World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2212

Shen Xiang runs out of alchemic furnace, puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, is slashing to pill furnace! He learned from the A Hei memory that this pill furnace is the flesh and blood refinement that the black stone god Venerable, is equal to part that the black stone god Venerable, if damages, Venerable very tremendous influence to the black stone god. pill furnace is very firm, if not part that black stone god Venerable, Shen Xiang definitely it income pouch in! He stops the moment, gathers full strength, wields Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, dividing maliciously chops several swords, can damage a point, but his Nine Firmaments Divine Sword is not inferior, can cause very big damage on such firm pill furnace. dāng dāng dāng! Dividing that Shen Xiang wields a sword to keep chops the same place, after several hundred swords, he finally dividing to hew two halves this pill furnace! The instance of separation, pill furnace turns into one to succeed in giving up two sections of black bones, is the skeleton of thigh. Really is the black stone god Venerable part of body!” Shen Xiang is holding to that two sections of bone even/including Hongshu, Meteor God Energy explodes, makes into the fragment the bone that this discards. Strength that Shen Xiang clearer black stone god Venerable now, is not his present strength can cope, is only pill furnace, made him take many efforts to destroy. According to the A Hei memory, here should be in a mountain, here is also the black stone god Venerable the housing very long place!” Shen Xiang goes out of the cave, float arrives at upper air, has displayed Heavenly Dragon Seal to this great mountain, during the dragon roar sound and bang the sound is mixed, the entire mountain was rumbled to extinguish the ash. Was the time left, the black stone god Venerable the affirmation to know matter that here had! Strange, why I and Yulan did the strength of Linked Heart expire? Is because I eat too many Heaven-Grade divine medicine, did the efficacy wash out? Imprisoned time had problems?”

Shen Xiang eats up grain of Linked Heart Divine Pill, is far away from this place, from the A Hei memory he knows that this is any world Nine Stars God Realm! Nine Stars God Realm is the world that nine stars breed together, the black stone god Venerable is the protector of this world, but he is not resigned to do according to the rule, therefore turn into a human shape whole world, to prevent him is formidable, the dark night vanishes, he only then can stimulate strongest strength in the dark night. But afterward he had controlled the dark night, he no longer receives here rule limit! Before the dark night appeared, to grasp with Shen Xiang. So long as turns into the dark night, where the black stone god Venerable can momentarily know Shen Xiang! Nine Stars God Realm is unable to leave, the black stone god Venerable has wanted to flee from this place to go to experience outside world, because he has very formidable strength, but here expert only then he . Moreover the resources are scarce, making him feel that this Nine Stars God Realm looks like a shackles, but was closed the evil person here. This fellow can find quickly my! He understood that alchemy technique, can person refined into pill, after eating up, can obtain all of that person, therefore he was stranded also knows many outside matters here.” Shen Xiang recalled that were almost eaten by refined into pill, in the heart feels fear, if the black stone god reveres himself to build up him personally, he is unlucky. Shen Xiang from the A Hei memory knew important secret that the black stone god Venerable. When the black stone god Venerable summons each time the dark night or is takes precious high level divine medicine, will go to a place, but does not make A Hei go! A Hei cannot with, only be able outside to wait for that the black stone god Venerable, therefore A Hei has very profound impression to that place. Shen Xiang fast goes to that place according to the A Hei memory now, he must find the black stone god Venerable the secret of day grow darking, because in the darkness, the black stone god Venerable is most fearful, if he does not want to make the black stone god revere to catch, must make the day brighten.

Does not know how the Yulan elder sister they, had Yue'er there, Lian Fei and Hong Que should compare the security!” In the Shen Xiang heart has one to worry that before the black stone god Venerable to say must look for Xiao Yulan, because Xiao Yulan Six Paths Divine Cauldron had very big threat to him, was for this reason, did not have to build up him personally. This fellow was too negligent, underestimated me! Moreover he extremely believes to A Hei, will otherwise not make me escape! I must a bit faster make the day brighten, if successful, the Yulan elder sister she can use Six Paths Divine Cauldron to suppress the black stone god Venerable.” Shen Xiang opens 15 space Godhead strength, Venerable that secret place teleport toward the black stone god in the past. Eats up that many Heaven-Grade divine medicine, but also A Hei devour, but Shen Xiang does not have the time to build up, in the dark night, the black stone god Venerable to be ubiquitous, now has not come to look for him, definitely is because hits with Xiao Yulan, reason that is unable to withdraw. Had the induction!” Before Shen Xiang, just had eaten grain of Linked Heart Divine Pill, now finally has the induction, he inquired Xiao Yulan hastily: Yulan elder sister, you now how?” „The black stone god Venerable to hit with us, your Master and Senior Master here, luckily had them to join, otherwise I could not resist this fellow! Why also does not know, this fellow suddenly went crazy a moment ago, continuously keeping scolded you.” The Xiao Yulan response said. Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian unexpectedly also here! Shen Xiang thinks, does not have is so accidental, because before them, had said is interested in the Divine Country buried treasure, it seems like they also calculate that with Heaven's Divination Technique in earth core, then came. Yue'er, Lian Fei and Sister Hongque? Before Lian Fei and Sister Hongque, has been injured, they fortunately!” Shen Xiang also asked. They are good, now has the tangled warfare, bastard Xiao Yuanbing also has the person to come here, I and their dogfight, your Master and Senior Master are really fierce, unexpectedly can suppress the black stone god Venerable.” Xiao Yulan said. Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian are Undead God Clan, lived these many years, definitely has the good strength!

„The Yulan elder sister, I have gotten out of trouble now, but also kills A Hei, therefore the black stone god Venerable went crazy a moment ago! You give me Master sound transmission, making them probably constrain the black stone god Venerable in any event, so long as in the dark night, the fellow with ease can find me.” Shen Xiang said: I am hurrying to one to have the place about his secret now, can perhaps let daytime come back, this bastard's strength during dark night is fearful.” Good, I will certainly constrain his! After Six Paths Divine Cauldron goes to this place, does not know why becomes more formidable.” Xiao Yulan said: strength is stronger, you do not need to be worried my.” Knew that the Xiao Yulan present situation, Shen Xiang can feel relieved explores the secret that the black stone god Venerable, but he still cannot waste the time, he must a bit faster move. Before long, his teleport to an earth crack by. Was here!” Shen Xiang stands by this crack, at this time is the dark night, but this crack deeply does not see the bottom, does not know that following has anything, A Hei has come several times, but stands here each time, the black stone god Venerable has not led him to get down. Here leads to Nine Stars God Realm earth core? Nine Divine Country nine Earth-rank Stars are empty, moreover enters that earth core, will be transmitted here! Did earth core of nine stars fuse, entangles in this Nine Stars God Realm below?” Shen Xiang suddenly has this idea to come, he quite knew about earth core, frequently mutually devour, in addition, world of Nine Heaven annexes other world unceasingly, will therefore have this idea.