World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2216

Although Shen Xiang devour A Hei memory, but is still not familiar with this Nine Stars God Realm, because A Hei itself not takes a walk in Nine Stars God Realm, now he does not know that front has any danger(ous), only knows that side has the sound to summon him! Is World Creation Divine Tool, how to be relaxed is found by me?” Shen Xiang thought that this was also too easy, he hears to summon his sound to be getting more and more near now, probably momentarily can obtain. The half-day time, he rushed to that place! Under this?” Shen Xiang on a smooth open land, the howl in his mind was very obvious, he can feel clearly in the under foot. He puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, starts to dig...... Also is indefinite that World Creation Divine Tool, therefore he does not dare to dig with too strong strength, can only come little, if that is not World Creation Divine Tool, but is other anything thing, destroyed was not good. Let Shen Xiang think what is strange, three Sun that now in the sky is hanging was getting more and more hot, before came, he had not thought that had such burning hot, but now is hot he to sweat profusely. What's the matter? Did nine stars start to fuse?” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, if so, the thing that then his unearthed does not have what big response, but was summoning him. „Isn't this thing World Creation Divine Tool?” Shen Xiang starts to suspect, but he must result to dig, because this thing was summoning him, definitely has the places of other mystical, otherwise impossible and he had the induction in such far distance. Has dug one continuously all day, Shen Xiang digs out a very deep pit, here does not have the dark night, he insolation one all day, burning Sun also makes him unable to bear, the whole body burns burns, meat was exposed to the sun red. How does suddenly become such hot?”

The Shen Xiang suspicion is the ghost who that black stone god Venerable to do, the black stone god Venerable to control these. He dug less than half double-hour, suddenly induced to having breath all at once overflows from below, since his hastily received Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, started to dig with the hand little, soon , a pale-green bead appeared. This bead only then the apple size, the green, is lending a very unusual aura all over the body, does not know that is any energy. „Is this thing World Creation Divine Tool?” The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth are twitching, he was busy at being so long, the thing that dug unexpectedly likely was not fierce World Creation Divine Tool, making him want to upset the table. What thing is this?” In the Shen Xiang heart is full of the question, he seeps Divine Sense, does not have what discovery, lends other aura besides this bead, did not have other anything special place. He goes out of this deep hole, arrives by a stone, then green bead vigorous pounding in hand in the past! When he shot round bead strength to be very big, hits to inlay on that stone. Is very firm!” Shen Xiang will pull out, looks with Dao Heart Eye again carefully, can only see one group of green things, does not know that is any energy. He can affirm that summoned his thing is this green bead, but was actually not World Creation Divine Tool, this disappointed in his heart. Said that does not arrange the eastern Tibet in inside, outside is only the protection cover!” Shen Xiang places ground the green round bead, puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword to lift up high, is dividing to a green round bead sword. Shen Xiang also thinks this round bead is very firm, needs to divide several swords to have the effect, which knows that a sword got down on the pulp, when Shen Xiang thinks crack cursed, the fragment of green round bead sent out a ray, emerged in Nine Firmaments Divine Sword.

This is...... Good strange strength!” Shen Xiang is grasping Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, feels strange strength to emerge in his body, enters in his Divine sea. Make him feel what is inconceivable, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword unexpectedly in violent shivers, likely is very excited! Nine Firmaments Divine Sword is also absorbing this strange energy!” Shen Xiang one startled, that green round bead he has not imagined must unable to withstand, breaks to pieces strength that later releases to be unusual. The majority was absorbed by Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, because is Nine Firmaments Divine Sword chopping into pieces. But because Shen Xiang is grasping Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, oneself also absorb much, he does not know that this strange energy has anything to affect, in brief enters his Divine sea time-variable very docile, this pale-green Qi mist in his Divine sea, unexpectedly found Godhead that he hides quickly, wraps Godhead of his part. What has to affect?” Shen Xiang suddenly feels under the foot to have the air/Qi of very vast world to well up, enters in his body, but the hand that Nine Firmaments Divine Sword also works loose, inserts in the soil. Shen Xiang suddenly discovered strength that the own unexpectedly uncontrolled absorption underground is used, inserts in Nine Firmaments Divine Sword of ground must swing, the body was being covered by azure light. I and are Nine Firmaments Divine Sword absorbing this stretch of earth strength?” Shen Xiang sits cross-legged immediately, relaxes whole body, oneself absorb can be quicker, he also discovered before him, eats up the Heaven-Grade divine medicine efficacy, as well as his devour A Hei strength unexpectedly entered his body internal pale-green Qi mist to build up to melt. Before he also felt to that bead very disappointed, now he knows that he has made a mistake, that bead has strange and formidable strength, now he thought that his body was being transformed. Nine Firmaments Divine Sword is in become stronger!” Although Shen Xiang has not been grasping Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, but he and Nine Firmaments Divine Sword have the relation, he can feel. This is not World Creation Divine Tool, but affirmed that has been connected with World Creation Divine Tool, otherwise I cannot depend upon two Six Paths divine tool to induce to existence of this bead.” Shen Xiang is liking at this time secretly, because he does not have came in vain, although is not World Creation Divine Tool, but he thought that this thing and World Creation Divine Tool are equally fierce.

He must result in now coordinates that strength to practice, because this is an opportunity, if he has missed, after that possibly will again not have! Meanwhile he must ravel that strength to have anything to affect. When he was worried some people come, he suddenly dodges at present, all around suddenly becomes the white piece, he in a space, has resembled mysterious strength to protect him, opens a space to make him hide. Shen Xiang can feel relieved now, he closes the eye, does not know how long the time passed by, but he can actually feel during , has a very violent vibration! Nine stars started to fuse! Airborne three solar superposition together gradually, unexpectedly also fuses, fusion time, explodes the sunlight that shoots more intense, is firing the earth! Shen Xiang in a small space, does not know what outside occurred is all, otherwise he wants in also to be fired, that ray is fearful.