World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2219
Shen Xiang looks forward to that side Great Country Master not to get rid, this can let Xiao Yulan rest a period of time, a moment ago Xiao Yulan and they fought have been injured. Nine Firmaments Divine Sword on non- enemy and ourselves Imperial Father, by my Imperial Father damage, I am made this destroy the sword in the past today thoroughly!” Xiao Yuanbing is taking Supreme Cauldron at this time, making him to own strength more confident. In the past your Imperial Father Six Paths Divine Cauldron turned tattered, didn't you say? My this sword, although damages, but must cope with you to have more than enough to spare, depends on the broken cauldron in your hand to be insufficient contends with Nine Firmaments Divine Sword.” Shen Xiang knows that Nine Firmaments Divine Sword becomes fears, but some strong strength, he does not know. Snort, the fellow who came from the low status world, so is arrogant, do not think one understood that refines several furnace Divine Pill, can arrogant haughty! Xiang Hongdao this old Dan God was expelled by me, let alone you, the alchemy master like you, should honest staying in the alchemy room, listens to our directing like the dog!” Xiao Yuanbing has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly also knows the Six Paths Divine Cauldron matter, truly was damaged in the past very seriously, is unable to use. You go begging Divine Pill to the dog frequently equally, no wonder you have such big resentment!” Shen Xiang has wielded Nine Firmaments Divine Sword: My suddenly thought that kills you sword with this, is to this insult of sword, hoping my Nine Firmaments Divine Sword because of occupying your dog blood is angry.” You...... Suffers to death!” Xiao Yuanbing is angry, his Supreme Cauldron suddenly increases, his both hands push vigorously, after pouring into formidable Divine Power, Supreme Cauldron pushes out. The instance that Supreme Cauldron flies to shoot, suddenly turns into ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) high mountain-like to be huge, the earth that the great pressure that erupts, causes that sores all over the eye sinks immediately several feet. In this attacks in front of the great cauldron that comes rapidly, Shen Xiang is similar to the sand is generally tiny, but he actually does not fear, the back is straight, lifts up high Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, the long sword to the sky, Heavenly Thunder fierce dividing hits together, pours into Nine Firmaments Divine Sword. Airborne suddenly gushes out one group of dark clouds, thunderclap rumbled is unceasing, the lightning is densely covered, a pressure of looking disdainfully world gushes out from Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, the vast imposing manner sweeps across eight sides, Supreme Cauldron unexpectedly that attacks fast compelling to stop by that imposing manner. Shen Xiang both eyes are red, comes along with airborne dragon roar deafening sound, his body spurts to be thin formidable Dragon Power.

Azure Dragon cuts!” Shen Xiang bellows, in the dark cloud suddenly finds out huge incomparable azure dragon head, Azure Dragon eye red light sparkles, Longxu dances in the breeze, makes threatening gestures, with overpowering momentum, from the airborne fierce dive, is similar to together the azure lightning, pours into Nine Firmaments Divine Sword. Cuts!” Azure Dragon enters Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, Shen Xiang is dividing to a front not far away Supreme Cauldron sword. The instance that Nine Firmaments Divine Sword chops, world suddenly was covered by the macroseism, shake strength is everywhere, what is fearful, shakes strength to fluctuate in this simultaneously, unexpectedly is also bringing the endless lightning, the lightning such as the tide to welling up to go, Sword Qi suddenly turns into the Azure Dragon lightning, strikes to Supreme Cauldron. Bang! Turns into formidable Azure Dragon Sword Qi, was roaring rush over, unexpectedly ripped open that looks like an indestructible great Great Emperor cauldron, afterward, entire Azure Dragon Sword Qi penetrated to the cauldron, shook the crazy wave to surge along with one, saw only great cauldron suddenly to explode, aroused intense golden light, as well as turned into the wave to fire into the four directions the lightning tide. Xiao Yulan has been shocked by this at present, at this time she in Six Paths Divine Cauldron, is finding out one, looks at present that incredible all! Six Paths does Divine Cauldron sway in this fallout, likely is the boat in mighty waves sea! If not for Xiao Yulan responded quickly, hastily hid into the cauldron, perhaps will be blown to fly. Airborne, the dark cloud diverges, the hot sun that three Sun fuses, sends out a more intense sunlight, the time of shining, in the sky floats a piece of shining clear that is being turns into the ashes Supreme Cauldron! The Xiao Yuanbing mouthful is the blood, but completely is also shaken with that eight expert that whose he comes, they look at that to turn into the powder Supreme Cauldron, in the heart cannot help but panic-stricken.

Supreme Cauldron unexpectedly by Shen Xiang sword deducting ashes! Xiao Yulan and Xiao Yuanbing are very clear, Divine Cauldron Great Emperor three big Divine Cauldron, one is Six Paths Divine Cauldron, moreover is this Supreme Cauldron! But, Divine Cauldron Great Emperor little has used since Six Paths Divine Cauldron, when he becomes famous is to use Supreme Cauldron is in the majority, but actually turns into the flying ash now. How Supreme Cauldron, in the end do not turn into a piece of flying ash!” Shen Xiang indifferently said, that in his hand is tranquiler than him Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, is hard to imagine that fearful strength, unexpectedly is this not having the sword tip broken sword releases. Shen Xiang is not accidental, if Nine Firmaments Divine Sword this strength, he has not thought strange! „The Yulan elder sister, tidies up these mixed fish quickly, cannot make them run! The words that they run, Imperial Father will increase many strength to you, these mixed fish in your Imperial Father eye are quite important.” Shen Xiang float in the air, looked that does not look at these Great Country Master one. Supreme Cauldron very firm divine tool, a moment ago and Six Paths Divine Cauldron hit, did not have the wound to arrive at in the slightest, was very firm divine tool, did not have Supreme Cauldron to bear to hit including nine ten Godhead expert! However Supreme Cauldron was actually destroyed by Shen Xiang one does not remain the dregs, if the person faces Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, the consequence can be imagined. Xiao Yuanbing already not a moment ago that type self-confident and imposing manner, some are only the fear and envy! He also wants to have this fierce Divine Weapon, like this he can the unmatched in the world.

Does not have Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, your anything is not!” Xiao Yuanbing coldly snorted and said: You depend formidable Divine Weapon to deceive people!” Xiao Yuanbing said that wants to walk, but actually discovered one cannot move, the Shen Xiang use space fetter imprisoned him. Kills you also to have no need for Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, I do not plan to smear Nine Firmaments Divine Sword from the beginning, such as you hope, I do not need Nine Firmaments Divine Sword to extinguish you!” After Shen Xiang imprisons Xiao Yuanbing, teleport before the Xiao Yuanbing body, the fist such as rumbles lightning-like, hits directly on the nose of Xiao Yuanbing. The Meteor God Energy buzz gushing out, was erupting rock the earth rumbled, the nose of Xiao Yuanbing deeply has gotten sucked, the nosebleed flew to leap up. But Xiao Yuanbing big Prince of Divine Cauldron country's, more than 90 Godhead, but actually still face to face applied makeup, moreover is hitting maliciously, this is the incomparable humiliation. You compared with mixed fish!” Shen Xiang sneers again and again, the fist makes once more, contains the arm of double skeleton to attack wild Meteor God Energy, strength is similar to the stars falls down, hits in the Xiao Yuanbing profile. After a deafening sound erupts, Xiao Yuanbing changed beyond all recognition, was shaken badly beaten by the might of that engine knock, bleeds profusely from the head. Deicide Dragon Penalty, Dragon Huofen god!” Shen Xiang displays Heavenly Dragon Seal.