World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2226

Long Huishan sees front quantity that many . Moreover the evil ghost is so strong, explained that these evil beast and Evil Devil strength is not weak, the whole is very strong! Shen Xiang, did you cope really?” Long Huishan looks at Shen Xiang to ask, Shen Xiang now is very calm. Naturally does not have the issue, tried me just to get so far as a treasure that should be able to cope with this crowd of things with this thing.” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, said with a smile. World Creation God Furnace becomes by Shen Xiang very small, in his palm, seems like only azure small pill furnace. Shen Xiang turns on the cover, said: And other your other rush over, saw a play that's alright here, perhaps that type of flame linked you unable to cope!” Goes!” After Shen Xiang urged one, stimulates to movement World Creation God Furnace, sees only World Creation God Furnace suddenly to increase, float in the air, suddenly trembled fiercely, the fire hole has spouted Great Fireball. Fireball flies after that forest, suddenly explodes, turns into bunch of flamelets to disperse, under the Shen Xiang's control, these flamelets is similar to Little Elf is the same, flies to scurry about everywhere randomly, the small part falls after the ground, immediately ignites the raging flame, burns the soil and stone. Suddenly, front that forest was covered by the flame, the temperatures of these flame are fearful, has the Long Huishan several females of 1st Stage distance from the forest, was baked the fragrant perspiration to drop down by heat of that being used. Flame most fearful place that World Creation God Furnace releases, is the flame can absorb between Heaven and Earth strength to maintain the combustion voluntarily, but the coming under a spell of ghost forest is so strong, after the flame absorbs, the fire intensity is more violent, the tendency of flame reaches as high as thousand feet (333 m), even if these in the air flight evil beast not in flame, falling that but actually still keeps, on the flame, was baked violently. Less than a while, Shen Xiang they again have not felt any evil ghost, but flame also in weakening gradually! Quite fierce, did not need to hit!” Leng Youlan exclaims: Brother, your small stove is really fearful, emits this degree of flame, burns to extinguish the Infernal Demon Emperor army all of a sudden.” Long Huishan said: Should be his strength is very right, otherwise is unable to congeal such fierce flame through that small stove!”

Who is!” Ten shadow suddenly from airborne dive, is Infernal Demon Emperor, as well as ten black robe people. Sees Infernal Demon Emperor, Long Huishan they to put out Divine Weapon, prepares for action. Shen Xiang! Also is your this young bastard.” Infernal Demon Emperor is angry, but he immediately has not actually flushed, Shen Xiang can emit that type of flame, definitely has strong strength, he can feel a moment ago, if not for they run quickly, perhaps will also be buried in sea of fire. Shen Xiang laughed: Infernal Demon Emperor, you are same as usual, always cannot make the important matter!” Also isn't is you prevents?” Infernal Demon Emperor angrily said: Today I must extinguish you, unexpectedly destroys my golden opportunity.” Relax, you later will not have been prevented by me, because you quickly turn into a deceased person.” After Shen Xiang sneers several, person suddenly disappears, the next flash, his unexpectedly arrives in front of Infernal Demon Emperor, is pinching the Infernal Demon Emperor nape of the neck. After Infernal Demon Emperor Shen Xiang seizes, whole body cannot move, at this time he can feel Shen Xiang to have how fearful strength clearly. The Shen Xiang's strength has gone far beyond him, his throat was being pinched by Shen Xiang stubbornly, could not speak, his towering eye full was frightened, but also was bringing begging for mercy the color, he can live today not to be easy, he even decided, must turn a new leaf, because Shen Xiang was this whole life is unable to surmount. Infernal Demon Emperor, you and I do to these many years, today solves you finally.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, the arm shakes, Meteor God Energy impact. Bang! Was seized Infernal Demon Emperor of throat by Shen Xiang, the whole body is fulled floaded operation by wild Meteor God Energy, explodes a fragment. Other ten Evil Devil see Shen Xiang to be so fearful, kills Infernal Demon Emperor on the second instantaneously, immediately must run, but immediately was actually used space power locking by Shen Xiang, then a fist bang in the past, made wild Meteor God Energy, was similar to the rough seas covers them completely, rumbles the powder.

Handled! Later could not see them to jump to reach again.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You go back first, I must go to earth core, earth core currently also has the trouble, you are staying in Hundred Flowers Village well.” Long Huishan they also in startled, Shen Xiang teleport left, goes to earth core! ...... Shen Xiang arrives at earth core time, knew that Lu Qinlian and Bai Ziqian went out, moreover leaves earth core, Huo Lin companion Zi Qi also with hiding in earth core seeks asylum. My present unexpectedly feels very restless.” Huo Lin already not like before always laughing, is being worried about anything likely. Does not need to be worried that I!” Shen Xiang builds the hand on his shoulder, said with a smile: „Don't you believe big brother’s strength?” Naturally believes that but that fellow was too formidable, I have been able to induce to his imposing manner probably!” Huo Lin said. Shen Xiang also not directly and black stone god Venerable to hit, but he actually sees the strength that the black stone god has revered, but now he is not weak, World Creation God Furnace and Nine Firmaments Divine Sword can him very formidable strength, Godhead that even if Venerable with the black stone god differs, but he very much has confidence to defeat the black stone god Venerable. Such quickly can come?” Shen Xiang sees Huo Lin so to worry that is somewhat surprised, he thought that the black stone god Venerable them to from Nine Stars God Realm come out, should also time to be right. Was quick!” The Huo Lin nod said: I can feel existence of that fellow, perhaps they already in world of Nine Heaven!” Huo Lin just said that Nine Stars God Realm suddenly shakes!

Came!” Huo Lin anxious shouted: Big brother, you hide quickly, if I cannot hit, you get rid again!” Shen Xiang hides into the space crack immediately, Huo Lin as here earth core divine beast, he naturally wants first going to battle, if he cannot hit , can also consume strength that the black stone god Venerable, when the time comes Shen Xiang and black stone god Venerable to hit, will be more relaxed. Little thing, you should be very young! obediently kowtows to me, I circle your poor life, later I will not treat unjustly your!” The black stone god Venerable suddenly to appear before the Huo Lin body, said with a sneer: Words that you do not want dead, a bit faster kowtow to me, are my servant.” This black stone god Venerable unexpectedly to be so strong, arrives hits does not want to hit, makes Huo Lin kneel down to kowtow to him, wishes one could to run in space crack inside Shen Xiang, teaches the black stone god Venerable maliciously. Delusion!” Huo Lin drinks coldly, the fist braves the produce fire flame, crazy fierce hits. Bang! The black stone god Venerable has not thought that Huo Lin meets suddenly to get rid, the fist falls on his front, has the fierce explosion, shook his retreat several steps. Little thing, good! A little strength!” The black stone god Venerable to pat front to be hit a place of fist: „It looks like with these God Emperor strengths is similar! This is also good, I hit you kowtow to me.” The black stone god Venerable suddenly jump to arrive airborne, roars, turns into the black giant apes and monkeys, moreover in the hand is also taking a huge black long stick. In Shen Xiang heart surprised, the black stone god Venerable must use so strongest strength to cope with Huo Lin from the beginning, obviously Huo Lin strength strong, making the black stone god revere so earnestly.