World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2225
The black stone god Venerable is also earth core divine beast, perhaps Huo Lin knows anything, Shen Xiang Venerable to become the matter of black big apes and monkeys to tell Huo Lin the black stone god immediately. After Huo Lin hears, knits the brows: Really was this fellow, earth core divine beast initially had told me, making me more careful, cannot walk into Evil Path, will otherwise turn into such! That black stone god Venerable should be stranded in earth core now, if he comes out, the first matter affirmed that earth core looks my! The black stone god Venerable is clear, to control a world, first goes to earth core!” „Do you hit are not victorious? The fellow turns into the black apes and monkeys, strength strengthens many times, if incorrect words, gives me!” Shen Xiang thought one face the black stone god Venerable or have certain stratagem which ensures success, his Nine Firmaments Divine Sword is also fierce, let alone he currently also has World Creation God Furnace. When the time comes again said that this earth core is my domain, he in my domain not likely in his there!” Huo Lin said: Now this world of Nine Heaven becomes such formidable, but I as world of Nine Heaven earth core divine beast, where I will certainly not miss to go.” „The black stone god Venerable, if runs, the real earliest possible time runs to come to here?” Shen Xiang asked: He knows how to come?” Will not be definitely wrong, so long as is earth core divine beast, once goes to other earth core divine beast domains, can definitely pass to have a look, if discovered that this earth core has other earth core divine beast, then he will issue the challenge to me.” Huo Lin said. Shen Xiang nodded: I exit first, told Qilian here situation, making her leave such was worried that I will come back and other black stone gods Venerable again with you, cannot make him wrest away this earth core.” earth core that in the Shen Xiang eye, world of Nine Heaven earth core revere is at before the black stone god to be much more formidable, if were revered to wrest away by the black stone god, he can definitely obtain more formidable strength through this earth core. Shen Xiang arrives at ground through here Teleportation Formation, then returns to Hundred Flowers Village, at this time Lu Qilian they chatted very ripe with Xiao Yulan. When Shen Xiang arrives at the Lu Qilian mountain village, happen to sees Xiao Yulan to give Lu Qilian Six Paths Divine Cauldron. Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er their this refiner squads also here!

Six Paths Divine Cauldron gives them refiner!” After Lu Qilian receives, had not been repelled, but she actually gives Liu Meng'er Six Paths Divine Cauldron: This Six Paths Divine Cauldron is they repaired, moreover they need a formidable cauldron furnace to smelt the material, I thought that is most appropriate they, if needed, I want that's it to them again, in any case we are the good sisters.” The procedure of Xiao Yulan to Lu Qilian does not have the opinion, Six Paths Divine Cauldron is Xue Xianxian they repairs, but she does not need to use now, naturally is gives them should better. earth core how?” Lu Qilian sees Shen Xiang grinning coming back, knows that earth core situation she has not imagined such, but she is some worries. All right, earth core became strengthened, therefore were many together the space protection, therefore is unable to transmit from outside! Perhaps, cannot go to earth core frequently, goes from that passage with is not convenient.” Even if he goes , is also quite troublesome. Lu Qilian nodded, then said: Heard that you became very strong, now Huishan they are coping with Infernal Demon Emperor, you interested?” Naturally has!” Shen Xiang replied immediately: I already want this bastard extinguishing, but had not found the good opportunity!” The Infernal Demon Emperor backer is these Divine Country, but these Divine Country burst now, Infernal Demon Emperor also loses the backer. Shen Xiang from Lu Qilian there learned Long Huishan the place, immediately overtakes with Yue'er. Infernal Demon Emperor this fellow, I must have a look at him but actually strongly now!” Shen Xiang teleport, less than half double-hour arrives at the Devil Emperor mountain range continuously, this mountain range was occupied many years by Infernal Demon Emperor, therefore also therefore acquires fame.

Shen Xiang in Long Huishan on the relation, they the collection outside the Devil Emperor mountain range has the news about Infernal Demon Emperor quickly. In a cave, Long Huishan and Xiao Baifeng are reading one pack of papers. Collects the Infernal Demon Emperor material to do? Killed that's alright directly!” After Shen Xiang comes, looked at tabletop these paper above contents, knows these with the Infernal Demon Emperor related news. Some where you said that with ease, Infernal Demon Emperor this fellow cultivates Evil Path to be dedicated, the winding speed is also fearful, we did not know about him now, therefore cannot get rid rashly.” Xiao Lizhi said that she is very discrete. Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang also here, they throw the look that approves to Shen Xiang, they already want to do, but Long Huishan they do not let. Then you thought that he does have nine ten Godhead?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile, he went into hiding very well, Long Huishan they simply had not discovered that he became very strong. Naturally does not have, but dozens Godhead definitely have, moreover their this expert are also many, in addition their devil art evil methods and various types of toxins, they are very strong.” Xiao Baifeng replied. Yan Yanran suddenly walks, complexion seriously said: They had to move, their armies built up in the mountain range, the preparation touched, the goal was away from Devil Emperor mountain range recent Floating Life Divine City.” Lan Lan also hurried runs, shouted: „It is not good, they started to take action, the preparation must pass through our places.”

Shen Xiang, you also here! Do you want to go to battle?” Yan Yanran asked: First informs Sister Qilian, it seems like she went into action personally, if Infernal Demon Emperor takes Floating Life Divine City, was one's turn us.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not need to look for Sister Qilian, gave me that's alright! Youlan, Qianxiang, walks!” Brother, you are so self-confident, became very strong?” Leng Youlan excitedly, is pinching the Shen Xiang's face very grinningly: Looked like is become stronger!” Was not become stronger, was become stronger!” Shen Xiang is also pinching her face, said with a smile: Walks, Infernal Demon Emperor this fellow was also the time returns to heaven.” Long Huishan were not many says anything, went out of the cave with Shen Xiang, she knows that Shen Xiang was a very discrete person, did not have the full assurance, will not say. After going out of the cave, Shen Xiang sees to feel that an evil ghost compels, the day became dusky, is covering the thick evil aura, front that forest is surges, Infernal Demon Emperor Evil Devil army from inside enormous and powerful walks. Looks on the forest, many flight evil beast, Infernal Demon Emperor is really the good skill, unexpectedly to make these many this monsters.” Lan Lan said: Really many, blots out the sky!” Shen Xiang looks far to spatial, seeing thick black smog to advance little, high and low surges, words that carefully looks, can see that is a troop flies densely and numerously in the air evil beast, is similar to innumerable big bat such, but saw that thought has very tremendous pressure.