World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2228

Huo Lin nodded, he also very much knew about his injury, if not for Shen Xiang got rid a moment ago promptly, perhaps he really must be revered to defeat by the black stone god! Although he is earth core divine beast, but Venerable such that said with the black stone god, he is very young, at is not the match. The black stone god Venerable very injust, his strength is very strong, should not die like this, therefore he was held a sword by Shen Xiang behind time, in the heart hates, but does not have any means. Shen Xiang arrives at the ground after earth core, immediately goes to Nine Firmaments Temple! If nine God Emperor came, Jiu Canghai definitely meets first knew! Big Brother Shen!” Yun Xiaodao just went out of the Nine Firmaments Temple front door, sees Shen Xiang, hastily yelled. Xiaodao, you how here?” Shen Xiang hastily walks, Yun Xiaodao looks like also is very at this time anxious. I continuously in Nine Firmaments Temple practice! Deity King they exited now, should be that nine God Emperor great war, how in them in the place, he not to make us stay here, perhaps nine Divine Country other people will attack us.” Yun Xiaodao said. Shen Xiang makes Yue'er come out immediately, where helping him calculate nine God Emperor and Jiu Canghai their great war 1 Xiaodao, Deity King and how many people go?” Shen Xiang asked. He and your Master, your Senior Master! Other people must stay here.” Yun Xiaodao said: He said that except for them, we cannot contend with nine God Emperor, are they very really formidable?” Um, is very fierce, otherwise they cannot make Nine Firmaments Divine Country extinguish the country in the past.” Shen Xiang said: Their present Divine Country were also made not to have by them, they were also the life soon end now!”

Quickly where Yue'er has them, after Shen Xiang knows the position, looks at that direction, said: This group of fellows did not have many lives, does not seek to continue the life well the method, instead courts death, is really one group of idiots.” Shen Xiang must cope with the black stone god Venerable is quite difficult, but must cope with nine God Emperor quite to be easy, his present Nine Firmaments Divine Sword and World Creation God Furnace, strengthened many strength for him! Xiaodao, I walked, practice, this world is very well splendid, but is also very brutal!” Shen Xiang has patted the shoulder of Yun Xiaodao, suddenly displays space wind, seeks nine God Emperor. ...... After less than half double-hour, is using space wind Shen Xiang to feel that an intermittent intense fluctuation, he approached the battlefield. Good familiar aura, is......” Shen Xiang stops space wind, after coming out, can a clearer induction to here Divine Power aura. Is ten thousand beast God Emperor...... also has Azure Dragon and White Tiger their these four big Protector, Xueyi also here!” Yue'er surprisedly said: Their strengths are very strong, it seems like restored.” Ten thousand beast God Emperor resurrect?” Shen Xiang also somewhat was worried Jiu Canghai and Huang Jintian they hit nine God Emperor, but now ten thousand beast God Emperor help, both sides are also evenly matched. Qi Shi also here!” Shen Xiang immediately teleport in the past, although ten thousand beast God Emperor they join, but nine God Emperor strengths are very strong. In the past ten thousand beast God Emperor they had been besieged by nine Divine Country, they see only had the bitter hatred!” Yue'er said.

Shen Xiang arrived at the battlefield quickly, the tactical situation is very intense, surprising him quite, Long Xueyi unexpectedly has that formidable strength, can resist God Emperor alone. „It is not right, Xueyi has danger(ous)!” The Shen Xiang pupil contraction, seeing the Long Xueyi corners of the mouth to overflow the black blood. Looks above quickly, the old man emitted Poison Needle to plot against Xueyi a moment ago.” Yue'er shouted, is looking at the sky. The present is daytime, moreover Sun is very big, in the sky has white clouds, Shen Xiang looks up, has not seen any old man. He hides in the cloud layer, what background is this fellow? Poisonous unexpectedly that puts can toxin to such formidable White Dragon! Dragon God Clan in Star Law God Territory, White Dragon is very strong.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang uses Heart Eye immediately, really sees in the white clouds to have one group of black things, should be old man that Yue'er said a moment ago. This bastard, the poisoning attack quietly, deciding makes him die like a dog!” In the Shen Xiang heart a anger, teleport to the cloud layer, arrives at that old man immediately behind. This old man wears the black clothed, looks at the following fight earnestly, waited for that the opportunity intoxicates. Old bastard, gives me dead!” Shen Xiang puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, to this old man nape of the neck sword detachment, is chopping his head. But actually what I must have a look at you to frighten is any toxin!” Shen Xiang holds the head, after displaying Grasping Soul Devil Curse, the complexion changes.

Yue'er, this fellow is Star Law God Territory comes, that type of toxin withdraws from the Black Dragon flower, after the refinement, the memory of this fellow has mentioned again, this type of toxin is the non-solution.” Shen Xiang hastily knows oneself, tells Yue'er: Has not thought that Star Law God Territory had influence nearby this, moreover they help the black stone god revere with nine God Emperor come out.” Shen Xiang flies from the cloud layer! Xueyi, enters Hidden Jade Ring!” Shen Xiang teleport before the Long Xueyi body, a blade that simultaneously parry that God Emperor chops. Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang to arrive, has died is supporting she to spout a black blood, then has fainted, Shen Xiang hastily puts in Hidden Jade Ring her, and makes Yue'er find the way to stand firm her toxin. „The Black Dragon flower is poisonous, specifically is used to cope with Dragon God Clan, in Star Law God Territory, Dragon God Clan inside Black Dragon was most not treated sees, afterward a Black Dragon clan was independent, but also causes one type to restrain the dragon specially the poisonous flower, is that Black Dragon flower, even if not the dragon, this type of toxin was unable , even if compels the toxin, will discard, will die! If the dragon, then the consequence was more serious, although will not die, but actually fully suffered suffering of various in society aches.” Yue'er said that at this time she puts out pill who grain of Shen Xiang's blood refines, puts in the Long Xueyi's mouth. You are Nine Yang God Emperor!” Shen Xiang face darken, Long Xueyi was poisoned at this time, moreover is on the verge of death, he must a bit faster solve this God Emperor, finding the way to help Long Xueyi detoxify. Nine Firmaments Divine Sword in your hands! However also discarded, moreover you are not Nine Firmaments God Emperor, you think that you are taking this sword, can cope with us? You should put out World Creation God Furnace that just obtained, like this copes with me to have confidence.” Nine Yang God Emperor coldly smiled, he hopes that really Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, then, he can rob it. On your this goods, can solve the remnant sword with this, why uses World Creation God Furnace?” Shen Xiang angrily said, to a Nine Yang God Emperor sword detachment. Really is wild!” Nine Yang God Emperor brandishes a sword immediately, pours into he vast vigorous Divine Power, wants to deduct two Nine Firmaments Divine Sword Shen Xiang this.