World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2240

Shen Xiang hears these people to discuss that immediately has smiled, before he and Feng Wu is still thinking how must confirm Armored Dragon Alligator is Yu Zhen robs, now has been able to determine that is Yu Zhen does. Feng Wu walks, asked: Armored Dragon Alligator can golden armor auction? Is this real? With is big fontanel which feels better to get so far as?” Naturally is Yu Zhen this Yu Great Elder! The Armored Dragon Alligator build is very big, golden armor are many, must completely sell out, this Yu Zhen unexpectedly such gives up to let this refiner good material.” That person replied with a smile. Feng Wu hears this person of words, holds on Shen Xiang, moves toward the front inn quickly. Damn swindler, is really he does, I also worked as the hero him before, unexpectedly is such a despicable villain.” Feng Wu walks, was talking over. Shen Xiang slightly smiles, simultaneously releases Divine Soul to eavesdrop on that these people's talks, knew that the auction will conduct tomorrow. Feng Wu angry saying: This bastard such high-sounding talk sells Armored Dragon Alligator, thought that we are young, even if investigates that he also refuses stubbornly to acknowledge, when the time comes perhaps can also instead bite our one! He for many years, has managed a good reputation, when the time comes all people definitely believe him!” „Doesn't big fontanel handle some matters of doing things stealthily frequently? Will Yu Zhen as Great Elder of big fontanel, why have such good reputation?” Shen Xiang is somewhat puzzled. The matter that these do things stealthily is the minor matter, afterward the big fontanel also said that punished these disciples, and also apologized to everybody, for all that but the long time always spreads such matter soon! However Yu Zhen does good frequently, life-saving, therefore everybody believes this Yu Zhen.” Feng Wu coldly snorted and said: Which knows that this fellow is so false, does not know that he is saving others, perhaps he is acting in a play.” Feng Wu and Shen Xiang enter an inn, and wanted a room. Shen Xiang, what to do do you plan? The lower part of Armored Dragon Alligator was robbed, cannot such consider as finished.” Feng Wu said: Yu Zhen that side strength is very strong, the back has a big fontanel.”

Tomorrow attended the auction, waits for you to inquire how must be able to get so far as the qualifications! In brief I must seize the Armored Dragon Alligator half corpse.” Shen Xiang does not fear the big fontanel of Yu Zhen. Good, now I go!” Feng Wu cannot swallow this tone, on the one hand was deceived by Yu Zhen, moreover is Armored Dragon Alligator is snatched, is only her strength is insufficient, therefore can only look at Shen Xiang's. Feng Wu came back quickly, she attains two wooden signs: Five ten thousand divine yuan stone, only then purchases this type of wooden sign to enter the auction! Underground of that shop has a very big conference site, can accommodate tens of thousands people, this fellow, was only sells this type of wooden sign to gain one.” When the time comes will many people buy? Armored Dragon Alligator is golden armor, so really rare and precious?” Shen Xiang does not understand, because he thinks these golden armor also such, will otherwise not be broken out by his sword. Feng Wu wants to reply, but how actually does not know to reply, because a Shen Xiang sword breaks out these golden armor, probably cuts bean curd such, therefore these golden armor in the Shen Xiang eye are not anything! She is also very curious, Shen Xiang that so is why fierce the broken sword, the relaxedness breaks stiff golden armor. Regarding many people, Armored Dragon Alligator golden armor is firm, can be used to refine divine armor, or is Divine Weapon! At least regarding me, is quite precious.” Feng Wu thinks that said: Naturally, in your eyes, should be similar to the bean curd!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „It is not, the bean curd cannot sell many divine yuan stone, but golden armor actually! Right, the light is these golden armor, how many can sell?” Feng Wu replied: Should be able to sell billions divine yuan stone! This is not the small number!” The whole body on value 100 hundred million divine yuan stone, no wonder Armored Dragon Alligator has been able top other different divine beast ten heads, moreover this time is golden armor! If not for Shen Xiang has Nine Firmaments Divine Sword and World Creation God Furnace these divine tool, definitely does not hate to hand over, but, in his eyes also the quite precious thing, can trade many divine yuan stone now.

Shen Xiang and Feng Wu live in a room, in this room has two beds, although Feng Wu is a female, but she does not think anything, night time, she goes right to sleep, rests very soundly, her unexpectedly did not fear that Shen Xiang plays a dirty trick to her. Arrives at Star Law God Territory, Yue'er does not dare to run, she is the cat clan . Moreover the pure white, has the wing, can look very much easily that now many big influences everywhere catch God Clan clan. ...... Next morning, Shen Xiang and Feng Wu wake up together, after simple washing, they then go to the bidding block. The bidding block establishes deeply, is a huge underground palace internal main hall, can accommodate tens of thousands people not to think crowded. Shen Xiang and Feng Wu sit in the comparison after the place, the following seat is quite high, can therefore see the huge auction stage. Speed is very fast, such quickly completely took down golden armor! Very few, looks like they leaves behind part.” Feng Wu whispered: What to do do you plan?” And other Yu Zhen came out to say again that now fight will run away in fear him.” Shen Xiang said: In brief I must recapture this to belong today my.” The auction started quickly, at this time the people are also peaceful, looks that the director demonstrates these golden armor to be firm. Yu Zhen has not come, to have several quite strong elders to arrive.” Feng Wu carefully has been observing.

Base price is five hundred million divine yuan stone, now starts to increase price!” Manages shouted. The people saw his demonstration a moment ago, has experienced to these golden armor is hard, moreover they also know that big fontanel such big sect, will not deceive people, will otherwise cause the popular anger. The people start to shout out the price, quick on wind to 3 billion! 10 billion!” Shen Xiang suddenly yelled, the sound shakes this underground palace to shiver. Person who unceasingly was increasing still price, suddenly is peaceful, looks to Shen Xiang. This friend, you determined that can with 10 billion buy these golden armor?” The directors have also gawked staring, if real, they are certainly glad, but some are not realistic. Listens to your tone, thinks that these golden armor are unworthy 10 billion?” Shen Xiang stands, smiles lightly, he changed an appearance, therefore he did not worry that was recognized. This friend, you, if causes trouble, do not blame us not being impolite.” The directors see the Shen Xiang's manner, knows that Shen Xiang must disturb. Shen Xiang sees several old man half steps to walk toward him, he sits in the last row, these old man do not dare to fly from others' top of the head, because this is not a very polite matter, can only walk little.