World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2239

This matter can keep secret well!” Feng Wu said with a smile: Sir, you a bit faster provide the message of fellow to us!” This old man looks like mystical, Shen Xiang cannot see through his strength, moreover he also knows that the matter, definitely has the origin, otherwise he is impossible to be so easy to know such many matters. young miss, you may know that has Sect of named big fontanel in this Eternal Heaven Star?” old man asked. Naturally knows that the big fontanel is sect of medium strength, is the big fontanel does? I had heard actually this big fontanel does the matter of this doing things stealthily specially.” Feng Wu knits the brows: Knows that is who the big fontanel does?” This person has the strength to pass and out that bog, at least is 80 to nine ten Godhead cultivation base, the overall strength should with you quite, therefore he also can only rob, but does not dare to conflict with you directly.” old man saying slowly: This strength in Tianmen, should be an elder, as far as I know, these days big fontanel, only then an elder has appeared in that bog nearby city.” Shen Xiang asked: Sir, why are you definitely the person of big fontanel do?” old man smiles lightly: You did not mention divine tool that he has used before, the elder of big fontanel, really good such unusual divine tool, named Universe Treasure Vase, opens the bottle cap time, will project red light, by thing that red light covers, will be received in the bottle! Not only receives the thing, even if receives the person also yes, if just the strength is very strong, then somewhat was difficult, but also allows to ruin bottle very much.” „Does this fellow name? Now where?” Feng Wu nodded, she believes this old man words. Yu Zhen! You should hear!” old man smiled. unexpectedly is this fellow! Has not thought that his unexpectedly handles this matter, isn't he very famous? It is said in the past Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean wanted to receive him for the disciple, but was actually rejected by him! In Eternal Heaven Star, he is a known fellow, that big fontanel, somewhat because of him some fame.” Feng Wu is very surprised: I see him one time to let, at that time he gave my impression to be very good!”

Sir, is your really determination he?” Some Feng Wu anxieties. Really is he! Good, since received your many divine yuan stone, I said! Universe Treasure Vase in this Yu Zhen hand is the child of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean...... At that time Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean refined, the secret asked some friends to give a name, but my teacher in the past also on the scene, he told me this matter, therefore I knew the function of this Universe Treasure Vase.” old man whispered: „The child of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean, just obtained Universe Treasure Vase shortly after dead, the cause of death is still unclear, except for me, nobody knows the Universe Treasure Vase whereabouts.” Shen Xiang had doubts, asked: Sir, you know that this Universe Treasure Vase whereabouts, why didn't tell Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean? He asked your teacher to participate to give a name, explained that relationship of he and your teacher was good, you should tell him.” This...... At that time was this, but afterward my teacher and he has had clashes of opinion, afterward my teacher died, therefore in my heart to this Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean not anything favorable impression! Naturally, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean is a very good person.” old man said: You, since is the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains disciple , helping cause of death that he looks up his son, can perhaps obtain his generous recompense.” Sir, how you know that Yu Zhen does have Universe Treasure Vase?” Feng Wu also asked. Because this fellow once brought here, inquired that function and origin of my this Universe Treasure Vase, I received his many divine yuan stone at that time, therefore I told him! He does not dare to use visibly, therefore initially Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean received him for the disciple time, he rejected! How to obtain as for him, this must ask him.” old man said: Now where I do not know him, but he is the big fontanel, he must return to a time big fontanel, therefore you went to there to look for his that's alright.” ......

Although in the Feng Wu heart some do not believe that is Yu Zhen does, but she brings Shen Xiang to rush to the big fontanel! Feng Wu, you resemble some not to accept are this Yu Zhen do!” Shen Xiang sits on flying disc, hee happily said with a smile: You should not be will like him!” Naturally is not, do not let one's thoughts wander, my Feng Wu casually will not like the person!” Feng Wu has hammered a fist Shen Xiang's chest with a smile gently: I thought that he is a good person, I came Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains to have three years, I had heard matter that several times he saved others, moreover time he personally delivered injured Outer Disciple.” Therefore I some cannot believe that he is the fellow who does things stealthily specially.” If so, that could convince! We leave Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains time, perhaps he tracks us, even he knows very much long time ago you must hunt and kill Armored Dragon Alligator, therefore he will hide, when we cut to kill Armored Dragon Alligator, uses his treasured vase to take away again.” Shen Xiang said: He several times saves the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains person, it is estimated that also stared by him, but afterward he wants to make to be many some Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Outer Sect the information, will therefore save others.” Feng Wu sighed lightly: This guessed, only then saw that he said again, he gets rid, I can induce to a faint trace aura, if can see him again, perhaps I can look.” Shen Xiang knows that Feng Wu is worried to wrongly accuse the good person, therefore will be quite puzzled at this time. Arrives at time, must confirm can fight, when the time comes you may other create a mess, I be worried are the misunderstanding, when the time comes not only angers the big fontanel, but Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains will also punish your, because Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains always does not like stirring up trouble, therefore this disciple, regardless of Outer Sect or Inner Sect, provokes the right and wrong for no reason, will be pursued the responsibility.” The Feng Wu urging said. Really is he does, he will definitely not acknowledge when the time comes must think means confirmed!” Shen Xiang said: First had a look at him to say again!”

The big fontanel is only a medium influence, although is medium, however in this Heaven-rank Stars, Dean of medium influence is also very strong, otherwise cannot make the disciple believe that Feng Wu was worried that Dean of Shen Xiang and big fontanel has the conflict. This big fontanel, in a city, this city is they establishes, but is actually not equipped with Teleportation Formation, is really strange.” Feng Wu said that at this time they saw the front another very lively city, can hear the loud noise that passes on the distant place. Feng Wu, we best are change appearance, moreover must go into hiding aura, otherwise had been discovered by Yu Zhen, will alert the enemy.” Shen Xiang said that Feng Wu nodded, then simple dresses up itself, changes the clothes, takes the mask. Shen Xiang changed an appearance, meanwhile goes into hiding the aura, he cut kills Armored Dragon Alligator the time at that time, use such strong strength, revealed own aura. Feng Wu has come to several this cities, when she is just about to bring Shen Xiang to go to an inn to stay, passed by a very big shop, hears some people of shouted: Big fontanel is really fierce, can get so far as including Armored Dragon Alligator golden armor, moreover holds the auction.”