World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2237
Roar! The low and deep roar transmits, Shen Xiang their in the air sees bog suddenly to brave many air bubbles immediately, many Little Dragon alligators are fleeing from the mire. These are Dragon Alligator!” Shen Xiang sees this small Armored Dragon Alligator appearance, the body has stiff black scales, the claw is the same with dragon claw, the head has dragon horn, at this time under below mire, has tens of thousands of Little Dragon alligators. Threw!” Feng Wu shouted: Shen Xiang, leads away these little things, only then such Armored Dragon Alligator will come out.” Shen Xiang nodded, immediately jumped down flying disc, the Little Dragon alligator sees him recently, in abundance to plunge him, but was avoided by him. Shen Xiang float in the air, has 12 zhang (3.33 m) high from the mire, his not so fast but so slow neither the circuit in the mire, attracts this flock of Little Dragon alligators. These Little Dragon alligators are stupid, seeing the thing to fly above, in abundance pursues to throw, but came up empty-handed, but has not actually given up, swoops unceasingly from the mire, opens mouth to long for Shen Xiang bites, may not succeed. Then, Shen Xiang quickly completely attracts these tens of thousands Little Dragon alligators, seeing his skill to be very good, above looks in abundance nods in Feng Wu and Ling Jian that Chen Dao. I said that I will not misread the person! This brat looked that is very fierce, moreover understands alchemy, Hehe!” Feng Wu said with a smile: Prepared us, now has a look at Armored Dragon Alligator is the weak time, if not, must be more laborious.” Ling Jian and Chen Dao put out own Divine Sword Divine Blade, but in the mire this time has blown up a bulk, that hides in following Armored Dragon Alligator floats. Roar! A Armored Dragon Alligator rave, in the mire splashes big putties, under also presents a big hole, Armored Dragon Alligator unexpectedly leaps from the mire, leaps airborne.

The massive wet putties were splashed to fly, when falls to the ground is similar to the sudden downpour, every large or small clod falls, blocks the sky. Shen Xiang looked at airborne Armored Dragon Alligator, sees only golden light to dodge, this Armored Dragon Alligator scales unexpectedly is the golden color! „It is not good, Feng Wu miscalculation time, this Armored Dragon Alligator was the degenerated scales just, but what now new student is fiercest golden armor, this Armored Dragon Alligator became compares was stronger before.” Yue'er startled shouted: A bit faster killed these Little Dragon alligators, the Feng Wu present strength cannot cope with this Armored Dragon Alligator.” Shen Xiang knows that now cannot continue to hide the strength again, he float arrives in the upper air, is hitting to under these several thousand Dragon Alligator palms, current craze dragon roaring hiss, his palm gushes out big group flame, turns into several flame crazy dragons. This is Heavenly Dragon Seal! Fire Dragon descends, roared crazily, hitting maliciously below, attacked piece of intense sea of fire, covered the Dragon Alligator group, was burning down. The Armored Dragon Alligator build is too not big, but is not small . Moreover the movement is quick, not in slow-moving like former Legend. Armored Dragon Alligator leaps to the airborne time, Feng Wu sees golden armor, knows one have miscalculated, Armored Dragon Alligator at this time became very strong. This is golden armor Dragon Alligator, although is eight ten Godhead, but this golden armor be much higher than the beforehand defense, you must be careful.” weapon of Feng Wu use is a black lance, she throws the lance in the distant place, thorn to Armored Dragon Alligator golden armor. Armored Dragon Alligator unexpectedly can float in the air, he induce to having the thing punctures, body, the body spouts golden qi wave, blocks lance that Feng Wu shoots.

Feng Wu frowned, controls the lance to strengthen strength, welcomed that qi wave to puncture! The lance across that qi wave, punctures on Armored Dragon Alligator golden armor, but actually again cannot eat, Armored Dragon Alligator golden armor is firm, the lance is hard to puncture. Defense of powerful! Chen Dao Ling Jian, you help Shen Xiang, eliminated......” Feng Wu to shoot a look at Shen Xiang one at this time, discovered that side Shen Xiang full was the flame, these champsosauruses did not see completely, she saw Shen Xiang to leave to incur a moment ago, but has not thought that so will be strong, unexpectedly extinguished the champsosaurus group kills. This Armored Dragon Alligator is formidabe, first do not get rid, in nearby waiting opportunity!” Feng Wu drinks, the lance returned to her hand, Armored Dragon Alligator was roaring to her, opened that giant mouth, spouted golden Qi mist, in Qi mist has glistening golden light. This is......” Feng Wu is startled to shout one, hastily moves sideways to avoid. Is on him that golden armor refined into sharp thorn!” Shen Xiang puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, was saying, while overran. Ling Jian sees in his hand does not have sword tip Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, but also thinks one misread, this situation rushes, moreover with such sword, lets Ling Jian and Chen Dao some are unreadable. „Do you do?” Feng Wu is somewhat accidental, she has not thought that Shen Xiang meets suddenly to run over . Moreover the speed so is fast, a moment ago Shen Xiang also distant place that piece of sea of fire, but flushed suddenly. Naturally kills Armored Dragon Alligator, wants the entire corpse? If damages this golden armor, doesn't have the issue?” During the Shen Xiang speeches, avoids that golden mist that in the Armored Dragon Alligator mouth spouts in a soft voice, this also most has the attack of lethality, formidable Divine Power Aura Energy coordinates these very sharp sharp thorn, if not deal carefully, the body will become tattered and torn.

Corpse is incomplete also No problem, generally speaking, can take half to complete!” The Feng Wu vision is very good, at this time she saw Shen Xiang to hide very fearful strength, will otherwise not be easy to solve that flock of champsosauruses, and very calm clashes, avoids the attack of Armored Dragon Alligator. Shen Xiang ejects Divine Mirror of Six Paths, making Divine Mirror of Six Paths float sky over Armored Dragon Alligator, then controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths becomes very greatly, releases inside formation! Sleepy Dragon Jin! Should be able to deal with this fellow!” Various formation of Shen Xiang to Divine Mirror of Six Paths quite understood. Increasing Divine Mirror of Six Paths, the mirror surface dodges, releases trapped|sleepy Dragon Jin, prohibits Armored Dragon Alligator, keeping Armored Dragon Alligator from moving on such float in the air. Shen Xiang held sword teleport in the past, was dividing a sword to the middle of Armored Dragon Alligator body horizontally, the lasing leaves together fiery red Sword Qi! Sword Qi turns into a ray of light line, cut the past from the middle of Armored Dragon Alligator body, suddenly, Armored Dragon Alligator that looked like very firm body, was deducted two sections. After cutting off the Armored Dragon Alligator body, Shen Xiang teleport to the place above of Armored Dragon Alligator forehead, his thigh suddenly inflates, very fearful Divine Power wells up suddenly, causes his to become weak in the legs fiery red qi wave greatly. Stamps you!” Shen Xiang to Armored Dragon Alligator forehead maliciously steps on, arouses rumbles the lightning-like deafening sound, in the Armored Dragon Alligator upper half body fierce crashing into mire. Had finished up, receives quickly!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „The upper half we are remaining, the lower half takes away to report on accomplishments!”