World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2235
Shen Xiang also thinks is this, here majority is the middle-aged appearance or old man, like this young people, are quite truly few. Mainly is because the young people are not very calm, moreover is quite haughty, does not obey the director, therefore they do not want! This does not judge people solely on appearance, this is they experiences the experience that the lesson has ended.” That old man said. More than 100 people arrived at Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang also no longer is thinking now some people drew him to enter the team, when he cancelled this thought that suddenly had three people to walk, was inquiring in Shen Xiang this row of team one by one whether others must join the team. Shen Xiang sees, in these three people, has a young beautiful appearance female. This little brother, can you with us together?” The female arrives in front of Shen Xiang, is having a smile asking. The females wear very rough black clothes, above is also occupying the bloodstain, is gripping ponytail, some face dark colored, could see that she frequently insolation, she gives a Shen Xiang paper, Shen Xiang receives, looked at her hand, this is he has seen in the female, the hand is most unattractive, the skin is somewhat rough, moreover many scars. Although this female is a little black, skin is not good, moreover does not pay great attention to own semblance very much, when her sound is very of pleasant to hear, smiles is also very sweet, making Shen Xiang think that she has a different kind beauty. Shen Xiang looks at the female that bright and sharp eyes, cannot help but was attracted, although this female is not very beautiful, but why actually does not know, but Shen Xiang actually very appreciates her. Armored Dragon Alligator? Sounds is very probably fierce!” Shen Xiang looks at that paper, said. After his behind old man hears: This fellow may be fierce, many people have led this duty, one month has not been completed, has not come back.” The females said with a smile sweetly: Makes the corpse of this fellow, is equal to killing ten different divine beast, the little brother, our squad has enough strength, we had cut to kill 30 different divine beast before successfully.” Kills one top ten heads?” Shen Xiang is somewhat puzzled.

Little brother, you just came Heaven-rank Stars! This Armored Dragon Alligator is eight ten Godhead, moreover armor, is quite precious with the flesh and blood skeleton in within the body! Flesh and blood alchemy, skeleton scales refiner, Godhead is precious. Therefore kills one top ten heads, this was Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains says.” The females said with a smile. I just joined Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, I do not understand these, I only want a bit faster to kill to suffice ten different divine beast now.” Shen Xiang asked: If I join, how that can divide the law?” You and we go together, if kills Armored Dragon Alligator successfully, we give you Armored Dragon Alligator, making you report on accomplishments! Then, you must accompany us to kill to suffice five times.” The females said. Good, I join!” Shen Xiang agreed immediately that he had very good feeling to this female, in addition he wants a bit faster to finish that Blood Contract, had more free spaces by oneself. Other people see Shen Xiang to agree to join, thinks that Shen Xiang is courts death, eight ten Godhead different divine beast, are very powerful! Also has the two with this women's together squad, is two middle age! After they walk, one of them said: Hears to kill Armored Dragon Alligator, nobody dares to go, I thought this!” Now not some people?” The females have patted the Shen Xiang shoulder, said with a smile: This little brother is our new members.” He? Is brings death?” A middle age knit the brows. I decide.” The females see these two middle age unable to have a liking for Shen Xiang, the expression became strong: Do not forget that our contracts, I helped you report on accomplishments before, you have promised me, must help me kill to suffice five times, the present was the last time, you cannot renege on a promise.” But...... However this time is kills Armored Dragon Alligator! At least must look for a quite fierce member!” A middle-aged expression becomes moderate. Shen Xiang has not thought really that this female unexpectedly is so fierce, these two middle age must listen her.

No problem, his line!” The females said very much self-confidently: Little brother, walks! First rests, then looks for Armored Dragon Alligator!” Shen Xiang follows in this female behind, said with a smile: You always call my little brother, I greatly am perhaps more uncertain than you. Right, did you call are name?” Feng Wu, in the wind dances in the air!” The females said with a smile lightly: You?” Shen Xiang!” These two brothers?” Shen Xiang also asked that two middle age. Ling Jian!” On that face has the white clothing middle age of light sword mark saying that he quite pays great attention to his semblance, puts on neatly, although is a man, but that both hands look like be more attractive than Feng Wu, the finger is slender, the nail repairs and maintains very well, listening to the name also to know that he with the sword, cherishes his hand to be very normal. Chen Dao!” Another middle age smiled, he and Ling Jian are completely different, the hair is randomly chaotic, the whole face beard, the body wears one ash-gray old clothes, the build is grandiose, he is pulling the sleeve, reveals fully that is the small arm of blue vein. Shen Xiang said with a smile: You are together!” Ling Jian nodded: We are the Senior Brother younger brothers, same Master, Master time, our together wanderer many years.” Ling Jian looks like the comparison has the training, likely is the scholarly middle age, but Chen Dao is a rough big master, always likes laughing, under big crowd of people, speech very loud voice, does not give a thought to others' vision. It is difficult to believe the person who these two disposition difference such big can together be so long! Really two odd people!

Naturally, Feng Wu is also very strange in the Shen Xiang eye, the strength is very strong, lets Ling Jian and Chen Dao does not dare to refute her! Let Shen Xiang think what is quite strange, if she can dress up itself well, the guarantee is a beauty, but she actually does not care about these, this also she compares to attract the Shen Xiang's place. Little brother, you come here goal, should to not enter Heaven-rank Stars!” Feng Wu asked with a smile. Yes!” Shen Xiang replied: Feng Wu, aren't you?” Naturally is not, I must enter Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect, I come for this goal.” Feng Wu looked at distant place that great mountain, the facial expression becomes very firm and resolute. Oh! two brothers?” Shen Xiang also asked. We help Feng Wu kill this last time to leave Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, our goals are the same with you.” Ling Jian said. Feng Wu, you should already kill to suffice ten different divine beast!” Shen Xiang asked: You also continue to kill these many, for what?” To enter Inner Sect! Must want to obtain the inspection qualifications of Inner Sect, must first kill to suffice hundred different divine beast.” Feng Wu smiles to Shen Xiang haughty: I have killed to suffice 90 now, quick can obtain the inspection qualifications.” Really fierce!” Shen Xiang praised, such strong female, making him admire very much.