World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2232
Shen Xiang using formation of Divine Mirror of Six Paths inside that shuttle space, coordinates his space power again, the small half of the day goes to that dead star. Here has Teleportation Formation, activates these Teleportation Formation to need divine yuan stone!” Yue'er looks to Huang Jintian: You should have!” Has...... However thousand formation, we arrived at Star Law God Territory all the way, divine yuan stone do not have many.” Huang Jintian some saying of loving dearly. What fears, doesn't Shen Xiang understand alchemy? When the time comes arrives at Star Law God Territory, sells Divine Pill quietly, quick can gain.” Yue'er said. Star Law God Territory is forbids personal to sell pills, but Yue'er thought that this could not restrain Shen Xiang, therefore she thought not to matter, divine yuan stone anything, went to be very easy to Star Law God Territory to gain. Early knows that lets the Yulan elder sister to me some!” The Shen Xiang forced smile said: Master, you do not need to be worried that goes I first to find the way owing your divine yuan stone to Star Law God Territory returns.” Huang Jintian said with a smile: What said is what words, do you look at me likely are that the stingy person? However since you said that then when the time comes must give back to me, you cannot fail to keep one's word, although you are my apprentice, but blood brother bright calculate......” Huang Yantian shrugs, in heart secret haughty, because Shen Xiang has not made him leave divine yuan stone. Brother, my divine yuan stone is insufficient, you leave, will give back to Star Law God Territory this brat our.” Huang Jintian is drawing Huang Yantian that chuckles to oneself secretly, his brother also called a moment ago very resoundingly. In the Shen Xiang heart despises this secretly to the stingy brothers, leaves to select divine yuan stone, unexpectedly Aunt Grandma! formation needs almost five hundred thousand divine yuan stone, over a thousand Teleportation Formation, that is many hundreds of millions divine yuan stone.” Huang Jintian lays aside divine yuan stone, while is talking incessantly. Isn't hundreds of millions? I gain billions in the Divine Cauldron country am relaxed!” Shen Xiang curled the lip.

That is the Divine Cauldron country does not limit to sell Divine Pill, you went to know to Star Law God Territory, you do not dare to sell flagrantly.” Huang Yantian said. Shen Xiang Ha Ha said with a smile: Relax, when the time comes I flagrant selling Divine Pill, who catches me, I catch him, then hangs to hit.” Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian no longer loquacity, they know in the Shen Xiang belly to suppress the anger, in Long Xueyi acute poison , because Star Law God Territory these influence Big Shot create indirectly, Shen Xiang this time goes to Star Law God Territory, does not look for these influence Big Shot is the strange event. Before Shen Xiang's strength them, has experienced, a broken sword, the relaxedness withers several God Emperor, if arrives at Star Law God Territory, even if unable to compare Star Law God Territory these peak expert, but must protect oneself is enough. Huang Jintian they lay aside divine yuan stone, activated Teleportation Formation, is controlled the Teleportation Formation transmission by Yue'er the position, then opens, transmits to another stars. Huang Jintian they continue to lay aside divine yuan stone, they need to duplicate like this over a thousand times, can arrive at Star Law God Territory, only then their this living do not know that the multi- youngster old monster has this patience. Laying aside divine yuan stone suffices to open one time, therefore afterward person, needs to lay aside divine yuan stone to activate Teleportation Formation once more. Then, every day carries on 30 transmissions, one month later, Shen Xiang they arrive on quite big stars. This stars do not have Sun and moon, but can actually see all over the sky the stars. Front was Star Law God Territory, multi- youngster, had not changed!” The Yue'er small claw is pointing at the front sphere shape light group. Looks in the distant place is a light group, but that is actually the dense and numerous innumerable illumination stars composes, inside has various counted by the 100 million stars, very huge.

Through here big Teleportation Formation, we can transmit to Earth-rank Stars again, goes to find the way to get so far as to there again enters the Heaven-rank Stars general sign!” Yue'er said: I cannot use my Law Enforcer status to go in now, I am missing such for a long time, suddenly will appear here, will definitely alarm their.” „Is Heaven-rank Stars very difficult to enter? What also needs to pass through jade token?” Shen Xiang asked. Star Law God Territory has the innumerable stars, has the stars of humanity, you also saw front to have many stars, entire Star Law God Territory human these many, if welled up to these Heaven-rank Stars completely altogether, definitely will make Heaven-rank Stars very randomly, therefore limited! Only allows these to have the strength or the financial resource person enters.” Yue'er said: Heaven-rank Stars in Star Law God Territory, has ten!” Huang Jintian adds: Currently Star Law God Territory Earth-rank Stars has several hundred, the profound level stars have tens of thousands, these can be occupied by the person for a long time, but other dead stars also scattered have many people to stay above, the population that entire Star Law God Territory adds is huge!” Even if Heaven-rank Stars has limited to enter, but for these years, the above person are getting more and more, must therefore enter now is more difficult.” Why can push in Heaven-rank Stars? Well what has?” Shen Xiang asked. Heaven-rank Stars is very big stars, therefore earth core is very formidable, can make divine medicine grow fast, breeds the multi- types divine medicine, as well as various rich resources, so long as the luck is not bad, stays a period of time above, can always gain big one.” Huang Yantian said. divine yuan stone has laid aside, Yue'er controls Teleportation Formation to open, transmits them to a mountain scene forest. Earth-rank Stars has Sun and moon, here Earth-rank Stars, be better than the stars that these Divine Country are at!” Yue'er has inhaled air of here delicate fragrance: I came back finally, must a bit faster go to Heaven-rank Stars to have a look to be good.” Shen Xiang nodded: Is truly better, the air/Qi of Spiritual God here contains is poorer than world of Nine Heaven.” Huang Jintian urged: Finds the way to gain divine yuan stone quickly, must obtain to go to the qualifications of Heaven-rank Stars, needs many divine yuan stone to be good.”

How many wants?” Shen Xiang asked. I do not know, divine yuan stone that now needs, certainly before me are more than!” Yue'er shook the head to say. Needs 100 hundred million divine yuan stone probably!” Huang Jintian said: My previous time, is this price!” Shen Xiang thinks one misunderstand, but gains qualifications, unexpectedly wants 10 billion! divine yuan stone is not the bean, which makes these many? Can mix?” Shen Xiang said that hears this digit, he had a scare. Cannot, Heaven-rank Stars protect may be fierce, even if you go in successfully, will be discovered.” Yue'er said. 10 billion are not very difficult, so long as has dozens Godhead, with the hundreds of thousands years collects, should not be difficult.” Huang Jintian said. The Yue'er nod said: So long as lives suffices the long time, 100 hundred million divine yuan stone are not difficult! Who makes these influence Big Shot control these Heaven-rank Stars, to collect King-Grade divine medicine , can only go to Heaven-rank Stars.” „If not want to divine yuan stone, means that to be joins to control these stars the big influences, this can obtain jade token.” Huang Yantian said: Just generally needs very strong strength, through the inspections of these big influences, to be brought to go.”