World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2224
This world has the great change, person unexpectedly of this city had not realized that this makes Shen Xiang some unable to believe that when nine stars and a world of Nine Heaven fusion, unexpectedly is quietly to complete. Shen Xiang they stay in an inn, this finds the way to go back. Said that this world is very big?” Shen Xiang exclaims, nine Earth-rank Stars that nine Divine Country are were vast, in addition Highest God Realm and world of Nine Heaven, it can be imagined. Yes, formation plate that therefore you transmit expired completely, has exceeded the range that these formation plate can transmit.” The Huang Jintian forced smile said: Now Teleportation Formation has not exchanged in this world, must go to the far point place, needed for a long time.” This does not use but actually, I and Yue'er can use the space power transmission, you well calculate now, here is away from world of Nine Heaven far, world of Nine Heaven in any direction, then I and Yue'er sent the merit to open the space passage transmission together in the past.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Initially I was Yue'er together catch up, went to the Divine Cauldron star instantaneously, that distance was far!” Huang Yantian shakes the head saying: „It is not right, these many world and spaces fuse together, means that the space the quality will be improved, before is not, such good penetration! You use space power frequently, should clear, so long as the space were reinforced some, can achieve space imprisonment!” Shen Xiang said: I now also not clear present space stable, even if reinforces many, I and Yue'er joint effort, can go very far.” Huang Jintian nodded, then starts to use Heaven's Divination Technique, the computation to go to the world of Nine Heaven distance with Huang Yantian together, they need to be considered as in detail are very good, this can let Shen Xiang and Yue'er transmits accurately. After half double-hour, Huang Yantian said: This world is really big, is also very troublesome, wants the time.” Shen Xiang waited for two double-hour to have the result, after obtaining a distance, was very surprised, unexpectedly was so far. Hehe, now Nine Heavens Sect is the center of this world, but this heavenly might Divine Country is in the edge, where regardless of goes to Nine Heavens Sect, will not be far.” Huang Jintian said.

Shen Xiang and Yue'er send the merit immediately, opens space passage, then and Huang Jintian they walk together. After entering space passage, they arrive at a stretch of open land. Where is this?” Shen Xiang looked at all around: Moreover does not have no life Qi/angry, looks like a stretch of deathtrap.” Huang Jintian counts to calculate immediately: Has not entered the Nine Heavens region, but also needs to continue to forward.” A moment ago Shen Xiang and Yue'er have used very strong space power, but has not gone to the Nine Heavens region, obviously here space became very high level, cannot break through like before with ease. Opened space passage once more, Shen Xiang they arrived at the Nine Heavens region finally, was the actually world of Nine Heaven range. After entering the Nine Heavens region, Shen Xiang uses formation plate again, transmits Nine Firmaments Temple! Finally came back!” Shen Xiang looks at Nine Firmaments Temple, sighed: This world was too big was not good, even if other Divine Country must hit, it is estimated that was not easy!” I did not go to world of Nine Heaven, I must return to Hundred Flowers Village to settle some them first.” Shen Xiang has patted the Huang Jintian's shoulder: Master, you see big brother Canghai, said that with him at that Nine Stars God Realm inside matter, making him be ready, if nine God Emperor and black stone gods revere, will arrive at this world.” They solves nine God Emperor, should you go to Star Law God Territory to have a look? Our two brothers do not have you to be fierce now, need you to go to Star Law God Territory to help us a little.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. Does not have the issue, I certainly will go when the time comes!” Shen Xiang nodded, then transmitted Hundred Flowers Village.

After arriving at Hundred Flowers Village, Shen Xiang makes Xiao Yulan they come out! Before Hundred Flowers Village, is so peaceful, is fluttering everywhere the fragrance of flower, after Shen Xiang transmits to Hundred Flowers Village, immediately goes to the Lu Qilian mountain village. You came back finally!” Lu Qilian sees Shen Xiang to walk, relaxed. Sister Huishan they? How only then you here!” Shen Xiang asked. Their this War-God squads now outside, but Qinlian and Ziqian have not come back in earth core, now we are unable to enter earth core, is unable to practice them.” Lu Qilian looks to Xiao Yulan they, Xiao Yulan to her gentle smiling. Shen Xiang comes back each time, will lead some strength quite formidable females to come back, Lu Qilian was already used to it, she sees Lian Fei and Xiao Jin'er is very long looks like, can guess correctly that Lian Fei is the Xiao Jin'er mother, but Lian Fei stands in Xiao Yulan behind, she also guesses correctly the Xiao Yulan status. earth core did unexpectedly have problems? Good, I have a look now, you chatted slowly!” Shen Xiang does not need to be worried about Xiao Yulan they, they are the females, moreover Xiao Baifeng and Xiao Jin'er here, they very much easily can integrate. Be careful, previous Huo Lin has said that earth core will face many challenges.” The Lu Qilian urging said. ...... Shen Xiang leaves Hundred Flowers Village, rushes to Netherworld Abyss, after he arrived here, put out Divine Mirror of Six Paths to try, is unable to use Divine Mirror of Six Paths inside Teleportation Formation to enter earth core, said with Lu Qilian was the same.

Only can go in the old means!” Shen Xiang jumps, enters that passage, plunges into earth core again, finally according to remembering, is flying in earth core. „The change of earth core is quite big, does not know that can find to enter that earth core God Realm entrance!” Shen Xiang gets down, discovered that the earth core temperature was more intense than before. Shen Xiang looked for more than double-hour, finally found that passage to Qilin Palace, seven after passage turns eight turn, arrived at that familiar earth core God Realm. Huo Lin!” After Shen Xiang arrives, has shouted one. Big brother? You came back, you went for more than ten years!” Huo Lin runs over grinningly. actually is all right!” Shen Xiang long implored the one breath: Qilian said that is unable to transmit earth core, she thinks that earth core has had an accident, I come back, immediately catches up.” earth core changes, has strong space barrier, is unable to transmit temporarily from outside, but can actually exit from inside. That two sisters-in-law are practicing, Zi Qi also with them together.” Huo Lin has pinched the Shen Xiang's arm: Big brother, I felt that you became very strong, was my misconception?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I, if become stronger, already were not revered to kill by that black stone god! Right, what your this did earth core experience? Has fought with other earth core divine beast?” Naturally has! Although is very fierce, but was defeated by me.” Huo Lin said: Big brother, does the black stone god who you said a moment ago what thing revere is? I listen to black stone this name, earth core Spiritual God to tell me probably.”