World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2233
Can refine the Divine Pill sell? In this Earth-rank Stars, should quite be loose!” Shen Xiang asked that if can refine Divine Pill to earn divine yuan stone, he does not need to join other influences, earned divine yuan stone directly, purchased jade token to enter Heaven-rank Stars then. „The Earth-rank Stars people are very timid, does not dare to purchase Divine Pill of unknown origin casually, they only the pills shop that goes to the big influence to open purchase, because the caught words, buy and sell must meet with a disaster!” Yue'er said: But did not say that cannot sell, but needs for a long time to seek for the buyer, if found the good buyer, divine yuan stone can come quickly.” We are not familiar with this place, must find the buyer not to be easy!” Huang Jintian said. Shen Xiang also wants a bit faster to enter Heaven-rank Stars, a bit faster collects refinement disintoxicating Divine Pill divine medicine, is good to be quicker unties Long Xueyi's to be poisonous. Huang Yantian said with a smile: If goes to sell Divine Pill to Heaven-rank Stars, that convenience are many! Although strictly was controlled by the big influence in Star Law God Territory here pills, but Heaven-rank Stars is so big, these big influences are unable to provide lodging completely, therefore many of sell, when the time comes were very quietly easy to find the buyer! In the advantage that in Heaven-rank Stars sells is, inside person is quite rich.” Shen Xiang nodded: Said that I must enter Heaven-rank Stars, can only join an influence first, then enters Heaven-rank Stars?” Good, at present only then this means can allow you to enter Heaven-rank Stars quickly!” Yue'er said: When the time comes we enter Hidden Jade Ring, so long as you went in that's alright, will not look generally up jade token in.” After having the goal, Shen Xiang they seek for the city immediately, had Huang Jintian they to use Heaven's Divination Technique, quick to find distance here recent big city. After entering the big city, they move separately, eavesdropped on that joins the influence the news! The Star Law God Territory big influence is huge, proliferates the step and profound level stars, the overall population, usually the hiring is also incurs in Earth-rank Stars or the person of profound level stars. Three days later, Shen Xiang and Huang Yantian Huang Jintian convergence! We eavesdropped on that altogether has three influences to want the hiring!” Huang Jintian said. Perhaps leads into Heaven-rank Stars? I inquired, incurred to stay in Earth-rank Stars.” Shen Xiang asked.

Yes, needs goon, mainly otherwise hunts for the Slaughter God beast!” Huang Jintian said: In Heaven-rank Stars , many formidable divine beast, therefore this minute will be quite exactly difficult.” So long as there are 50 Godhead, can the registration inspection, depending on your strength, probably not pass difficultly.” Huang Jintian said with a smile. What influence are these three big influences?” Yue'er asked: Has a look at me to know.” Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, Good Luck Sect and Long Life Palace!” Huang Yantian said: This is in Star Law God Territory one of the strong presences.” Goes to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains!” Yue'er said: Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is quite gentle influence! But since Good Luck Sect and Long Life Palace these two influences, always everywhere have caused trouble, becomes enemies with other big influences frequently!” The Huang Yantian nod said: I also think! To four big God Clan fight has Good Luck Sect and Long Life Palace, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains does not have what movement!” After all the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains strength is average, moreover since does not want to stir up trouble, this Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains disciples are quite amiable, temporarily joins this influence well but actually.” Yue'er said: Goes to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains!” Shen Xiang did not know about Star Law God Territory , can only listen to the opinion of Huang Jintian and Yue'er! Huang Jintian they enter Hidden Jade Ring, then directs him to participate in the inspection. Shen Xiang arrives at the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains arrangement here precession of equinoxes, this is a quite lordly pavilion, after Shen Xiang goes, tells inside person, said one want to join Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, looks for a matter to do. Generally joins the big influence in this way, will not be regarded core training, the core is since childhood starts to train, can guarantee the absolute loyalty. Joins like Shen Xiang this suddenly, belongs to the surrounding, is equal to hiring relationship.

How many Godhead do you have?” old man asked. 60!” Shen Xiang replied, he has not said the true strength. Good, this is the first-grade God Monarch strength!” That old man nodded, asked: What you mainly practice is what attribute Divine Power?” fire attribute!” Shen Xiang also said that 40 to six ten Godhead is the God Monarch ranks, but 70 to nine ten Godhead, is God king, hundred Godhead can become God Emperor. But Shen Xiang has 90 five Godhead, is first-grade God king, but adds on his skeleton, can actually side by side the God Emperor rank. Enters inside inspection!” That old man has referred to his behind leaf of Stone Gate. Shen Xiang enters Stone Gate, here is a great hall, dozens people are lining up, is testing anything. Next, can the crumb stone, be able to pass!” Front middle-aged lazy shouted. Shen Xiang placed behind, released Divine Soul to look, front had a table, table above is suspending a black stone, old man was pinching vigorously, pinched shamelessly red, but is actually not able the crumb. Doesn't pinch broken? Please next time again come!” Sits said in table nearby middle age reluctantly that sees his facial expression, knows that he is bored to this matter. The first successive several people, cannot the crumb black stone, that middle age be also unalarmed by strange sights. The big influence in the Earth-rank Stars recruitment disciple, are not many, can therefore find the strength that needs to pay to be good, their quite Yu Zhuan arrived, after all the big influence has the person to enter Heaven-rank Stars not to need to pay divine yuan stone. Finally was one's turn Shen Xiang, in dozens people that in front of him lined up, had two to be able the crumb!

Crumb!” A that white clothing middle age walking tractor head, was saying. Shen Xiang takes up the stone, made an effort to try slightly, unexpectedly is unable the crumb, to be stiff, afterward he used strength of skeleton, only heard kā chā, that black stone was pinched the powder by him immediately. The listless middle age, having seen Shen Xiang to pinch the powder this black stone, immediately two shine, spirit: What name? How many Godhead?” Shen Xiang, six ten Godhead!” Shen Xiang said. Good! You passed!” On the white clothing middle age face has shown smiling face, then hints a young pretty female to come. This big brother, please come with me!” The females smile wear a look of sweetly, said in a soft voice. Shen Xiang with the female, leaves this great hall, goes to a hall, here has five people to sit here, they also through test, appearance in middle age. Six people were enough, this is you enters Heaven-rank Stars jade token, drops the blood, like this others have robbed your jade token, is useless.” Was responsible for inspecting the white clothing middle age to walk a moment ago, said. Other Shen Xiang and five people received jade token, in an above drop of blood. The white clothing middle age said: My named Lin Shuyi, in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, is a Outer Sect young elder, specifically is responsible for helping Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains hunt for the Slaughter God beast, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains needs massive divine beast to come alchemy every day, edible.”