World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2214
high level divine medicine King-Grade and Heaven-Grade, are the need very high year can maturity, at least also needs several hundred thousand years, some over a million years maturity, this is also the rare reason. However Six Paths Divine Cup, spirit seed, can speed up speed maturity in addition! Before he and Lu Qilian as well as that alchemy squad , in time formation cultivated, tried to cause Highest quality divine medicine to come, but was actually hard to be successful, is unable the accelerate ripening to that stage, they to use many purple bead not to be good. Afterward Lu Qilian and Feng Yujie underwent a discussion, thinks that purple bead can only the limit of accelerate ripening have High-Grade divine medicine! But can still duplicate Highest quality above divine medicine, but needs massive purple bead to be good. Shen Xiang only sees Six Paths Divine Cup here, had not found other any buried treasures, he suspected in the black stone god Venerable in the hand, Six Paths Divine Cup places here, to absorb earth core strength, can accelerate accelerate ripening high level divine medicine. This jade table unexpectedly can emit the so rich energy, does below have the thing?” Shen Xiang shook the jade table, unexpectedly is very heavy, he used very big strength unable to move. Really, under this definitely has any secret!” Shen Xiang deeply inspires, uses strength of Godhead and skeleton, finally moves the jade table. Jade table by a strength sorption, therefore he is hard to move out of the way, now after he moves out of the way, suddenly spout a very rich pure energy. This is the earth core energy! Shen Xiang has stayed in world of Nine Heaven earth core, only then earth core can produce this strength! Has a hole under the jade table, he waited for a while, waits for below spout strength that to weaken, jumps. Below is this mountain mountain side, is a very spacious space, but in the air float three very small light ball, at this time these three light ball were being covered by very big black light ball in inside. „Is this darkness reason? Has not thought that here will have this formation, can control daytime the dark night!” Shen Xiang puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, jumps airborne, to a that black ball blade detachment. Bang!

The giant black ball is not very firm, Shen Xiang uses Meteor God Energy, a sword chopping into pieces, will release the intense ray to come in inside three light ball immediately! Shen Xiang, is you do?” Xiao Yulan immediately through the strength inquiry of Linked Heart Divine Pill. Yes, dawn?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Kills that bastard while the present, only then kills him, has the means to leave this damned place, otherwise there are him to entangle, we let us not want to leave with ease.” ...... Huang Jintian they hit are hitting, day suddenly has brightened, he and Huang Yantian has been coping with the black stone god Venerable, but they also know that the black stone god Venerable must walk repeatedly, but these two brothers are are not a vegetarian, uses evolution Divine Power together, releases the evolution domain, Venerable to surround the black stone god. Before Xiao Yulan twice had passed on to them, is Shen Xiang must constrain this black stone god Venerable, therefore they also complied. Now dawn, but also sees the black stone god Venerable the breathless appearance, Huang Jintian they understand immediately that this black stone god Venerable to know Shen Xiang is up to mischief, therefore wants a bit faster to go back, but was actually being towed. After dawn, strength that the black stone god Venerable really dropped! little girl, this fellow feared that your cauldron, you cope with him!” Huang Jintian said that no matter also Xiao Yulan does comply, Huang Yantian runs immediately, releases an evolution domain, is stranded the Xiao Yuanbing six people in inside. Before Xiao Yuanbing, they have eight people, after Shen Xiang and Yue'er get rid in secret, was killed two by Xiao Yulan, Xiao Yulan Six Paths Divine Cauldron becomes very strong, but was injured two Country Master by her a moment ago, so long as continues, she must defeat these six people are not the issue. Good, you were careful!” Xiao Yulan passes that side immediately Huang Jintian, gives Huang Yantian here, Huang Yantian does not need to hit them, so long as surrounds a period of time that's alright them. Damn woman, do not think my black stone only then this skill!” The black stone god Venerable angrily said, his pill furnace was ruined by Shen Xiang, Six Paths Divine Cup was robbed by Shen Xiang . Moreover the dark night was also destroyed by Shen Xiang, in his heart arrives at the extreme angrily, he regretted before , did not have to be built up by Shen Xiang personally.

The black stone god Venerable to roar, body black Qi is steaming, eyes changes red, frigid baleful aura wells up crazily, covers, panic-stricken. This fellow...... He is changing the body!” Huang Jintian said: He is the beasts!” Xiao Yulan tenderly shouted, the body white light sparkles, White Jade pure and holy Six Paths Divine Cauldron became the hill is generally huge, revolving that float in the air keeps. Six Paths Divine Cauldron revolving simultaneously, the spout makes a debut white Chinese, is similar to the white light arrow, the thorn Venerable to the black stone god! The black stone god Venerable black Qi to explode suddenly, produces qi wave, breaks Six Paths Temple to release up the arrow! After black Qi explodes, the black stone god Venerable turned into the beast, unexpectedly was a very giant apes and monkeys, the body full was the black stone, these black stones overflowed very strong evil ghost. You must die!” The sound that the black stone god Venerable becomes is hoarse and low and deep, he looks at Xiao Yulan Six Paths Divine Cauldron, then opens the mouth, spurts together black light! Xiao Yulan pours into stronger strength immediately, making Six Paths Divine Cauldron release a bigger might! That [say / way] hits black light on Six Paths Divine Cauldron, making Six Paths Divine Cauldron shake violently! condense explodes to dodge in Divine Cauldron outside white light, the ray snaps in all directions! Light group of one group of fist sizes falls on the ground, can explode a very giant pit! The black stone god Venerable also by the parry that in black light the spray coating comes out, but black light has not actually stopped, shells in the big mountain scene [lineage/vein] of distant place, sees only that side to blow out one all day the bang, a big group black black ghost is similar to the wave surges, the continuous ten thousand li (0.5km) innumerable great mountain, was given the crew cut by that black ripple instantaneously! This fellow changed fierce!” Huang Jintian said that although he is also quite fierce, but he is not fight, he is only Heaven's Divination Master, moreover does not have fierce Divine Weapon on hand, hits to be quite strenuous. Xiao Yulan controls Divine Cauldron to transform eight, from shelled the past in all directions, hit to the head that the black stone god Venerable.

The black stone god Venerable, although turns into a giant apes and monkeys, but the movement is very quick, the double fist wields fast, strikes the cauldron that eight hit instantaneously. That side six people, you , to obtain here buried treasure, follows me! Here is hiding very fearful weapon, so long as can obtain, we can cut to kill them with ease.” The angry black stone god Venerable, restored the reason, they said to Xiao Yuanbing that then toward the Huang Yantian blowout black ray, the bang broke to pieces that evolution domain together. Comes quickly!” The black stone god Venerable also knows that Xiao Yulan they are not good to cope, the present is to need the stronger big helper time. Xiao Yuanshan they lose two, moreover there is a severe wound, Xiao Yulan Six Paths Temple becomes that fierce, has been able to defeat them, Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian join, Shen Xiang that as well as that mysteriously appears and disappears, they do not have the stratagem which ensures success! But that black stone god Venerable so fearfully, they also need a such helper now! Xiao Yuanshan they pass immediately, the black stone god Venerable in the mouth to spout formidable black light to hit unceasingly to Xiao Yulan, letting Xiao Yulan is unable to attack Xiao Yuanshan they. The black stone god Venerable to release one group of black Qi, they covers Xiao Yuanshan, then coldly said: To me, me surely is making you live to might as well die.” Afterward, that rolls black Qi to vanish, the black stone god Venerable with Xiao Yuanshan they also disappears. Yue'er is bringing Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque comes out from the space crack, Yue'er said dignifiedly: This is earth core evil beast, is fearful! earth core divine beast protects a world generally, but earth core evil beast wants to annex this world, becomes the god of control world.”