World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2221
Huang Jintian their two brothers suddenly discovered that the Shen Xiang's strength has been increased, they even think Shen Xiang compared with them! How long they and Shen Xiang have not separated, before Shen Xiang, was revered to carry off by the black stone god, now comes back unexpectedly becomes such fierce. How aren't they are fighting likely?” Shen Xiang asked that nine God Emperor and black stone gods Venerable are only stand on an open area, was saying anything likely, they do not dare to make their Divine Soul by too near, worried that was discovered. These fellows are together wait for World Creation Divine Tool born, now World Creation Divine Tool came out, but only, therefore they were discussing that should turn over to anyone.” Huang Yantian said with a smile: They discussed that was very long, it is estimated that is not useful, finally will definitely hit, we were waiting for that's alright here.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: World Creation Divine Tool where? How can't I see?” Nine God Emperor with his here, although has the 1st Stage distance, but his eye can look, in addition has Divine Soul together to approach, can see quite clearly. He can see nine God Emperor and black stone gods Venerable, World Creation Divine Tool that but that is born has not actually seen. „The underground among them, World Creation Divine Tool ran, is a translucent black ball, now returns to the ground, was collaborated the seal by them. World Creation Divine Tool will run around, they are worried about the lake to run away, the temporary seal, waits to discuss that a result, unties the seal again.” Huang Jintian said. Shen Xiang at heart itchy, asked: What that is World Creation Divine Tool? Is a black ball?” Naturally is not the black ball, is any thing, we have not seen clearly! In black ball, black ball translucent, should be natural barrier, can protect World Creation Divine Tool.” Huang Yantian said that suddenly said excitedly: They discussed that result, they planned the place that is far away from World Creation Divine Tool to be, then unties the seal, making World Creation Divine Tool fly, finally depends on the strength to compete.” Really, Shen Xiang sees nine God Emperor and black stone gods Venerable in abundance retreat, after distance slightly bulge place more than 1000 zhang (3.33 m), they stop.

Their ten people use strength together, unties the seal, sees only the central fierce bulge, one group of shadows flee from the ground. Meanwhile, nine God Emperor and black stone gods revere fly with the quickest speed to that group of shadows! Was my!” Wears the middle age of blue clothes to laugh, unexpectedly held that black ball, he compared with other quick a little, because after untying the seal, the black ball flies in his direction. Their speeds are similar, whom if the black ball were away from recently, was who can obtain! After this blue clothes middle age holds black ball, other people also immediately appear side him, the blue clothes middle age does not see right, the big hand wields, sees only the great cauldron emergence that purple sparkles, he stands on this purple great cauldron immediately, controls the purple cauldron to fly, hits a road, flees surrounding. You cannot be so shameless, before reached an agreement!” Blue clothes middle age angrily said, simultaneously black ball in a palm crushing hand, after black light explodes dodges, a bronze stove appears. Looked that the material quality is the same with my Six Paths Divine Cauldron!” The blue clothes middle age pours into Divine Power to this small stove immediately, the stove lightens the white light immediately. This fellow should be Divine Cauldron Great Emperor, has not thought that World Creation Divine Tool falls into his hand.” Shen Xiang said that when sees that purple great cauldron he has affirmed, in nine God Emperor, only then Divine Cauldron Great Emperor uses the cauldron. After Divine Cauldron Great Emperor Divine Power pours into World Creation Divine Tool, startled shouted: Is World Creation Divine Tool, actually is smelts many formidable stars worthily the stove, World Creation God Furnace!” Other nine people envy incomparably, especially the black stone god Venerable, because he is alchemy, therefore he most wants to obtain this World Creation God Furnace.

Wears golden robe old man to grasp long spear, the thorn to Divine Cauldron Great Emperor, delimits together just like the golden lightning, speed very rapidness! „To snatch?” Divine Cauldron Great Emperor turns on that exquisite pill furnace cover, a flame spout, unexpectedly is very fearful flame. golden robe old man was covered by that group of flame, cannot help but the pain shouted: Xiao Yan, does your bastard, you want to kill me?” By golden robe old man that the flame covers, whole body a golden light is dodged, shakes the flame that World Creation God Furnace releases, but his clothes had been burnt rottenly, the hair was also burnt did not have, the skin on face is burns scorched, looks like very fierce. Shakes the loose flame to fall on ground, the unexpectedly crazy spread, even if the stone sand, can be burnt down, the open area that several suddenly, they were at a moment ago turns into piece of sea of fire. Is you snatches, you court death, close my trifling thing!” Xiao Yan laughs: Now you also see fierce of World Creation God Furnace, some types give a try, this also happen to makes me take a look at this World Creation Divine Tool strongly!” The black stone god Venerable suddenly to roar, sees only his body to brave black Qi, inflates unceasingly, was quick he to turn into a giant apes and monkeys of whole body black wool. Then, I, so long as massacres you, this World Creation God Furnace is my!” The black stone god Venerable had decided that reckless must obtain Xiao Yan World Creation God Furnace! Xiao Yan receives his purple great cauldron, he slightly had used a moment ago the World Creation God Furnace release flame, makes God Emperor be burnt very distressedly, has understood the World Creation God Furnace might initially, therefore he is very self-confident. Other eight God Emperor immediately leave the battlefield, but they have not actually been far away, if they want to obtain World Creation God Furnace is very difficult, strengths of Divine Cauldron Great Emperor in nine emperor is not first weak, let alone now also has World Creation God Furnace!

After the black stone god Venerable turns into beast, the strength is not weak, therefore other eight God Emperor are waiting for the opportunity, robs while them mutually wounded again. This World Creation God Furnace is really good thing, if makes me obtain, I will refine Divine Pill to be happy.” Shen Xiang is also ready to make trouble, is waiting for the opportunity. „If there is opportunity, our two brothers help your.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. Good!” The black stone god Venerable to turn into beast, the strength unusual robber, before Huang Jintian and Xiao Yulan, has asked for advice. Here is my domain, your this group of external fellows, rob me to belong to my treasure, I must seize now am also natural.” The black stone god Venerable saying that in mouth spouted together black light, hit to Xiao Yan. The black stone god Venerable only needed to wait for a period of time, World Creation Divine Tool is born he to take that's alright, which knows that came Shen Xiang before, destroyed his many good deeds, but now presents nine strength very strong God Emperor, robbed World Creation God Furnace, thought of these matters, he was angrier. Xiao Yan with the cauldron, he thought also uses the cauldron to be similar to this furnace, seeing the opposite party to attack, he controls that small stove to increase immediately. The black stone god Venerable is strong, but hits on World Creation God Furnace that in black light the mouth spouts, actually probably falls into the bottomless pit to be the same, a response does not have, seemed like attracted by World Creation God Furnace very much likely.