World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2215
After Xiao Yulan sees the black stone god Venerable to leave, hastily asks Shen Xiang: You where? The black stone god Venerable with Xiao Yuanbing they cooperates, he should go back now, you must be careful, they join up, is not good to cope.” I left earth core, outside!” After Shen Xiang destroys that black ball that the black stone god Venerable, immediately leaves earth core! He has to be very surprised, Xiao Yuanbing they and black stone gods revere the cooperation to have the advantage, they face the Xiao Yulan words alone, does not have what stratagem which ensures success, only then the union is the outlet. „The black stone god Venerable saying that here hid very fearful weapon, so long as can obtain this, can cope with us with ease!” Xiao Yulan also asked: What do you have to understand to this?” Shen Xiang can know the weakness that the black stone god Venerable, showed Shen Xiang definitely knew has the thing about this world. Knows that this matter is somewhat complex, moreover is the forecasts that the black stone god Venerable! It is said is before very long, nine Divine Country...... add on 11 stars that beforehand Six Paths Divine Country and Nine Firmaments Divine Country are is a body, because afterward other reasons were separated, Highest God Realm also separated! Now the Six Paths star and Nine Firmaments star had been destroyed, have nine stars.” Shen Xiang said: „When initially created this great world, leaves behind some fierce Divine Weapon divine tool! For example when your Six Paths Divine Cauldron and my Divine Mirror of Six Paths, are this world foundation breeds.” Xiao Yulan is listening carefully, these have the secret about Nine Stars God Realm. Place that we are at now, was in the past that Great World most core place, was revered to call Nine Stars God Realm by the black stone god! But nine giant stars that soon, nine Divine Country are at can bump into to fuse.” Shen Xiang from the A Hei memory knew that he also felt at that time very surprised, the stars that nine Divine Country are at have such history unexpectedly, if nine star fusions, then when the time comes situation will become more complex. Dates of when the nine star fusions, were World Creation Divine Tool are born!” Shen Xiang said.

World Creation Divine Tool? Knows the concrete ability?” Xiao Yulan is startled to ask, she has not thought that here has the buried treasure, and is so fierce. Does not know, Six Paths divine tool that in brief we use , because receives World Creation Divine Tool to affect is born, very fierce that's it!” Shen Xiang said: That black stone god Venerable to think World Creation Divine Weapon on some storehouse place here, if did not find ahead of time, when nine star merges, birth of World Creation Divine Tool unusual high-sounding talk, by that time definitely will have many expert to compete.” Shen Xiang plans to look now everywhere, if World Creation Divine Tool falls into the black stone god Venerable in the hand, world of Nine Heaven also will be revered at the appointed time to rule by the black stone god! so that's how it is, this Nine Stars God Realm is the world that in earth core breeds, so is no wonder strange! But this also Venerable to block the black stone god here, if he obtains World Creation Divine Tool, can leave this place, to outside world is not the good matter.” Xiao Yulan said. Um, we separatedly look now, looks to probably before nine stars fuse seeks that World Creation Divine Tool! Our Six Paths divine tool and World Creation Divine Tool has the connection, the hope that found is bigger! Also, you make my Master they calculate to look where can figure out.” Shen Xiang currently also has another to worry! Gives up nine Divine Country nine God Emperor! These nine God Emperor rule nine stars these many years separately, and has peak strength, they definitely know anything, although they are seek for the [say / way] of Long Life, but they leave suddenly quite, after they leave these days, nine stars also soon fuse. Nine star fusions, nine stars hit mutually, will produce when the time comes definitely the ruinous disaster, even if they are God Emperor, is unable to prevent the strength of this Great Dao, Divine Country that therefore they establish to themselves also no longer yearns for! Nine Divine Country God Emperor in this?” After Shen Xiang thinks of this, was sadder, nine God Emperor are not the good thing, they in the past killed Six Paths Divine Country and Nine Firmaments Divine Country, explained that they could not look others had the least bit to be good.

„The Yulan elder sister, makes my Master they calculate first that nine God Emperor are here, I suspected that they already came to seek for World Creation Divine Tool, if obtains this thing, will then seek for the [say / way] of Long Life to be better.” Shen Xiang gives Xiao Yulan sound transmission immediately. Heard Shen Xiang saying that Xiao Yulan one startled, this and had possibly, their nine God Emperor most knew about nine stars that might already know something very much, they even want sole possession, did not make Great Country Master know, but also caused any buried treasure, making the Great Country Master gate slaughter, then they can feel at ease sought for World Creation Divine Tool. My this makes them calculate!” Xiao Yulan said. Shen Xiang goes to a peaceful place, puts out Six Paths Divine Cup and Divine Mirror of Six Paths, he wants to induce through these two Six Paths divine tool to World Creation Divine Tool is at...... After several double-hour, Xiao Yulan spreads the news: With is the same, nine God Emperor that you suspect really here, oh!” In nine God Emperor has one is Xiao Yulan Imperial Father, her clear Shen Xiang's disposition, when the time comes Shen Xiang certainly must fight for World Creation Divine Tool with her Imperial Father. Her Six Paths Divine Cauldron, is Shen Xiang they helps to repair, if her Imperial Father recalls to her, she does not know that if wanted also goes back, making her innermost feelings very puzzled. Shen Xiang hears Xiao Yulan to sigh, said: Does not need to think when the time comes you hid that's alright, making Yue'er hide you, so long as you did not see, does not need to make the difficult choice.” „Did they figure out the World Creation Divine Tool site?” Cannot calculate, because that thing goes beyond their strength scopes, is unable to calculate!” Xiao Yulan said: I do not plan to look now, I and Yue'er they hide together, for serveral days I was also very tired.”

Shen Xiang understood that the Xiao Yulan difficulties, she to her Imperial Father a little sentiment, Xiao Yulan diverged the Linked Heart Divine Pill drug efficacy after all, she had decided that does not participate in this matter, and other World Creation Divine Tool were born, nine star fusions, then leave this place. It seems like only then World Creation Divine Tool appears, can leave here, how also outside did not know!” Shen Xiang sighed , to continue induces with Divine Mirror of Six Paths and Six Paths Divine Cup. Several days passed by, in the Shen Xiang mind suddenly transmits a weak long and loud cry, is any thing is summoning him likely! Is World Creation Divine Tool is summoning me?” Shen Xiang opens the eye, in the heart wild with joy, then calms down, the direction that the careful distinguishable sound conveys, then leaves the cave, toward direction teleport that the sound conveys in the past. Shen Xiang is all the way excited, he also wants to have a look at World Creation Divine Tool fiercely. Now he has two Six Paths divine tool, Six Paths divine tool has very strong ability, but World Creation Divine Tool be stronger than Six Paths divine tool, where definitely will not miss to goes.