World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2241
Sees that several old man almost must arrive, Shen Xiang immediately teleport to auction stage on, said while loudly laughing: I am not cause trouble, I am only bring back am my thing!” You...... Can you with our big fontanel be an enemy really?” Directors immediately one startled, Shen Xiang can teleport arrive in front of him, explained that the strength is very strong, because their here has enhancement space formation, but does not have anything to affect to Shen Xiang. „, I with your big fontanel should not be an enemy, but Yu Zhen of your big fontanel robs my thing, I must come back now.” During the Shen Xiang speeches, teleport to these golden armor by, a palm bang breaks imprisons golden armor formation, then puts in golden armor Hidden Jade Ring. The people in bidding block have been shocked, unexpectedly dares to work as the front of these many people, takes Armored Dragon Alligator golden armor directly, this is in the provocative big fontanel! Here is only part of Armored Dragon Alligator half body, should also in the Yu Zhen hand, where he now?” A Shen Xiang hand, releases a suction, the director was attracted, the nape of the neck was being pinched by Shen Xiang: Does not want dead a bit faster tells me the Yu Zhen whereabouts.” Just grasped his several old man, at this time could not give a thought to that many, flew on auction stage directly. Do not make false accusations, this Armored Dragon Alligator is our Great Elder three nights of fierce battles cuts to kill after three days, your unexpectedly slandered our Great Elder!” old man angrily said: I also personally see that Armored Dragon Alligator the body of leaning body scale wound!” Three days three nights? Then asks him to come out now, said how he cuts to kill Armored Dragon Alligator!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Armored Dragon Alligator is I cuts to kill personally, at that time was deducted by me two sections, the upper half falls into the mire, lower half float in the air, was used treasure to take away by him.” Moreover old man sneers several: Nonsense, we have to see Armored Dragon Alligator entire to have the corpse, has saying that Great Elder is really formidable, unexpectedly can make that have the golden armor Armored Dragon Alligator whole body is the wound, you said that you have the body of half Armored Dragon Alligator, you actually take now!”

These old man also very dread Shen Xiang, dares to cause trouble here, and grasps profound person to space strength the so, definitely is not the generation of commonplace, the strength should be very strong, they saw a Shen Xiang palm bang to break that formidable formation a moment ago, but they are very difficult to achieve. Shen Xiang shakes the head sighs: It seems like you had also been deceived by Yu Zhen, if I take, you did say? You ask yourselves, works as in front of that many people to talk big, doesn't think very shameless? Have you seen that cut and bruised corpse really? Did Yu Zhen say with you?” This...... This, we truly see the Armored Dragon Alligator corpse, although has the half, but...... However Great Elder he said that he has cut.” That old man said afraid to say a word, because they have truly talked big, they only see the half corpse, moreover a wound does not have. They very much had doubts at that time, because that Armored Dragon Alligator the margin of half corpse is very neat, can see that was divided to cut two all of a sudden, at that time those who made them quite surprised is these golden armor margins, looks like seems like divided such very much with ease. Oh? Shen Xiang smiled: I remember before you, had added you personally see entire to have the leaning body scale wound corpse, but how to correct now had the half?” Those present also exude the question sound, this old man talks incoherently, definitely in have lied! This indicated that the Shen Xiang's words are quite reasonable, Yu Zhen robs the Armored Dragon Alligator half corpse! Snort, why saying that is Great Elder robs the Armored Dragon Alligator half corpse? Perhaps is you robs another part not to be uncertain.” That old man said obstinate argumentative, if acknowledged in the presence of everyone this matter, their big fontanel definitely will laugh at the period of time. You explained first before you, why wants have lied, you deceive my No problem, but you tens of thousands friends on the scene, when the fool coax, this is your is not right!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, his words make in that old man heart cursed get up, Shen Xiang is helping him draw the hatred.

Makes Yu Zhen come out to confront face to face!” Some person of shouted: We only believe that our eye, we paid divine yuan stone to come , the thing that but auctions now did not have!” This Star Law God Territory person compares to speak the rule, because of a moment ago that old man have lied, therefore the people do not believe the big fontanel now. Shen Xiang said: I take now another section of Armored Dragon Alligator corpse!” Then, Shen Xiang emits the Armored Dragon Alligator upper body of that small mountain-like from Hidden Jade Ring, some above also withered putties, but is not difficult to see this is Armored Dragon Alligator. At that time I cleft in two Armored Dragon Alligator, but Armored Dragon Alligator has not died, I attack the forehead of Armored Dragon Alligator, infiltrates in the upper part the mire, at this time, Yu Zhen appeared, took the lower half corpse.” Shen Xiang refers to the place that Armored Dragon Alligator forehead that has gotten down hollowly: Here is I hits!” Shen Xiang puts out the ironclad evidence to come, persuasive, those present felt that had been deceived by the big fontanel, at this time is in abundance good to shout makes the big fontanel draw back divine yuan stone. Meanwhile, in people heart also exclaims in surprise the Shen Xiang's strength, unexpectedly can hits hollowly Armored Dragon Alligator forehead golden armor and skeleton bang gets down, this strength is very fearful, is that neat margin, is impressive again and again! Shen Xiang suddenly induces to the breath approaches all at once, immediately receives this half corpse, he worried that Yu Zhen suddenly arrives, takes this half. Yu Zhen came!” Some person of suddenly shouted.

Yu Zhen puts on to throw over the red robe, in the hand is taking a folding fan, unexpectedly is a young handsome face, on this time face full is cold. Snort, some unexpectedly people slander me here, obviously is Armored Dragon Alligator that you rob me to cut to kill, what People my is Yu Zhen has not known? Will I make the matter of this doing things stealthily?” Yu Zhen is actually very calm, he thinks that Shen Xiang will pursue to here comes is because the news of auction disseminates too broadly, has not thought that Shen Xiang and Feng Wu have looked for that old man. „But why do they want have lied?” Shen Xiang looks to that two old man: Is you are afraid?” They are they, I am I! They want to defend the dignity of big fontanel, their have lied truly made a mistake!” Yu Zhen puts out a long sword: However you, are the real robber, robs Armored Dragon Alligator that I cut to kill laboriously!” Can cut two Armored Dragon Alligator with ease, and a foot treads the forehead of Armored Dragon Alligator, you think that this is very laborious matter?” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, to people loudly said: „Do everybody you think?” Although Yu Zhen knows that Shen Xiang is very strong, but he thought that here is their domain . Moreover the reputation that their many years manage, can make him have very big superiority. This is I exhausts Armored Dragon Alligator strength, finally gathers the strength two to strike to go well, you quickly give back to me golden armor that half corpse as well as you robbed a moment ago, otherwise do not blame our big fontanel not being impolite.” Yu Zhen grasps the long sword, pours into formidable Divine Power, making the long sword shiver, sends out the intermittent formidable barometric pressure.