World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2217
Whatever Shen Xiang that pale-green mysterious strength flows in Divine sea, after long time cultivates, he understands that this strength had anything to affect! unexpectedly is duplicating his Godhead! He had three ten Life Murdering Godhead, but under that strength duplication, left 20 Life Murdering Godhead unexpectedly! But space Godhead and Heaven Imitation Godhead also distinguish to be many five, with the help of that strength, his others had nine ten Godhead! Life Murdering Godhead 50, space Godhead and Heaven Imitation Godhead distinguish 20! Good fearful strength, is this strength of true World Creation?” Shen Xiang still does not know that bead is any thing. This strength most fearful place, can in such a short time help Shen Xiang duplicate these many Godhead! Vanished, that strength I absorb not many, but can actually make me promote that many people, was too fearful!” Shen Xiang fierce looks to nearby Nine Firmaments Divine Sword. At this time protected his space to vanish, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword still inserted in the ground, the semblance does not have what change! However Shen Xiang looks at this sword, why does not know, unexpectedly will be afraid, even if this Nine Firmaments Divine Sword is his. He put out a hand the past time, hand inexplicable was trembling, when he held the sword hilt, felt that world avalanche like that Nine Firmaments Divine Sword internal strength of implication was really too fearful, made his fierce shrank the hand. Touches gently, that strength frightens the Shen Xiang complexion blanch! „This sword is my!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, fierce putting out a hand in the past. Nine Firmaments Divine Sword is shivering, is not willing to submit likely Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang is also sweating profusely at this time, because that strength is resisting him.

Nine Firmaments Divine Sword approve my, but just emerged in him formidable strength actually not to approve me, thought that I am too weak?” Shen Xiang gets hold of Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, will have pulled out vigorously. In him the instance that Nine Firmaments Divine Sword pulls out, the earth violently sways, immediately collapses a big piece! Still does not have sword tip!” Shen Xiang saw Nine Firmaments Divine Sword sword tip, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword in his hand probably is jumping randomly the fish, wants to work loose him. I do not believe not to blow you!” Shen Xiang loud voice shouted to clear the way, nine ten Godhead in Divine sea shivered, absorbed such as sea Six Paths Power vastly, turned into formidable Divine Power, Shen Xiang with Nine Firmaments Divine Sword that this strength held soon works loose. Just started Shen Xiang to grasp very steadily, but afterward Nine Firmaments Divine Sword violent trembled, quickly became very violent, momentarily will work loose Shen Xiang's, then flew from go. Must tame present Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, lets Shen Xiang few brains, he grasps tightly, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword struggles more is fierce. Must tame you!” Why Shen Xiang does not know, after this Nine Firmaments Divine Sword absorbs that green round bead strength, unexpectedly becomes such fearful, is more formidable than time beforehand Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, the strength of enhancement, is unable to imagine including him. Shen Xiang has exhausted strength, but is still not able to blow Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, when Nine Firmaments Divine Sword must let go flies, Shen Xiang suddenly hears own Divine sea deep place to transmit a beast to roar! That is five beast simultaneously roar sounds, this roaring hiss makes Shen Xiang think very familiar, fondly remembers...... Is they!” In the Shen Xiang heart shakes, these five beasts were in his past dantian five beast image, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise and middle great shape. „Is this my second Divine sea?” Why Shen Xiang does not know, heart of hearts suddenly has a guilty feeling, because this is the path that he cultivated in the past, but he actually should walk finally other together, whose making these five vanish with his for a long time beast image.

Heard that five beast simultaneously roar sound, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword suddenly to stand firm, no longer struggled, at this time Shen Xiang once more and Nine Firmaments Divine Sword has established the relation! Nine Firmaments Divine Sword is five looked like Divine Weapon to fuse together to turn into, but heard the five beast air/Qi roars of Shen Xiang Divine sea deep place a moment ago, becomes tame. You where?” In the Shen Xiang heart was shouting, he did not have to think behind one did not have to practice five beast image again, but they actually still follow him, he had thought one also had another Divine sea, actually was the place that these five beast image hid. We continuously in your heart!” Five beast suddenly spoke. The Shen Xiang fierce getting hold of fist, unknowingly shed tears: Sorry, I initially gave up you, but you actually still with me!” You are our masters, regardless of you make anything to decide that we will not blame your! Although you give up us, but you can still become very formidable, we are very gratified!” Five beasts said: We can wait your, so long as you open second Divine sea, can see us again, when the time comes we will follow your once more wanderer world.” Support thank you!” Shen Xiang dries the tears, cannot help but recalled the time of the past years walking, these five beast image have followed him, moreover had own intelligence, he has not discovered this unexpectedly. Shen Xiang looked at the sky, talked to oneself: Nine stars fused, that World Creation Divine Tool should be born!” He closes the eye, induced slightly, the discovery has one group of very formidable aura in a discovery. In that side? In the past had a look!” Shen Xiang immediately teleport in the past. After approaching that direction, the formidable aura is getting more and more clear, that is many expert aura mixed together! „Does the black stone god revere, nine God Emperor?” Shen Xiang can distinguish the black stone god Venerable, but Venerable besides the black stone god, many other very powerful aura.

Shen Xiang does not know how long time one absorbed the energy of that green bead to use, here unexpectedly had such many matters! Before long, he hears a noisy sound suddenly, after careful one hear, that sound is familiar. Xiao Yulan, Imperial Father said very much clearly, making you return Divine Cauldron, that is his thing!” This is the Xiao Yuanbing sound. Shen Xiang knit the brows, before he has made Xiao Yulan hide, do not mix this matter, has not thought that Xiao Yulan unexpectedly participated, he has not thought that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor, makes Xiao Yuanbing they recall Six Paths Divine Cauldron unexpectedly. Divine Cauldron was he gave to me in the past, at that time discarded, was I finds the person to repair, owner recognition, is my thing! If he wants to bring back, asked him to kill me, can bring back Divine Cauldron.” The Xiao Yulan sound is very ice-cold, could see that she despaired to her Imperial Father, unexpectedly reneges on a promise. Before Shen Xiang also had a favorable impression to Divine Cauldron Great Emperor, but looking back now, can by the fellow who their children massacred mutually, absolutely did not have what humane. Do not think that Imperial Father does not dare to cut you, he is robbing World Creation Divine Tool now, does not have the time to come! His Supreme Cauldron gave me, he was allows me to come copes your.” Xiao Yuanbing said with a smile crazily: Xiao Yulan, that two old fellow are not , the Lian Fei strength is faint, you at all are not my match, is without a fight!”