World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2238

Feng Wu is getting hold of the lance, she just gathered the strength, wants to launch the second attack, but actually by Shen Xiang a series of attacks daunting, her also just stored up strength at this time, but Shen Xiang has actually handled this Armored Dragon Alligator! Ling Jian and Chen Dao were also frightened one in a big way to jump, the Shen Xiang's strength must let them only to look up, because Armored Dragon Alligator can extinguish with ease kills them, but Shen Xiang 2-3 have solved, and is relaxed. Before Shen Xiang also one after another shouted that they for big brother, they recalled that cannot help but was red in the face, in their eyes, Shen Xiang was one does not know lived multi- youngster old Senior, otherwise is unable to be so easy to strike to kill Armored Dragon Alligator, in their eyes, this at least was nine ten Godhead above strengths! Feng Wu took a deep breath, puts out storage divine tool, just must receive the half body of that float in the air, which expects red light suddenly to hit together, covers the half body of Armored Dragon Alligator, afterward red light vanishes, that Armored Dragon Alligator half body also vanish from sight. Who is!” The Shen Xiang angry roar, Godhead in within the body is trembling, stimulating one to burn burns, but threatening pressure, trim bog in ebullition, raising true Qi mist. Feng Wu is frightened in the heart by the pressure that Shen Xiang suddenly erupts panic-stricken, she also knows Shen Xiang in angrily, because some people are robbing that half Armored Dragon Alligator. Feng Wu hastily falling into other mire half Armored Dragon Alligator receives! This fellow runs well quickly!” Shen Xiang looks at a direction: „Do you know the origin of this fellow? His concealment ability is very wise, what he emits red light is very strong divine tool, after being shone, the thing will be made! Should be space divine tool.” Ling Jian flies saying: We had half Armored Dragon Alligator, can report on accomplishments...... That person can win half Armored Dragon Alligator a moment ago, was very definitely strong.” He is influence Big Shot, I must find him, cuts to kill him, unexpectedly snatches my thing!” Shen Xiang angrily said: I must make this fellow pay the price, that is Armored Dragon Alligator that we cut to kill laboriously, unexpectedly is robbed half by him, how could such to let off him?” Feng Wu they are somewhat speechless, because Shen Xiang cut kills Armored Dragon Alligator the time a moment ago, is not laborious!

This person of divine tool has the obvious characteristics, moreover he should be very familiar to this area, therefore he knows us to come, tracks us, goes into hiding in the, waits for opportunity fight! Nearby we go to inquire that has a look to have his news.” Feng Wu knows that Shen Xiang does not care about that half Armored Dragon Alligator, regarding Shen Xiang this strength, that thing will definitely not be paid attention. Reason that Shen Xiang is angry, that is prey that because hit was robbed, this is the matter of principle. Two brothers, you and Feng Wu contracts should also build! This time deals with the fellow who that snatches the thing, possibly can some danger(ous).” Shen Xiang said. Ling Jian and Chen Dao somewhat cannot enjoy Shen Xiang to call their brothers. Then took care!” Ling Jian nodded, killed Armored Dragon Alligator a moment ago time, their anything has not done, but in side looked that but now Shen Xiang must cope, possibly is fiercer than Armored Dragon Alligator, they when the time comes definitely cannot help. Has another chance to meet!” Shen Xiang has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to them. ...... Nearby Shen Xiang and Feng Wu start off together, go to a small city. Little brother, you are fierce, is any background! You have the young appearance . Moreover the strength so is also formidable, this generally only then Inner Sect of big influence can train.” Feng Wu is very curious to the Shen Xiang's status. My hometown in very far place!” Shen Xiang sighed: I come to here am to seek for divine medicine, detoxifies for my better self.”

No wonder you hear Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect has many outstanding Dan God the time, wants to enter Inner Sect, so that's how it is!” Feng Wu said in a soft voice: You are good to your wife, such goes all out! She can definitely be good.” Um, her present deep sleep, frozen, I only need to get so far as Detoxification Dan, she can wake up!” Shen Xiang smiled: My this wife is usually very mischievous, always liked saying everywhere I was little rascal.” Listens to your tone, you resemble many wives!” Feng Wu said with a smile: No wonder she called you little rascal!” Shen Xiang is only laughed, sweet and pretty wife who remembers oneself side, in his heart is also sweet. Front is Blue Clouds City, is distance that bog recent city, in inside should some harvests.” Feng Wu points at front that city wall big city to say. Shen Xiang and Feng Wu enter in city quickly, Feng Wu is also very familiar with this city, after she brings Shen Xiang is entering a city, immediately quickly moves toward an avenue, then seven turn arrives in an alley that eight turn, in the end of alley, the entrance with the black cloth is covering the hole in the wall. Comes in!” Inside hears together the shout. Walks, we go in!” Feng Wu said to Shen Xiang: Here collects fees, although is very expensive, but inquired the news that is useful.” Feng Wu raises that black cloth, then and Shen Xiang walks together. Inside has a long table, sits hoary-headed old man, after he sees Feng Wu, lightly smiled: Is your this young miss, you had come several times!”

Sir, since you know that I have come several times, do not receive to be expensive, I am a frequent guest!” Feng Wu said with a smile, then sat. „It is not good, this must look the news that you inquired collected fees.” old man said with a smile: You must inquire any news, said quickly!” I must inquire that a person, I have not seen him, but actually knows divine tool that he uses, can release together red light, can vanish by the thing that red light covers instantaneously, likely is space shift strength, moreover this person possibly appears and disappears in that stretch of swale that Armored Dragon Alligator is at frequently.” Feng Wu said. „Were Oh? your what things robbed? Did you cut to kill Armored Dragon Alligator?” old man is somewhat surprised, before Feng Wu came to his here to inquire the Armored Dragon Alligator matter. Um, had half to be robbed! Sir, do you know the origin of that fellow?” Feng Wu asked. Naturally knows...... However must receive your million divine yuan stone, because said according to you, can know that this person is any origin is very difficult, only then I know, therefore wants this price! Is, if this fellow sees you to walk, also knows that immediately is I sells the news to you.” old man said that the facial expression is somewhat serious. Feng Wu clenched teeth, then takes inventory million divine yuan stone to this old man, said: Sir, you are really black!” old man he he smiles: I received your this 1 million, I promise you, if kills that fellow, I will not sell this news to others, the price I did not disclose! Is the Armored Dragon Alligator matter, who also will not tell others is kills.”