World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2220
Now, Heavenly Dragon Seal no longer needs in the air condense, because in Shen Xiang's Divine sea had vast Six Paths Power, Heavenly Dragon Seal strength can directly condense in Divine sea. Shen Xiang's Heavenly Dragon Seal displays, the body emits dazzling flame, turns into innumerable small Fire Dragon spout, Little Dragon fuses together, finally turns into a whole body is big Fire Dragon of mysterious character mark, penetrates the body of Xiao Yuanbing! Xiao Yuanbing was hit hard two fist foreheads by Shen Xiang, is blurry, but after Fire Dragon enters the body, making his suddenly call out pitifully, his whole body by the flame incinerator, was in deep sorrow. Xiao Yulan internal control Six Paths Divine Cauldron attacked, but Shen Xiang has actually handled Xiao Yuanbing! With eight expert that in Xiao Yuanbing comes, there is Great Country Master, there is Prince of Divine Cauldron country's, these Prince are first-grade God king, the Divine Cauldron country, except Great Country Master and God Emperor, was these Prince most. However now, they were actually frightened by the Shen Xiang's method scared! Even if God Emperor, in their eyes is not fearful, at least God Emperor rank cannot casual rumble Supreme Cauldron the powder. Walks!” old man shouted, wants to flee to walk immediately, other people also in abundance run away, the Xiao Yulan movement is very rapid, controls Six Paths Temple one to pound fiercely, rumbles the fragment that old man. Shen Xiang releases space domain immediately, covers a big region, the people who these run away were used to transfer the technique to make by him. „Do you want to do? Xiao Yuanbing died, before was he instigates us to cope your, had nothing to do with us!” A middle age said panic-stricken that this is Great Country Master. But you have almost killed me, but also severely wounded Lian Fei and Hong Que, if not for I strive to turn the tide, they were already killed by you! Before let alone you, collaborates to destroy my Jade Cauldron Palace, follows I many years of person, by your slaughter completely, I, although is the female, but I will not be softhearted to you.” Xiao Yulan Divine Cauldron turns into several, is bringing thick murderous aura, hits to several people. Shen Xiang uses teleport, mysteriously appears and disappears, seeing some people damaged by Six Paths Divine Cauldron, he immediately teleport in the past, used a Heavenly Dragon Seal palm bang to go, making them suffer greatly in the pain of raging fire burning down, previously they also such dealt with Jade Cauldron Palace inside person. Xiao Yulan is also kills to get angry, she already loathed this war, she hid no longer to pay attention to outside matter, only thinks that Anan Jing Jing (quietly) waiting this disturbance in the past, which knows Xiao Yuanbing walk to besiege them.

Gives me dead!” Xiao Yulan controls Six Paths Divine Cauldron, to was being pounded by person bang of raging fire burning down, makes into the ashes. After the moment, Xiao Yuanbing and the others has unravelled, soul destroyed, the world restores tranquilly, but this region actually changed beyond all recognition. Yue'er is bringing looking pale Lian Fei and Xiao Hongque appears. little rascal, you changed fierce!” Lian Fei was seriously injured, that beautiful cheek not blood-colored, but she is showing the light charming smiling face to Shen Xiang. Oh, all can pass, everybody is living also well.” Shen Xiang walks, somewhat loves dearly touches her face: Enters the Hidden Jade Ring rest!” Um!” Lian Fei nodded, then and Xiao Hongque goes in together. Yue'er still outside, with amazement said: On you exactly what happened? How suddenly becomes such fierce, that Xiao Yuanbing in your eyes is a dregs!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: I do not know that I obtain a strange bead, that bead and Nine Firmaments Divine Sword fused, I also absorb a point that bead strength, became such fierce.” „The Yulan elder sister, you are all right!” Shen Xiang asked that Xiao Yulan is looking at this battlefield in confusion, she looked like very weary. All right, I am only very tired!” Xiao Yulan looked at Six Paths Divine Cauldron in hand, sighed gently: Even if so, has not approved me this Six Paths Divine Cauldron to the present, I want to look for a new host to him.” „Don't you want? Although does not approve you, but can actually make you have strong strength, won't you later regret?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, that Divine Cauldron Great Emperor reneged on a promise.

Did not regret that you think I do look like that fellow? Said, I grow since childhood in that environment, I do not want to participate in the struggle not being good, otherwise I will die! Now the Divine Cauldron country, me has not thought that I can also rest.” Xiao Yulan gives Shen Xiang Six Paths Divine Cauldron: You take away, it seems like Six Paths Divine Cauldron is quite suitable you!” Sees the Xiao Yulan regard to decide, Shen Xiang also can only receive, but he moves Six Paths Divine Cauldron time, Six Paths Divine Cauldron actually slightly shakes, Shen Xiang also retreat several steps. It seems like this Six Paths Divine Cauldron repels me very much!” The Shen Xiang forced smile said: This does not suit me! Or this, I recommend you to give to a person!” „Before is you, mentioned that to have ruler's the female of heart?” Xiao Yulan asked. Um, she now and Xianxian their together, I had also said that Hundred Flowers Village matter with you before.” Shen Xiang said: This Six Paths Divine Cauldron is Liu Meng'er they repairs, perhaps Six Paths Divine Cauldron only recognizes the female.” Good, leaves this place, I and Lian Fei have Hong Que to go to Hundred Flowers Village, Baifeng also there, we when the time comes can meet again.” Xiao Yulan said. Yue'er happily said with a smile: „The Yulan elder sister, I am very popular in Hundred Flowers Village, when the time comes I introduced that some friends give you to know, is very attractive beautiful women.” The Xiao Yulan chuckle is tracing Yue'er, then makes Shen Xiang send her to Hidden Jade Ring. My Master they? Where went?” Shen Xiang asked. They competed for World Creation Divine Tool, should with nine emperor together!” Yue'er said: „Don't you know World Creation Divine Tool where?” I lead you to go, in that side, World Creation Divine Tool is born, we induce obtain.” Yue'er has referred to a direction.

Shen Xiang nodded, then puts in Hidden Jade Ring Yue'er, he displays space wind, goes to World Creation Divine Tool in it place. On the way, he is still thinking, before that green bead was anything, because that was not World Creation Divine Tool, true World Creation Divine Tool was born, nine God Emperor just and black stone god Venerable in that side competes. World Creation Divine Tool only then, everyone wants to have sole possession , will therefore not join up, World Creation Divine Tool is not the cakes and pastries, cannot divide equally. Therefore, in the process of competition, will definitely erupt many fights! Shen Xiang displayed space wind, quick rushed, at this time he was also waiting and seeing in the distant place, at this time he also discovered that other people also watched in the distant place, was Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian they. Master, Senior Master!” Shen Xiang descends on a high summit immediately, here has a big section distance from the battlefield, here also can only observe with Divine Soul. How haven't you passed?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. In the past brought death? Although we want to obtain World Creation Divine Tool, but we are not their matches! A black stone god Venerable unbearably, now adds on nine God Emperor again, we in the past were only at death's door one.” Huang Jintian said.