World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2223
Shen Xiang fierce pours into formidable Divine Power toward World Creation God Furnace, divine furnace immediately spout a flame, the lasing arrives at the upper air. Now can walk!” Shen Xiang receives good World Creation God Furnace, said: While the present!” After the flame that World Creation God Furnace releases projects on upper air, burns down hole to come, in the sky presents very big black hole. Walks!” Shen Xiang flew immediately, Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian follow on the heels. suddenly, Shen Xiang induces to many formidable aura approaches, hastily shouted: They came!” Also at this time, Shen Xiang saw the black stone god Venerable them to fly to! Do not let them run!” The black stone god Venerable the anger to exclaim, makes in the distant place together black light. After Shen Xiang they enter that black hole, hits black light immediately, but the black hole vanished! Exits?” Xiao Yan asked: „The strength of this fellow is not strong, but controls space power, so long as we exit, quick can find him!” „The time that Jiu Canghai created in the past should annex Highest God Realm, we must ask him to be easier, where he cannot run up to goes.” old man said. Nine God Emperor some knew about Shen Xiang that after all Shen Xiang initially grasped Heaven Refining Technique, moreover summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace. „After World Creation Divine Tool is born, this Nine Stars God Realm space became very weak, if our ten same places caught up, should be able like that little rascal, to open hole to exit.” Sky over the black stone god Venerable to look, said: That place was just opened, although healed, but is very weak, we can be easier to open.”

The black stone god has revered for many years was stranded here, saw Shen Xiang to be so easy to cause space passage a moment ago, therefore he thought that must exit not is very difficult. Now they have not known that Shen Xiang had fearful strength, but knows Shen Xiang Nine Firmaments Divine Sword become stronger Xiao Yuanbing and the others, was extinguished kills. Xiao Yan knows that Xiao Yuanbing they died completely, but he thinks that is Xiao Yulan kills with Six Paths Divine Cauldron, has not thought is hand that Shen Xiang moves, because before them, news that obtains, the Shen Xiang's strength is very faint, cannot in such a short time have dozens Godhead. Good, everybody sends merit together, opens a space crack.” Xiao Yan said that he has been ready. Other God Emperor nodded, although had the dispute before, but they are stranded now here, if not cooperate, is unable to exit. The black stone god Venerable with nine God Emperor releases formidable Divine Power together, shells place that airborne the black hole vanished a moment ago! Ten strength gather, impact upper air, but...... Has not actually opened space passage, that strength also penetrates to the upper air, then dispersed. What's the matter? Are we inferior to that little rascal strength with joint forces?” Xiao Yan surprisedly said. „It is not, that little rascal has World Creation God Furnace, you have used World Creation God Furnace, should know that fierce of divine furnace, should be World Creation God Furnace has unusual strength, can open space passage!” The black stone god Venerable in the heart is very disappointed, he thinks quick can leave this damned place. Comes again!” Xiao Yan said...... Then, they attempt with the strength bang broken space unceasingly, but has not actually succeeded......

...... Finally came out, where is here?” Shen Xiang arrives in a mountain scene forest, he looked at side, Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian is calculating with Heaven's Divination Technique at this time. Soon, Huang Jintian said: Strange, we...... world of Nine Heaven have annexed Highest God Realm...... we to appear in world of Nine Heaven fuse the later place to be right in nine stars!” Yue'er also ran, said: Should be nine stars is annexed together, here is Great World, I am only strange, how that nine stars fuse, this world of Nine Heaven is not the stars shape.” Ah? that Nine Stars God Realm?” Asking of some Shen Xiang worries: These fellows are also stranded in inside now!” Nine Stars God Realm is equal to special secret realm . Moreover the whole is inferior to world of Nine Heaven to be formidable, does not need to be worried will be annexed, now here has a world, is world of Nine Heaven!” Yue'er said: Moreover here time also passed was very long.” Shen Xiang puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, wants to transmit to earth core goes, actually after discovering Teleportation Formation opens, but does not have what response. What's the matter? Did Teleportation Formation expire?” Shen Xiang put out to enter Hundred Flowers Village Teleportation Formation, unexpectedly also expires. world of Nine Heaven became very big, these formation plate when the refinement, originally refine according to world of Nine Heaven standard, therefore after world of Nine Heaven expands, the space becomes stronger, the position that in addition we are is very far, will therefore expire.” Huang Jintian said: I calculate to look where nearby has! Nine Stars God Realm time and here different, here should pass some years.” Shen Xiang said: How I felt world of Nine Heaven keeps is inflating, was getting bigger and bigger!” The Yue'er nod said: Truly, world of Nine Heaven expands very strangely . Moreover the time variation is not very normal!”

Huang Yantian said with a smile: world of Nine Heaven is a very special world, and will move! Is approaching Star Law God Territory little!” Shen Xiang immediately in great surprise: „Can world of Nine Heaven annex inadequately Star Law God Territory?” Is opening eye with Heaven's Divination Technique Huang Jintian, said with a smile: Said accurately that is world of Nine Heaven must annex all earth core Spiritual God had gone to the place, why as, this perhaps is the ghost who earth core Spiritual God does, this fellow is very formidable is very mystical.” Very much how Shen Xiang wants to go to earth core to have a look at Huo Lin, suddenly fuses that many earth core, there definitely has very big change. Was good, the nearby has a city, currently this large-scale city, will have Teleportation Formation.” Huang Jintian said: Nine Divine Country extinguished similarly, but us adolescence are also many, adds over ten thousand beast God Emperor that flock of beasts again, when the time comes nine God Emperor run, we can cope.” Shen Xiang enlarges Divine Mirror of Six Paths, said: Sat this past!” The Divine Mirror of Six Paths flying speed is quick, soon after arrives at that city that Huang Jintian said that after coming to inquire, discovered that this city is heavenly might Divine Country! Has not transmitted to Teleportation Formation of Nine Heavens city, here person does not know that the Nine Heavens city where, they have not heard! „Did you miscalculate? We in world of Nine Heaven, we did not arrive at heavenly might Divine Country!” Shen Xiang white happy, but also thinks that immediately can return to Hundred Flowers Village. We have not miscalculated, here truly is world of Nine Heaven, just fuses time they had not discovered that their world has the change!” Huang Jintian knits the brows: Process violence of world of Nine Heaven annexation, instead is not gentle, if carries on at night, will not be discovered.”