at this time, suddenly hears to broadcast the weak sound, in his heart jumps: „Can that lunatic turn on cover?” A Hei truly is turning on the cover, but he is discrete, grasps long spear, prepares for that momentarily downward punctures! A Hei opens the instance of cover, in long spear fierce thorn with hand, but has not actually thought that own long spear was held by Shen Xiang. Gets down! Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang holds long spear, uses strength of skeleton, entrains vigorously, and that was pulled long spear outside A Hei. In the A Hei heart startles greatly, he trusts to strength that the black stone god Venerable, therefore he thinks that Shen Xiang got certainly up by the seal. But currently Shen Xiang actually still uses very strong strength to come, has made him! After Shen Xiang A Hei makes, immediately uses Meteor God Energy, to the forehead of A Hei maliciously pounds dozens fists, hits rumbling the explosive, each fist falls on the head of A Hei, boils up intermittent spark, A Hei is also punched the pain to shout wildly.

Makes you hit me! Now should also make you taste this taste.” Shen Xiang dozens fists hitting are completely muddled A Hei. Shen Xiang stands in this big pill furnace, to the body of A Hei maliciously is stepping on! hōng hōng hōng! Shen Xiang's each foot uses wild Meteor God Energy, steps on pill furnace violently to vibrate, must know in the Shen Xiang's body to have the wild efficacy, moreover these Heaven-Grade divine medicine have all kinds of strength! Although Shen Xiang's Divine sea at this time was also being prohibited, strength that but these efficacies bring is wild, his each foot steps in A Hei, hears the sound that the skeleton breaks to pieces, the body of A Hei to be stepped on hollowly gets down, the blood keeps spout from the mouth. As Shen Xiang divulges the anger in heart, more than ten Heaven-Grade divine medicine efficacies conflict his Divine sea seal, that instantaneous, Shen Xiang releases completely Divine sea six ten Godhead strength, explodes the strength pressure that wells up, making the A Hei innermost feelings be full of the fear. After Shen Xiang A Hei hits barely alive, displays Engulfing Devil Art and Grasping Soul Devil Curse! These two moves of he very long has not used, but uses adeptly actually still. Finally, A Hei in died by the devour pain, soul destroyed! A Hei strength by Shen Xiang devour, Grasping Soul Devil Curse was also made completely Shen Xiang know that A Hei memory, these memories are useful to him! Old bastard, you are waiting to me!” Shen Xiang both eyes brave the flame, his Divine sea by the seal, he had not been used the Heaven Refining Technique words, must build up within the body Heaven-Grade divine medicine strength and devour A Hei strength, is not the difficult matter.