World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2227

The black stone god Venerable, so long as wrests away earth core, in addition he understanding earth core, soon after then can control this world of Nine Heaven, Huo Lin takes earth core divine beast, is here protector, in any event cannot make the black stone god revere to prevail.

Your this little thing, but was just born shortly, dares before me rampant, your best obediently to be the lackey to me, like this you at least can also save the poor life, this is I gives your final opportunity.” The black stone god Venerable says with a smile severely, now he turns into the appearance of black apes and monkeys, seems like truly scary, Huo Lin also feels very tremendous pressure at this time. Old thing, even if dies, I will not work as the lackey to you, you kowtow to me actually, are my old servant, I ensure your future day will pass is better than the dog!” Huo Lin laughed, in the hand the flame dodges, presents one spout the sword of flame air wave. Huo Lin at this time Venerable the fight with the human form condition and black stone god, can see him to own strength is very self-confident! Little thing of overreaching oneself, such being the case, only then teaches your well, making you understand that own strength is small and weak.” The black stone god Venerable in the hand the black long stick to sweep away to Huo Lin, starts black astral wind, suddenly covers Huo Lin. Huo Lin just wants to leave, actually does not know why the body becomes very slow, he wants to avoid the long stick that sweeps, but the body actually cannot control freely, like has anything to suppress him. Snort!” Huo Lin is stuffy, the body blows out intense flame, time that the black stick must sweep away shortly, he shakes escapes the black stone god Venerable to cover in his pressure, brandishes a sword to divide to that black long stick. Bang! On the Huo Lin sword flame Divine Power explode to well up, chops the time on the long stick to erupt, almost hits the long stick to fly the hand that escapes the black stone god Venerable. You, only then this skill?” Huo Lin said with a sneer, body suddenly emits scale, the hand grasps the arm of sword also to turn into the claw of Qilin, red light sparkles, spout strong flame Divine Power, the black stone god Venerable the black Gang ghost that releases a moment ago, at this time by his flame incinerator purification. Is somewhat the skill, but you are also mediocre, I was also only and you played a moment ago, now I must use the true strength!” Turns into the apes and monkeys the black stone god Venerable, the body thick black wool, is braving intermittent black Qi mist at this time, is the black flame burns on him likely. Roar roar

The black stone god Venerable suddenly rave two, his gigantic body suddenly changed small, became with the normal person same size, this time appearance was half ape half person, the body still full was that type of thick black wool. This is I strongest shape!” The black stone god Venerable saying that suddenly turned into a shadow, suddenly arrived at side Huo Lin, in the hand that black long stick pounded fiercely from the place above, lightened the shadows of dozens black sticks, was similar to a big fan, racket maliciously. Huo Lin once more and such, body by the pressure that black god of evil fortune released is made a moment ago the motion became slow, muscle seemed restrained by force imprisoning by one! The black stone god Venerable this time strength truly be more formidable than a moment ago, after the body changed small, making him more flexible, the speed was faster! Ended?” Huo Lin exudes one to roar, body use big flame, the long stick pounds the instance on him, he turns into formidable Fire Qilin. With main body? Suits me!” The black stone god Venerable said while loudly laughing: Good good, is very attractive Fire Qilin, you later were my mount!” Huo Lin roared angrily, in the mouth spouted bunch of flame, these flame when flew, became very hard, was similar to the iron ball is the same! Useless!” The black stone god Venerable to wield the black stick, hits to these very hard hot group, hits after a hot group above, that fire rolls suddenly to explode, simultaneously initiates other Fireball also to explode. Bang, the continual explosion firelight Venerable to cover the black stone god, Huo Lin sees this move of effectiveness, then rave, spurts the produce fire group continuously! But, the black stone god Venerable is not a vegetarian, he who was connected bombing, angry roar, long stick fierce holds, happen to holds into the mouth of Huo Lin . Moreover the peak of long stick also spouts one group of black air/Qi ghosts. Roar!

The Huo Lin pain shouted one, poured in the ground! In the black stone god Venerable to fly to leap up, holds up the long stick, is being one randomly hits to falling to the ground Huo Lin. Makes you crazy! I kill you, Ha Ha......” the black stone god Venerable to laugh wildly, at this time his ten shares by the feeling of this beating severely Huo Lin, the body of Huo Lin were intimate a stick, unusual severe pain, but the black stone god Venerable has hit dozens sticks on him. Looked that till you take to refuse to accept, project on you to beg for mercy.” The black stone god Venerable Ha Ha smiles, starts very ruthlessly, hits Huo Lin unceasingly to call out. Shen Xiang secret took a deep breath, calls Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, fierce dodges from the space crack, happen to appears, in the black stone god Venerable. The black stone god Venerable although at this time hits very crisply, but actually also discovered that the following suddenly some people appear, but , he although discovered that but responded without enough time that Shen Xiang that punctured fiercely fearful Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, passes through his head. You...... Is Shen Xiang!” The black stone god Venerable, although was pierced head, had not died, but Divine sea actually caused heavy losses, at this time Nine Firmaments Divine Sword also punctures in his head, he can feel that this is terrorist Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, is gushing out strange Divine Power unceasingly, corrodes his Divine sea. Shen Xiang rapid pulls out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, chops fiercely to the head that the black stone god is revering! The head that the black stone god Venerable falls in the ground, the nape of the neck place spout black blood, with thick Qi mist, flies to shoot airborne. Huo Lin jumps, in the mouth is spurting the raging fire unceasingly, burns down body that the black stone god Venerable, he worried that the black stone god will revere to live. Cannot burn down!” The Huo Lin turn into a human shape, knits the brows to say.

With this!” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, pours into Divine Power, releases body that one group of flame incinerator black stone gods revere, the body that less than a while, the black stone god Venerable was burnt does not have. Huo Lin surprisedly said: Good fierce flame!” He is Fire Qilin, about flame knew that Shen Xiang the flame that uses the small stove to release can make him feel the fear. This type of flame aura, looks like with earth core Spiritual God very much, is your this small stove World Creation Divine Tool is inadequate?” Huo Lin asked. Yes, how do you know World Creation Divine Tool?” Shen Xiang enlarges some World Creation God Furnace, making Huo Lin see clearly. I know certainly that this is I remembers, only then very formidable world, can breed World Creation Divine Tool! Also there is a quite special situation, is World Creation Divine Tool scatters, then breeds the world to come!” Huo Lin said. Shen Xiang understood immediately, stars that these Divine Country are, is the following that peculiar circumstance, is World Creation God Furnace refines. „The black stone god Venerable is destroyed completely, since he can appear here, explained that nine God Emperor also came, I must exit to cope with them.” Shen Xiang said: You well therapy, you may injure now heavily!”