World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2229

The Nine Yang God Emperor golden great blade chops to Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, with instance that Nine Firmaments Divine Sword collides, his Nine Yang Divine Blade suddenly trembles, on the tool face presents many fissures. Tattered thing!” Shen Xiang has roared, Divine Power that within the body skeleton wild absorption Godhead transforms, emerges in Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, his both hands grasp the sword, vigorously a pressure...... The deafening sound of bang. Whose then explodes instantaneously with Nine Yang God Emperor many years of Nine Yang Divine Blade, turns into many fragment to disperse! „......” Nine Yang God Emperor has roared, puts out a blood, his Nine Yang Divine Blade follows his many years, was already as close as flesh and blood with him general, now was ruined, he is also Yuan Qi damages severely. You...... You have destroyed my Nine Yang Divine Blade unexpectedly!” Nine Yang God Emperor is roaring. „Is that also what kind of? Now I make you accompany your the broken blade!” The Shen Xiang whole body flame is steaming, the skin becomes red, Meteor God Energy attacks, emerges Nine Firmaments Divine Sword. Death!” Shen Xiang suddenly teleport, arrives at Nine Yang God Emperor behind, wields a sword to divide. Bang! The Nine Yang God Emperor body explodes immediately, Shen Xiang hastily puts out World Creation God Furnace, that strength will receive in divine furnace. Several God Emperor of distant place have a big shock immediately, the Nine Yang God Emperor strength is not weak in them, unexpectedly dies in the Shen Xiang hand. Shen Xiang looks immediately to Xiao Yan, although he is the Xiao Yulan father, but before him, lets Xiao Yuanbing kills Xiao Yulan time, Xiao Yulan did not have what sentiment to him, already cut off relationship, therefore he does not need to show mercy now. Xiao Yan is fighting with Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian is very strenuous, can only support reluctantly, therefore Shen Xiang passes first! I am not good to cope like Nine Yang!” Xiao Yan controls the only remaining black great cauldrons, fierce lid to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang was covered by this black great cauldron on the ground, was stranded in inside. „A broken cauldron, wants to trig me?” The Shen Xiang's sound spreads from the black cauldron, afterward only hears a dull thumping sound, that giant black cauldron Bang blasts out, the black fragment is similar to the blown sand walks the stone, sweeps across the four directions.

Sees only Shen Xiang to grasp Nine Firmaments Temple, powerful clashes, that black great cauldron, such was flushed by him pulverizes. Copes with this divine tool, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword was enough, but also has no need for that World Creation God Furnace! Before Shen Xiang, destroys Supreme Cauldron with Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, knew the fearfulness of Nine Firmaments Divine Sword. Quick, my anchorage he!” Huang Jintian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Xiao Yan sees oneself only Divine Cauldron to be ruined, in his surprised instance, was exhausted whole body strength to imprison by Huang Jintian, but Shen Xiang already teleport to him nearby. ! A Shen Xiang sword chops slantingly, hews two halves the body of Xiao Yan. Sharpness of Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, makes Huang Jintian scared, he imprisons Xiao Yan strength is very strong, but in a moment ago was actually broken out by a Shen Xiang sword! Makes the ashes!” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, received the body of Xiao Yan. Shortly, also God Emperor was extinguished! Now only remaining seven God Emperor! You help them, I and that fellow together, should be able to kill one.” Huang Jintian flies to Huang Yantian. Shen Xiang looked at all around, discovered that Qi Shi just and old man fights, appears very strenuous! Big brother Qi, I help you!” The Shen Xiang's sound just transmitted said that person appeared arrives by Qi Shi, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword in hand pulls up gently, hits to that old man long whip. That bites! That old man wields the long whip that hits to cut off by Shen Xiang!

Many thanks!” Qi Shi laughs, flies to dodge, the great blade in hand chops to chop that old man crazily. old man does not have the long whip, is similar to loses right-hand, the Divine Weapon sharp weapon is important regarding these God Emperor, in the past Nine Firmaments God Emperor because of the Divine Sword damage, will therefore be cut to kill. Quick, Shen Xiang and Qi Shi collaborate, dismembers a body that old man, received World Creation God Furnace! That side Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian also had very big sound, that side God Emperor was collaborated the bang to kill by them! Now only then five God Emperor, but Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian have Qi Shi to overtake to help other people cope with surplus God Emperor! Big brother Canghai!” Shen Xiang arrives at Jiu Canghai, Jiu Canghai just and a big old man is battling. How your does Nine Firmaments Divine Sword become so formidable?” Jiu Canghai a moment ago also in paying attention to the Shen Xiang's fight, everyone can see, although Nine Firmaments Divine Sword does not have sword tip, but actually sharp incomparable, destroys the hardest defenses, these God Emperor past in hand formidable Divine Weapon divine tool, is similar to the mud in front of Nine Firmaments Divine Sword. Your two dozens one, is any real man!” With old man angrily said of Jiu Canghai to war. You in the past also nine big one!” Jiu Canghai may, no matter these, if Indestructible falls these nine God Emperor today, making them run up to Star Law God Territory, did not have the opportunity. This old man occupied completely winning side, but Shen Xiang's joins, lets in his heart terrified, the two great hammer dance in his hand get up, make Thunder Gang, while Shen Xiang and Jiu Canghai avoidance time flees. What to run?” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, teleport to his front, a sword punctured. Old man hastily avoids, when Shen Xiang punctured sword Sword Qi is really too fearful, even if he avoided, Sword Qi that but that erupted, melted becomes enlightened to say golden light, penetrated his body, showed several big hole on him. Jiu Canghai hastily grazes, a sword chops old man's head, afterward face upwarding rave, he killed God Emperor finally!

Big brother Canghai, Xueyi was poisoned, I must a bit faster find the way to help him detoxify, several God Emperor, you should be able to cope.” The Shen Xiang running together of two syllables in rapid speech said that Long Xueyi remains unconscious at this time, is also very anxious in Hidden Jade Ring inside Yue'er, she also reluctantly stabilizes the toxin of Long Xueyi within the body now, has not proliferated. Jiu Canghai knows that Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi's relationship, he nodded: A bit faster goes, here we can deal with.” Shen Xiang returned to Hundred Flowers Village immediately, found Bai Ziqian! Bai Ziqian obtains an inheritance of Ancient Poisonous God King, knew about various types of toxins. Shen Xiang puts from Hidden Jade Ring Long Xueyi, at this time her complexion somewhat becomes gray, the aura is very weak, looks at many females in Shen Xiang and nearby very much loves dearly. Now has stabilized, but if is unable to untie poisonously, she will never regain consciousness! Must want to untie this Black Dragon flower to be poisonous, only with starts from the Black Dragon flower! If there is Black Dragon to be colored, I could try.” Bai Ziqian inspected changed, knit the brows to say. Meng'er, you refine one to release the strongest cold ice the box, Xueyi frozen in inside, this can alleviate the present situation! Now the toxin of her within the body also temporarily stands firm.” Lu Qinlian looks to Long Huishan they: Sister Huishan, you and Bingyan they use the ice cold strength, the first toxin of frozen Xueyi within the body.” Shen Xiang clenches teeth saying: „Do I look for the Black Dragon flower now, Xueyi she am all right temporarily?” Bai Ziqian nodded: Her frozen, she temporarily falls into the deep sleep, box that in addition Meng'er they refine, can be more appropriate.” Shen Xiang hastily leaves Hundred Flowers Village, comes up to upper air teleport unceasingly! He extinguished in the cloud layer before kills old man, the devour old man memory, knew that Star Law God Territory already sent for arriving here, that type of toxin is also they brings, may have the Black Dragon flower there very much.