World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2231

Do not kill me......” that middle age to beg for mercy to say. Your this crowds to the fellow who world of Nine Heaven conspires, gave up any idea of that made me forgive you, if not for you, Xueyi will not be poisoned!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, a sword cuts down this middle age, then receives World Creation God Furnace burning down the corpse. After Shen Xiang massacres these two, very indifferent strolls in this Star Palace, this group of people once helped nine God Emperor and black stone gods revere to leave Nine Stars God Realm, therefore Shen Xiang regards as them is an enemy, let alone their goals are to catch the dragon, Long Xueyi is because stared by them, was intoxicated the attack by them, now is poisoned to remain unconscious. Less than half double-hour, Star Law God Territory sends to investigate the world of Nine Heaven squad, completely was extinguished by Shen Xiang kills, put in World Creation God Furnace to refine, provides the energy to World Creation God Furnace. Shen Xiang returns to Hundred Flowers Village, gives Bai Ziqian the Black Dragon flower! Has ten, enough? The insufficient words, duplicate some again!” Shen Xiang said. Gives a try!” Bai Ziqian puts in these Black Dragon flowers a stove, quick refines some white powder, she puts in the white powder one bowl of water. Floats Xueyi, I feed her to drink!” Bai Ziqian said that at this time Long Xueyi had put in a very cold space, that bowl of water are also very unusual, had not been frozen. Lu Qinlian floats Long Xueyi, then pries open her small mouth slightly, making Bai Ziqian go in that bowl of water but actually. Long Xueyi has drunk quickly up, her face covered black poisonous Qi, but poisonous Qi diverged now, but she has not actually waked. Xueyi!” Shen Xiang shouted one.

„Only the Black Dragon flower has untied poisonously, in addition also has other toxins, has not thought that in the toxin of that fellow unexpectedly also contains to have these many, moreover Ancient Poison that majority are very difficult to untie, does he such do for what?” Bai Ziqian sighed lightly that traces Long Xueyi that pallid face gently. Only then Shen Xiang knows that these people want the Long Xueyi's corpse, moreover there is acute poison to be good, this can compel the strength of body of inside Long Life Divine Dragon! This group of bastards!” Shen Xiang gets hold of the fist, is low and deep is roaring: I must go to Star Law God Territory to destroy completely them!” Feng Yujie said: Calm, the Xueyi present situation has stabilized, currently only needs other her within the body Ancient Poison full scale clearance that's alright!” This need seeks several King-Grade divine medicine, is used to refine Detoxification Dan, solvable many Ancient Poison, but world of Nine Heaven is too young, cannot breed this King-Grade divine medicine, before had in Nine Firmaments Divine Country, but was also rare!” Feng Yujie inherited an inheritance of alchemy God king, therefore she knows that this disintoxicating Divine Pill, her finger in the Shen Xiang's forehead, transmits the Detoxification Dan home remedy to Shen Xiang. Said, only then did Star Law God Territory have? It seems like I must result in go to Star Law God Territory to be good!” Shen Xiang looks at the deep sleep Long Xueyi, said. Xueyi has us to look, her present situation is very stable, you felt relieved that goes to Star Law God Territory!” Lu Qilian said: Deity King subpoenaed to me a moment ago, remaining God Emperor were extinguished completely kills, world of Nine Heaven did not have what threat.” Shen Xiang arrives at side Long Xueyi, investigates the toxin of her within the body, he wants to give a try can one absorb, but that type of toxin is very strange, stubbornly is entangling Long Xueyi, as if Long Xueyi is as close as flesh and blood, is hard to separate. Useless! Because other Ancient Poison fuse with the Black Dragon flower, therefore has the Black Dragon colored characteristics, but is actually hard to drive out, now integrates the body and soul of Xueyi, even if the Black Dragon flower unties poisonously is also useless! This Black Dragon flower is poisonous, specifically is used to cope with Dragon Clan.” Bai Ziqian said.

Xiao Yulan said in a soft voice: Shen Xiang, my Jade Cauldron has the town poison art effect, although cannot detoxify, but can actually prevent the toxin to proliferate, even if like this very long a period of time, the Xueyi situation will not have worsened.” Xiao Yulan also Jade Cauldron, this is also Divine Weapon that makes her become famous. Shen Xiang, or I and you go together! With Heaven's Divination Technique where I can figure out these divine medicine.” Lian Fei said. Does not use, I and my Master they go together, they also need me to go to Star Law God Territory! You stay here!” Shen Xiang said that Lian Fei understands Heaven's Divination Technique, they same was skilled in Huang Jintian, keeps Hundred Flowers Village also to help Hundred Flowers Village forecast something. Careful!” Xue Xianxian urged in a soft voice, Shen Xiang walked, kisses her forehead, then teleport left. ...... Shen Xiang arrives at outside, relates with the pass on message jade symbol to Huang Jintian they, then converges with them. This group of fellows run up to unexpectedly such have the idea of Dragon God Clan, is really the bastard, must kill them.” After Huang Jintian hears the Long Xueyi's bitter experience, is angry, their Undead God Clan are for the same reason is also murdered. How long does here go to Star Law God Territory to need?” Shen Xiang asked: I think that is about to go!” Star Law God Territory distance here is very far, takes one month most quickly!” Yue'er comes out from Hidden Jade Ring: In the starry sky, uses space wind to have the quite big risk, because in the starry sky will have the giant stars collision frequently, the shock-wave that has is formidable, can the fluctuation space, therefore is uses formation to carry on the transmission generally.”

formation? Also takes one month with Teleportation Formation?” Before Shen Xiang, has not asked this issue. On many stars, has establishing contacts formation, can the 1st Stage section distance transmit, then approaches Star Law God Territory gradually.” Huang Jintian said: We at least must through over a thousand stars Teleportation Formation, be able to arrive at Star Law God Territory, after all Star Law God Territory distance here was really too remote, even if used very strong space strength, was hard to arrive all of a sudden.” Shen Xiang knows is far, but has actually never had any concept, now knew that needs to carry on over a thousand Teleportation Formation to relay, knows that Star Law God Territory was difficult. I quite understood to the position that these Teleportation Formation are, I lead you to go!” Yue'er said with a smile: I frequently used these Teleportation Formation before.” „Before that is you, now passes is so long, perhaps some stars did not have!” Shen Xiang said. „The transmission network that No problem, Star Law God Territory for many years arranged is broad, so long as does not ruin a major part, other Teleportation Formation basically can establish contacts, finally can transmit Star Law God Territory.” Yue'er said: I once was Law Enforcer, therefore I most knew about the operations of these Teleportation Formation.” Huang Yantian said with a smile: Has this cat to guide, we are also more relaxed, if we leads you to go, perhaps takes several months to go, only if the luck is good, meets the space tide, us, as soon as to rushes to Star Law God Territory, but this almost impossible.” Shen Xiang according to doing that Yue'er said that put out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, was leading Brother Huang Jintian, flew in the starry sky, flew toward a dead star.