World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2234
Before had a squad dead, therefore I explained beforehand, if feared death, now also with enough time reneges on a promise.” Lin Shuyi smiled: Goes to Heaven-rank Stars to hunt and kill different divine beast, is not the matter of joking, will die!” Shen Xiang arrives not to matter, this Lin Shuyi looks like is also very strong, should have nine ten Godhead above, but here other five middle age, 50-60 Godhead, are not afraid the different divine beast person. Didn't have the opinion?” Lin Shuyi satisfied nod of: I know that you have the issue to ask me, I also probably guess that obtains you to ask anything!” You participate in the inspection, joins Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains , because wants a bit faster to enter Heaven-rank Stars! Therefore what you compare to care, after joining Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, there is an own personal time, or whether to be separated from Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains.” Shen Xiang nodded, other person of five people also hastily nod, everybody's goal is the same, only then such means that can a bit faster enter Heaven-rank Stars. Good! After you enter Heaven-rank Stars, so long as everyone hunts and kills to suffice ten first five ten Godhead different divine beast to be separated from Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, naturally you can also choose to keep Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, when the time comes also many advantage.” Lin Shuyi said. Five ten Godhead different divine beast! Shen Xiang thought that this should be very good to cope, calculates that his ten hundred million divine yuan stone, the stone is hundred hundred million divine yuan stone, just can buy enters Heaven-rank Stars jade token together, this is also very cost-effective. You dropped the blood a moment ago in jade token, has established Blood Contract, therefore you when the time comes enter Heaven-rank Stars, do not flee secretly, the consequence you should be clear!” Lin Shuyi seriously said: „If discontented with Blood Contract, must withdraw.” Arrives at Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, you can choose to seek for the team to hunt for the Slaughter God beast together, for example your six people, can hunt and kill 60 divine beast to report on accomplishments together, then can pat two powder with Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains.” Lin Shuyi sees Shen Xiang they not to speak, said. A middle age asked: If doesn't want to form a team? I think the individual farming!”

That, our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains will also be responsible for providing the different divine beast whereabouts, you must complete within the given time, otherwise was not ten different divine beast, if unable to complete within the given time, the number of times wanted over three times, will increase a head!” Lin Shuyi said: If wants to seek for the team, goes to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, has many people same as you there.” Other big influences also scrape together Earth-rank Stars loose cultivator with this method, such one, they can solve many miscellaneous matters, can provide the sufficient resources for the core of influence. Shen Xiang they did not have what opinion, Lin Shuyi led them to come to a very big underground stone chamber, here had large-scale Teleportation Formation! After Lin Shuyi opens Teleportation Formation, Shen Xiang their several people arrive at one to transmit in plaza. This is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, I had come before one time, this type of aura I remember.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang looked at all around, sees the symbol of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, is very huge rocky mountain, they under mountain, this is Outer Sect, having Inner Sect can on Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains. „Can Elder Lin, be able to enter Inner Sect? What advantage enters Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect to have?” Shen Xiang asked that he had asked Yue'er and Huang Yantian before, but they actually did not understand, moreover they knew before was very long. Inner Disciple has three types, the first type is the Inner Disciple children. The second type is Inner Sect True Disciple or elder Dean outside accepts the disciple, leads into Inner Sect directly. The third type enters from Outer Sect, needs to carry on a series of inspections, is most difficult one! Enters the Inner Sect disciple from Outer Sect, although the strength will not be bad, but will be discriminated in Inner Sect.” Lin Shuyi sighed, can see that he is Outer Sect enters, now he comes Outer Sect, does not want to be a scapegoat in Inner Sect. What advantage enters Inner Sect to have?” A middle age is also quite curious, pursues asks.

Advantage has many, can obtain mysterious profound cultivation technique inheritance, after oneself collect divine medicine, can make the disciple in Inner Sect help to refine Chen pill, can make to order Divine Weapon divine tool! If does well, whose but can also seek for rare treasure with elders.” Lin Shuyi said that he brings Shen Xiang they to arrive at a great hall. In this great hall person are many, they are same as Shen Xiang, comes from Earth-rank Stars, they must hunt and kill ten different divine beast, and comes back to report on accomplishments the different divine beast corpse belt. In this hundred old man specifically are responsible for providing the different divine beast message, you line up to inquire that I must continue the hiring.” Lin Shuyi said: Personal habits are responsible, although here is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Outer Sect, but is similar to a city, has inn hotel anything.” After Lin Shuyi walks, Shen Xiang strolls, then goes out of the great hall, goes to a nobody's place, puts Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian. You help me investigate divine medicine that Detoxification Dan needs, I hunt for the Slaughter God beast! The motion, this is quite separately effective.” Shen Xiang said. Good, but...... You remember that must make some divine yuan stone, in Heaven-rank Stars, does not have many divine yuan stone, difficult!” Huang Jintian said that their divine yuan stone consumed up on the road, but they do not have any means a bit faster to get so far as now, can only look at Shen Xiang's. With the pass on message jade symbol relation, remembers that must come back this city frequently, the distance of pass on message jade symbol is limited.” Shen Xiang said: Here has ten grains of skeleton Divine Pill, you took away, finding the way to sell out, divine yuan stone that obtained should suffice you to use a while.” Huang Jintian received these skeleton Divine Pill, nodded: You are busy your, the divine medicine whereabouts give us.” Shen Xiang hastily runs back the great hall, hunts and kills ten different divine beast is very for him simple, he also thinks that is quicker completes that Blood Contract, this will again not receive anything to restrain.

In the great hall has over ten thousand people, is forming many long line, that is responsible for providing the message old man to be tied up. In front of Shen Xiang's, has several hundred people! Waited for the proper time in Shen Xiang lining up, suddenly has several people to walk, in the hand is taking a paper, was inquiring anything to this team of people one by one. This is wants a native of Latvia to enter team!” Shen Xiang behind old man said: „When generally is kills different divine beast, kills comes back a native of Latvia.” Also some are because shows off power, receives quite the different divine beast news that is difficult to kill, therefore a midway native of Latvia comes.” Shen Xiang carefully observed, discovered that this special native of Latvia enters the squad of team to have likely, currently has several squads to walk, he also sees, these squad also many successes, he also secretly anticipated that has a look to have the person to draw him. Those who make him quite depressed is, he waited for the less than half double-hour, several squads passed by in front of him, but looked at his one eyes, has not discussed into the matter of team with him. Sees him to sigh in Shen Xiang behind old man, then said with a smile: Young fellow, they sees your appearance to be young, therefore does not want your!”