World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2236

Inner Sect of Shen Xiang to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is quite curious, he thought that if there is opportunity, wants to have a look at this Star Law God Territory big influence core to be what kind. Feng Wu, I heard that Inner Disciple very much repels Inner Sect to inspect, your girl, will go in definitely is bullied.” Shen Xiang said. No problem, so long as I have the absolute strength, I do not fear them! Although Inner Disciple arrogance, but does not have the baby bird of brutal experience after all! But from Outer Sect through inspecting, which doesn't have fought many battles? That group of fellows do not need to fear them!” Feng Wu said that looks at her confident appearance, knows that she has very strong strength, otherwise she does not dare to kill Armored Dragon Alligator. Shen Xiang arrives at an inn with them, although Feng Wu looks like very poor, got rid to be natural to her, has ordered many delicious dishes. This time Armored Dragon Alligator, although is formidable, but Armored Dragon Alligator is the same with other different divine beast, does not have Shapeshift, moreover moves is quite slow! What is most important, this Armored Dragon Alligator will be in a weak time these days, I have calculated, Armored Dragon Alligator just traded armor that passes away, fully has not restored Yuan Qi.” Feng Wu said. Feng Wu, how do you know these?” Shen Xiang is interested, Feng Wu knows this news unexpectedly. I knew about various different divine beast since childhood that these knowledge are my parents teaches for my, they also specially hunt and kill the different divine beast skilled person!” Feng Wu very proud saying: They before were also the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains disciples, because afterward some reasons left Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, therefore I must enter Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains now.” Ling Jian said: Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains in Star Law God Territory, was the weakest big influence, such spelled like you, you should go to other better big influence to be right!” The Chen Dao nod said: If I have Feng Wu your this strength, I will definitely not consider Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains.”

Feng Wu has drunk liquor, Ha Ha said with a smile: You do not understand, although Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is the weakest big influence, but he has other big influence no merits! Is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains always does not become enemies with other big influences, does not need to be worried that can erupt the conflict! You should know, before present Star Law God Territory disagreement, such, had exterminated the clan including Undead God Clan, the rule was broken!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Was extinguished including Undead God Clan, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains may also be destroyed completely, therefore Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is not safest.” Feng Wu said: Thing that other Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains big influences could not have had a liking, moreover for these years, does not have what conflict with other big influences, which looks like Undead God Clan to have the Long Life secret, therefore does not need to be worried that was killed.” Naturally, I join the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains also goal , because Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dan God is quite many, is quite good, later found to refine the Divine Pill material, did not need to be so long! In other big influences, because Dan God are quite few, looks for Dan God alchemy to stand in line the long-term team.” Shen Xiang does not know actually Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dan God are many, this makes his suddenly somewhat excited, asks: What level Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is Dan God in Star Law God Territory?” Feng Wu replied: Excellent level! But Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is very low-key, although has many outstanding Dan God, but Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains actually intentionally suppresses own pills business, such one, will not receive the suppressions of other big influences! Moreover pill of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains sell, is low level pill who other big influences cannot have a liking, but as far as I know, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, although only sells low level pill, divine yuan stone that but gains, is equally matched with other big influences.” Shen Xiang is thinking, if Feng Wu said is not false, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains has in Star Law God Territory really quite outstanding a number of Dan God, then means that background of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains in pills aspect is not other big influence comparisons. „Does Feng Wu, besides hunting and killing hundred different divine beast, what methods other go in Inner Sect? For example alchemy set up formation anything.” Shen Xiang knew that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains has a number of outstanding Dan God, wants to go to have a look.

No, no matter Dan God, is the set up formation grandmaster, or is refiner is outstanding, must hunt and kill hundred different gods ** difference, otherwise is unable to obtain the qualifications, this is also the proof of strength.” Feng Wu said with a smile: „Does little brother, you also want to enter Inner Sect?” Franks, I am Dan God of crude person, I have not known that before really Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dan God is so fierce, therefore wants to have a look now.” Shen Xiang said that in his heart started to plan, he plans to make Huang Jintian they investigate divine medicine that clear that grain of Detoxification Dan needs first, then in secret refines some skeleton Divine Pill or other Divine Pill that sells takes away to gain divine yuan stone to them. But he here stays a period of time, tries to find the solution through the inspection, enters Inner Sect to take a look! Because cannot sell Divine Pill secretly, therefore in Star Law God Territory, the alchemy master are quite few outside walks, generally will join these big influences, does not enter Inner Sect, is goes to these big influences shop alchemy. Had killed this Armored Dragon Alligator, I help you project again well, I am experienced to this aspect! If you can enter Inner Sect, when the time comes we can also have a partner.” Sees Shen Xiang to enter the Inner Sect thought that Feng Wu was also very happy that has an acquaintance in Inner Sect is a good matter. After finishing eating, Shen Xiang returned to the room to rest, next morning, Shen Xiang was waked up by shouting, then arrived to transmit plaza! ...... Yesterday drank together, Shen Xiang had understood that Armored Dragon Alligator some detailed materials, the Armored Dragon Alligator life in a bog, Armored Dragon Alligator was quite difficult to kill is not only because own formidable, in his various danger(ous) of hiding place hideaway.

For example in this bog, has many Little Dragon alligators, although the strength is not strong, but is annoying! Feng Wu is familiar to this area, she rides flying disc, non-stop flies, quick arrives at this bog the sky. Armored Dragon Alligator hides here, he hides under the mire generally, when the time comes we look at the situation coordination!” Feng Wu said: Shen Xiang, you cope with these Little Dragon alligators specially, the Little Dragon alligator and ant are equally many, the strength is not strong, has several Godhead.” Your three do cope with Armored Dragon Alligator to be good?” Shen Xiang asked that coped with these strengths to be faint, moreover quantity many little things, Shen Xiang most had the means that therefore this for him was very relaxed matter. However he actually somewhat is worried about Feng Wu they. Feng Wu has eight ten Godhead, Ling Jian and Chen Dao, only then 75, Armored Dragon Alligator has eight ten Godhead, because is different divine beast, itself has powerful fleshly body, therefore be stronger than eight ten Godhead of humanity. Naturally can cope, if I have not miscalculated, wants to be the Armored Dragon Alligator weak time, then we dealt with this fellow to be easier.” Feng Wu said that she can complete 90 different divine beast tasks, she does not certainly depend entirely on the luck, could see that she also has trump card, if Armored Dragon Alligator in the weak time, she does not have the confidence to strike to kill.