World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2218
Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian not with Xiao Yulan together, but Xiao Yuanbing also increases three people, in the Xiao Yuanbing hand also has a very fierce cauldron! The Xiao Yulan pressure is very big, is good hides Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque because of Yue'er, otherwise in this fight, she cannot divert attention to protect Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque. Do not think that Imperial Father Six Paths Divine Cauldron to you, means he regards as important you, must know that initially Six Paths Divine Cauldron was a waste! I acknowledged that Imperial Father was very once good to you, but is now different!” Xiao Yuanbing puts out a golden cauldron, this is Supreme Cauldron, one of the Divine Cauldron Great Emperor three Divine Cauldron. Xiao Yulan said: He changes, I am not accidental, he is a very fickle person! But do not think that I am his daughter, does not dare to revolt against him.” It seems like you are not willing obediently to hand over Six Paths Divine Cauldron, do not blame me not being impolite, Imperial Father has said that in any event, resorts to all means to Six Paths Divine Cauldron recapture, even if massacres you also to refuse to balk.” Supreme Cauldron golden light in Xiao Yuanbing hand dodges crazily, suddenly becomes very greatly. Goes!” Xiao Yuanbing controlled the Supreme Cauldron instantaneous flash in the past, arrived on Xiao Yulan fierce pounding to fall. Meanwhile, in abundance attacks in Xiao Yuanbing eight God king Great Country Master, in the hand five colors riotous Divine Weapon divine tool, is similar to the tide, from attacks in all directions to Xiao Yulan. Xiao Yulan float on snow white such as jade Six Paths Divine Cauldron, Divine Cauldron Holy Light sparkles, making Xiao Yulan be similar to peerless unparalleled beautiful Goddess, her facial color is serious, Divine sea and Six Paths of Divine Cauldron within the body fuses, Divine Cauldron rapid revolving, revolves instantaneously a white light giant vortex. The formidable suction, causes the sky the thick earth of thick Yun He Ground, turns with the spin, swallows the day to attract, wind power dance. divine tool Divine Weapon that hits, as well as powerful Supreme Cauldron was actually affected, but is still similar to the irresistible enormous and powerful rough sea waves, raises wild Qi Aura, sends out the brilliant sun brilliance, the thunder fires into Xiao Yulan generally. Bang! Bang! A series of deafening sounds transmit, as if world sad Hao!

Two fearful strength collisions, explode strength that wells up, heartless tearing earth, mountain avalanche, day Thunder Formation. Float Xiao Yulan on Six Paths Divine Cauldron, the facial color is serious, the gently beautiful long hair waves with body floating white skirt, as if with is merging into one organic whole in the strong winds to erupt world, her below Six Paths Divine Cauldron fierce shaking, shakes white light waves, strikes Xiao Yuanbing they remaining strength here. How long she could not support!” Xiao Yuanbing catches that Supreme Cauldron that encounters strenuous vibration to recoil, an arm cannot help but hemp, he has to acknowledge, if independent combat, has Six Paths Divine Cauldron Xiao Yulan definitely the second to kill him. Shen Xiang is looking in the distant place, sees the Xiao Yulan corners of the mouth overflowing blood, his right hand shakes, not having sword tip Nine Firmaments Divine Sword to flash before. Facing this besieging, Xiao Yulan, although can resist this time, but actually cannot insist for a long time that the words this way, Xiao Yulan definitely will defeat. Shen Xiang had nine ten Godhead at this time, in addition his 14 skeletons, he had with strength that Xiao Yuanbing they resist, after let alone this time Nine Firmaments Divine Sword the mysterious green bead transforms, the might is infinite. Xiao Yulan, gives you again an opportunity, hands over Six Paths Divine Cauldron! I ensure does not feel embarrassed you, depending on your present strength, goes to Star Law God Territory, can definitely cross well. But you insist again that has at death's door one!” Xiao Yuanbing gets hold of Supreme Cauldron, at this time Supreme Cauldron still in shivering, after this moment ago collided, remaining strength. Although cauldron named Supreme Cauldron in Xiao Yuanbing hand, but after a moment ago and Six Paths Divine Cauldron collided, can see the disparity. Dies not to you!” Xiao Yulan filled with fury, Six Paths Divine Cauldron is she makes Liu Meng'er they repair at this time, she also knows that Liu Meng'er they repair very difficultly, but she has not repaid them. Now her Imperial Father suddenly appears, making Xiao Yuanbing this she most repugnant person rob her Six Paths Divine Cauldron, moreover issues very heartless order, even if massacres her also to refuse to balk.

The muscle on Xiao Yuanbing face is twitching, is very angry, said solemnly: You is a woman, a delicate female, do not stir about this matter, finally gives you again an opportunity!” Xiao Yuanbing does not want to continue to hit, words that because hits, even if he can obtain Six Paths Divine Cauldron, but also meet the severe wound, them definitely also dying many expert. Kills!” Xiao Yuanbing sees the Xiao Yulan complexion ice-cold, roared, Supreme Cauldron in hand pushes to the front, attacked the past first, in golden light, the angry flame combustion, raised a hot wave. These many men bully the woman, is what thing?” Shen Xiang suddenly appears, tramples to a Supreme Cauldron foot that is attacking, his entire thigh dragon scales sparkles, kicking out time, the foot turns into angry roar Fire Dragon, sends out Heaven-shaking to shake the roar, hits on Supreme Cauldron. Bang! Supreme Cauldron trembles the ball to fly, follows that hot wave that comes, is the counter- volume goes back, this hot wave had been controlled by Shen Xiang, moreover he tramples that foot, uses extremely strong Meteor God Energy. Nine ten Godhead turn into the raging fire Divine sea Six Paths Power, to welling up, turns into wild Fire Dragon, the tuck dive in sea of fire roared, fires into Xiao Yuanbing and the others. Shen Xiang!” Xiao Yuanbing looks at Nine Firmaments Divine Sword in Shen Xiang hand: Has not thought that damage Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, unexpectedly so will be fierce!” In the past, the instance of Nine Firmaments Divine Sword damage, is Xiao Yuanbing reveals, therefore he knew about Nine Firmaments Divine Sword. Takes your dog's life foot!” The aura that Shen Xiang indifferently said, within the body strength surging forward, releases is deterring all people.

Nine ten Godhead!” In Xiao Yulan heart pleasantly surprised, said in a soft voice: Your adolescence really fearfully!” Sees Shen Xiang suddenly to appear, and has such formidable strength, stands in Shen Xiang behind Xiao Yulan, as if thought that a mountain in front of her, resists the difficult situation for her. „The Yulan elder sister, this Xiao Yuanbing gives me, was I gives Nine Firmaments God Emperor to revenge, you coped with these mixed fish!” Shen Xiang is staring at Xiao Yuanbing, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword is also angry at this time, shivers slightly, the Nine Firmaments Divine Sword former master, was killed by Xiao Yuanbing. By Xiao Yuanbing first-grade God king and Great Country Master the violent anger, they may be nine ten Godhead above expert immediately, unexpectedly in the Shen Xiang eye has become the mixed fish. Do not move, although does not know how he has nine ten Godhead all of a sudden, but do not think that has a broken sword, can defeat me! Even if he has complete Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, I must kill him, easy as pie!” Xiao Yuanbing lets these Great Country Master and God king do not get rid, but Xiao Yulan at this time also in Shen Xiang behind, has not gotten rid! The present is Xiao Yuanbing and Shen Xiang's fight!