World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2230
Shen Xiang arrives in the dark starry sky, he according to that old man memory, found quite small stars, then teleport in the past. Uses the Black Dragon flower poisonous old man strength is not very strong, only then six ten Godhead this, but he actually excels with the toxin, Shen Xiang finds from his memory, the person who this crowd of Star Law God Territory come constructs Star Palace here, on small stars. Star Law God Territory comes to here to have two goals \; first, to investigate the clear here situation, good later to occupy seizes this region! The second goal is catches the dragon! Yue'er has said that the dragon in Star Law God Territory is very formidable God Clan . Moreover the dragon has in many world, inborn has very formidable strength, therefore Star Law God Territory these seek for expert of method of Long Life to believe that Dragon God Clan within the body also contains with the strength of Undead God Clan same Long Life, but does not have Undead God Clan that many. Therefore, Star Law God Territory that crowd of expert must catch Dragon to come to test, can look withdraw the strength of Long Life! But in Star Law God Territory, because Undead God Clan exterminated the clan, therefore other God Clan fled Star Law God Territory immediately, hides completely, so as to avoid exterminated the clan like Undead God Clan. In that old fellow memory has the news of cat clan?” Yue'er hears Shen Xiang to say this group of people the goal of after Star Law God Territory coming, hastily asked. Has, the cat clan hides near Star Law God Territory, the cat clan is quite difficult to grasp, because they can turn into the cat, hides is unable to seek in other world, even if found has also been hard to hold.” Shen Xiang said. This is actually good, my cat clan is not easy to cope! Does that have Stars and Moon God Clan?” Yue'er also asked that the bloodlines of her within the body Stars and Moon God Clan were most. No, Stars and Moon God Clan since Star Law God Territory goes into hiding, little has the news!” Shen Xiang said: In God Clan, has Undead God Clan to lose seriously.” Oh, God Clan should join up, only then this can resist Star Law God Territory reluctantly.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang sees small stars in front, that is the person who Star Law God Territory sends the place, has Star Palace above, dozens expert that Star Law God Territory sends in Star Palace.

This group of fellows exit when hides the collection material, therefore has not discovered their existences.” Shen Xiang landing quietly on this deathly stillness small stars, on this small stars, only then the quarry stone and sandy soil, do not have Spirit Qi. However on the small stars has a small palace! This should be divine tool, moreover there is a formation protection, will rush definitely to be discovered hardly.” Yue'er said that for the convenience goes on a journey, some big influences will refine the palace that this convenience carries, needs time can put. The good palace, will have one set of divine formation to coordinate, can play the defense role. „Does inside have the Black Dragon flower, doesn't old fellow that was killed by you know?” Yue'er asked: He should to these very clearly.” He is not clear, because these toxins are others help him refine, that group of people in this! Therefore they should have, said advanced again!” Shen Xiang direct teleport goes, this Star Palace defensive formation, although is very strong, but actually could not resist to use space power Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang uses Transformation Technique, turns into beforehand that by old man that he cuts to kill, then walking into Star Palace in swaggering, on the road meets several middle age, had not been looked. Because of the devour that old man memory, therefore Shen Xiang at this time in Star Palace familiar and easy travel along in Star Palace, quick arrives at outside a room. Old Yin, you so are about to come back? Caught the dragon?” Shen Xiang just wants to knock on a door, actually some people of suddenly open the door. What question is a middle age, is responsible for mixing the Black Dragon flower to be poisonous! Was quick, I need some Black Dragon flowers, I want to refine, the Black Dragon flower toxin that you refine is not easy-to-use.” Shen Xiang finds from the memory that this was cut Old Yin that kills by him, familiar refined various strange poison, be much fiercer than this group of people, but he is disinclined oneself to refine.

How many wants?” That middle age asked that he has not suspected anything, was only some were not happy, because some people said the toxin that they refined was not easy-to-use. Are as far as possible more!” Shen Xiang said. We came here these many years, moreover you also know that refined the Black Dragon flower to be defeated poisonously frequently, Black Dragon flower not many that we remain now, we also had ten!” The middle age puts out a black box to give Shen Xiang: Only can you five, we return to Star Law God Territory to take after a period of time.” Shen Xiang nodded, then receives. „Are you really Old Yin?” The suddenly sound conveys together. Shen Xiang received that black box, hastily receives, said: I am not Old Yin, but also who is?” The person who questioned a moment ago arrived in front of Shen Xiang quickly, this was black clothed old man, his face darken: „The Old Yin life bead broke, this means that Old Yin died!” In the Shen Xiang heart jumps, he came before time also has considered this issue, but he also plans to give a try to be able first to conceal the truth. Should be the life bead had problems, I am not live now well?” Shen Xiang just said that black clothed old man long sword has put up on the Shen Xiang's neck. Do not want to deceive me, you at all are not Old Yin, the Old Yin life can I not be clear? Who are you?” This old man angrily said. Shen Xiang sees this old man time, starts to guard, but this old man that Old Yin Master, is the head of this motion, has 95 Godhead, here, his strength is strongest.

I kill the Old Yin person!” Shen Xiang no longer camouflages, sneered, fist Meteor God Energy wells up, hits to the chest of this black clothed old man, the fist clashes, Meteor God Energy spout from the fist, hits this black clothed old man instantaneously. Puff! The breastbone and heart of black clothed old man instantaneously by Shen Xiang this formidable Meteor God Energy squash, being made him spout a blood. Your this group of fellows, must start to the world of Nine Heaven dragon, if not for you, Xueyi will not be poisoned, gives me dead!” Shen Xiang has called Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, to this black clothed old man sword detachment, is cutting two! Hundred Godhead God Emperor, facing him and Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, are hard to resist, let alone is this 90 five Godhead! The Shen Xiang present strength approached in the peak! Comes in!” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, received this old man corpse, then looked a moment ago to him the Black Dragon colored middle age. Gives me the Black Dragon flower in your hand completely!” Shen Xiang coldly said. That middle age had been scared, their here strongest had been killed by an opposite party sword, he naturally is not a match, can only obediently offers the Black Dragon flower.