World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2213
Shen Xiang took a deep breath, plunges into fills under the dark earth crack mystically, just got down, cold air wells up, making his whole body shiver. „The Heaven-Grade divine medicine efficacy and A Hei strength, should be able to make me concentrate 2-3 Godhead!” Shen Xiang while the time that the present drops, revolution Star Moving Technique builds up, because has not eaten Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill, therefore is unable to congeal Life Murdering Godhead, can only congealing space Godhead or be Heaven Imitation Godhead. He in congealing space Godhead, but is not quick, because he cannot wholeheartedly concentrates Godhead, therefore the speed is slow. Descended the small moment, Shen Xiang induced to burn the hot aura to well up to one suddenly! He uses himself the space guard shield to protect immediately, he worried that this Nine Stars God Realm earth core is extremely formidable, he is unable to withstand. Now should be able to affirm, under this is Nine Stars God Realm earth core, what secret is hiding? The A Hei memory said that the black stone god Venerable is here protector, does the black stone god revere is earth core divine beast is inadequate?” Shen Xiang is suspecting, he thought that has the possibility, has earth core divine beast so to be fearful. Before Huo Lin told him, if earth core and earth core fusion, two earth core both had earth core divine beast, will then erupt a fight, the winner can obtain the opposite party domain, if the opposite party had not died, became the servant. Shen Xiang remembers these, immediately thinks beforehand these black robe people, the strength is very powerful, if not for there is Yue'er to use Star Moon Hell to add on his Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, they were hard to cope. I understood, the black stone god Venerable is earth core divine beast!” Shen Xiang asked for advice the fearfulness of earth core divine beast, especially that black stone god Venerable, unexpectedly can control this world the black day daytime, moreover had formidable strength. Really if speculates with me is the same, then the Divine Country buried treasure also exists! Because earth core fused, will therefore vanish, but nine Divine Country nine earth core divine beast were revered to defeat by the black stone god...... Nine Divine Country buried treasures here.” The Shen Xiang's heart beats suddenly, in the A Hei memory has said that the black stone god Venerable to have massive divine medicine, already various magic treasure! This explained that the black stone god Venerable to obtain nine Divine Country buried treasures.

No wonder the beforehand that black robe person knew that my Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, it seems like their actually is earth core earth core divine beast, but was revered to defeat by the black stone god, becomes servant who the black stone god Venerable.” _ Shen Xiang present excited. Yulan elder sister, now tactical situation any? Must constrain that black stone god Venerable, I knew his secret probably, after I confirmed that told you again in detail.” Shen Xiang said: Now I guessed, but ** does not leave ten.” More arrives below, that heat is fearful, Shen Xiang puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, how stands releases one to resist heat formation after the above, forms a guard shield to protect him. Divine Mirror of Six Paths inside formation is effective, Shen Xiang had not felt that now a little heat, he sits cross-legged on Divine Mirror of Six Paths, then start to condense gathers Godhead. Soon, Shen Xiang perceived that he drops to a red place, here in all directions is red fire Qi, is the same with world of Nine Heaven earth core. Drew near?” Shen Xiang lies near formation plate, is looking under, uses his Dao Heart Eye, has been able to see the hot thick liquid below not far away. pū tōng! Divine Mirror of Six Paths sinks to under the hot thick liquid , to continue to dive! A Hei has not come to this place, how can I be able to find the black stone god Venerable the secret here?” Shen Xiang on Divine Mirror of Six Paths, there is a formation protection, even if sinks to very burning hot hot thick liquid not to think the heat.

When Shen Xiang is thinking means that his suddenly induces to shiver to Divine Mirror of Six Paths, has probably discovered anything. Before Divine Mirror of Six Paths and Six Paths Divine Cauldron meet time, had this response! „Does here have Six Paths divine tool?” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, Six Paths divine tool is Divine Weapon that Six Paths naturally breeds, has formidable and mysterious strength, his present Divine Mirror of Six Paths and Xiao Yulan Six Paths Divine Cauldron is Six Paths divine tool. He immediately earnest induces here aura, here fills the rich flame strength place, to induce to other energies is not easy, therefore he requires some time. Saw!” Shen Xiang sees a direction to present six wisps of light Qi mist with Dao Heart Eye, is away from somewhat far with him, seeing that but he can blur. Should be Six Paths divine tool without doubt! What's the matter? In nine Divine Country buried treasures has Six Paths divine tool? If so, that black stone god Venerable is impossible to discover!” Shen Xiang thinks has doubts, this Six Paths divine tool, brings in the side is best. He picks up the Divine Mirror of Six Paths speed, flies in that direction! This is......” Shen Xiang suddenly hits barrier, moreover strength that was released by barrier rebounds, that barrier is transparent, the hot thick liquid is unable to go, he can see inside to have big green mountain outside barrier, has a giant cave in the mountainside place. Should be here, this barrier cannot baffle me!” Shen Xiang displayed space power fully, teleport.

After going, Shen Xiang turns into wisp of mist, he determined that here is the black stone god Venerable true lair, here definitely also has any thing to guard, therefore he must be careful. He who turns into the red smog flutters to the cave of mountainside, after going in inside, the Six Paths Power aura was getting more and more rich, if also obtains Six Paths divine tool, this for him is the biggest buried treasure. Enters the cave deep place, he saw a jade table, is placing a small cup on the table, the small cup is the white, seems like same as Xiao Yulan Six Paths Divine Cauldron. „Is this Six Paths divine tool?” Shen Xiang some cannot believe that because Six Paths divine tool is a small cup, before him has seen Divine Mirror of Six Paths and Six Paths Divine Cauldron compared to be smaller. However, that rich Six Paths Power truly releases from this small cup, he changes the turn into a human shape, emitted a drop of blood ball in the past. The blood integrates in the White Jade small cup, Shen Xiang has had the induction with this small cup immediately. How to succeed easily?” Shen Xiang has had the relation with this small cup quickly, this small cup named Six Paths Divine Cup, the main function is to accelerate the plant growth. Shen Xiang takes Six Paths Divine Cup, looked at inside, immediately is wild with joy, because in some high level divine medicine, Highest quality, King-Grade and Heaven-Grade has! But are not many, now he also knows that the function of that spirit seed, has been equal to the manure is the same, puts in this Six Paths Divine Cup, can let these divine medicine quicker maturity.