World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2242

Yu Zhen lie serial, making Feng Wu that looks in behind very indignant, what countenance now she personally sees Yu Zhen finally is, the baseless and irrational concoctions, no wonder he must build a good reputation to come for himself in the presence of everyone, comes across this matter to get free for later. Good, you have the skill words, cuts off this piece of golden armor!” Shen Xiang puts out piece of golden armor, throws in the ground: Regarding you, must cut off this piece of golden armor should not be difficult!” Shen Xiang speech time, on the face full is the color of taunt, making in the Yu Zhen heart be subject to the stimulation, Shen Xiang clarifies looks down upon him, thinks that he does not have the strength to cut off this piece of golden armor. The people in abundance nod, Yu Zhen said one can cut off is the Armored Dragon Alligator body, then can also cut off this piece of golden armor with ease! Snort, why I must say according to you do? I did not lead by the nose by you, I said again one time, if you not......” The Yu Zhen words have not said that Shen Xiang suddenly calls Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, is puncturing to a Yu Zhen chest sword! The Shen Xiang's attack was really too suddenly, because before him, had the words saying that making the people think that he was the person who can discuss well, which knows that met suddenly to come such a sword. Yu Zhen is also so, he knows that Shen Xiang is very strong, but Shen Xiang to his fight, not having caused him to think that Shen Xiang is fearing the big fontanel, therefore he refuses stubbornly to acknowledge. Shen Xiang punctures this sword quickly very suddenly, penetrates the chest of Yu Zhen, after Yu Zhen was punctured a sword, immediately wields a sword to divide to Shen Xiang, but his Divine Sword was held to twist and break by Shen Xiang. Your obediently handed over that half corpse, I can forgive you, but now......” Shen Xiang complexion one cold, to the Yu Zhen abdomen is being a fist, wild Meteor God Energy attacks, penetrates the Yu Zhen abdomen, leaves behind a giant blood hole above. You...... You, I must kill you!” The Yu Zhen whole body is bloody, but he had not died, although the fleshly body wound is heavy, but his good and bad is Great Elder, has the tenacious vitality, let alone Shen Xiang now had not planned that must kill him. Shen Xiang just must go forward, Yu Zhen suddenly puts out a jade box, Shen Xiang looked with Dao Heart Eye that discovered inside has a Little Black bottle, this is that Universe Treasure Vase! Sees the treasured vase, Shen Xiang hastily to use space power, separates takes the thing spatially, transfers the jade box to own hand, then receives Hidden Jade Ring.

Puff! Yu Zhen sees oneself formidable divine tool to be robbed by Shen Xiang, cannot help but puts out a big blood! Is about to have killed him!” Yu Zhen is whooshing, other old man wielded the long sword to clash immediately. Shen Xiang teleport to Yu Zhen behind, a palm pats in the Yu Zhen top of the head, displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse, searches his memory! Kills!” You?” Saying that Shen Xiang disdains, flings afterward Nine Firmaments Divine Sword in hand, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword in the air revolving flies to old man, suddenly chops the head of that old man, then under the Shen Xiang's control, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword in the air waves, old man that attacks that several coming. Several suddenly, in the fierce combat, blood winds shoot, Shen Xiang controls Nine Firmaments Divine Sword to fly the attack with Divine Power, completely cuts to kill several old man! Now he also obtains the Yu Zhen memory, then releases Meteor God Energy from the arm, bringing the intense flame to pass through the body of Yu Zhen, will fire the ashes instantaneously. In people heart panic-stricken, this Yu Zhen good and bad is Great Elder of big fontanel, but in the Shen Xiang hand, actually so collapses at the first blow, several sub- were rumbled to kill to the dregs, but old man that these are responsible for nursing is also very strong, dozens Godhead, the broken sword that but one randomly was actually flown cuts down! Now the people believe that Armored Dragon Alligator is Shen Xiang cuts to kill, only then Shen Xiang this strength, can extinguish with ease kills! Shen Xiang teleport arrives at side Feng Wu, takes away her with teleport again, leaves this underground bidding block!

Feng Wu at present one black, before arriving at them, inn that stays, at this time she is still still shaken, she was worrying still how Shen Xiang must flee surrounding, but has not thought that suddenly came out. You...... Killed that bastard really?” Feng Wu is unbelievable, medium sect's Great Elder, is similar to the ants in the Shen Xiang hand, by instantaneous crush lethal. Has anything to be strange!” Shen Xiang smiled: Who makes this fellow probably snatch my thing.” Shen Xiang obtained Universe Treasure Vase, but also from the Yu Zhen memory knew that half corpse is, in Universe Treasure Vase! Said with beforehand Blue Clouds City old man that Yu Zhen truly takes this treasured vase to inquire the use! But those who make Shen Xiang not think, this treasured vase is not Yu Zhen, but is big fontanel Dean, Yu Zhen borrows from him! Now we can return to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains to report on accomplishments!” Feng Wu said. Feng Wu, you also miss ten different divine beast to carry on Inner Sect now to inspect, right?” Shen Xiang asked. Good, has you to help, I think that we can succeed quickly!” Feng Wu said with a smile: I, although thinks that own vision is always good, but I have been mistaken, has not thought that your this fellows are so fearful!” This, this time reports on accomplishments you to go with Armored Dragon Alligator, this Armored Dragon Alligator is ten different divine beast! Such one, you can participate immediately.” Before Shen Xiang, joins the Feng Wu team, wants on hunting and killing the different divine beast road will not be lonely, wants to understand some Star Law God Territory matters through the teammate. He can cut to kill including Armored Dragon Alligator this different divine beast with ease, therefore he , to complete, is easy.

What intention do you such do to have?” Feng Wu asked that she does not worry now whether to complete the task, Shen Xiang this strength, hundred different divine beast were relaxed. „After you enter Inner Sect, finding the way to help me investigate these three divine medicine whereabouts, some divine medicine are the non- foreign sales, perhaps also only then Inner Sect of these big influences have.” Shen Xiang gives a Feng Wu paper, before he had also said with Feng Wu, coming to here to seek for divine medicine to refine Detoxification Dan for own wife. Good, does not have the issue! After going back, I will say that this Armored Dragon Alligator is a friend helps me cut to kill, I will not reveal your matter!” Feng Wu nodded, she is also clear, if the revelation is Shen Xiang cuts to kill the Armored Dragon Alligator matter, definitely will arouse not the small disturbance. Shen Xiang uses teleport, bringing Feng Wu to leave this city, goes to Blue Clouds City, then returns to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains through Blue Clouds City! This subpoenas the jade symbol, so long as near Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, can the interconnection, I if through the inspection, contacts with you again!” Feng Wu said with a smile to Shen Xiang: You must a bit faster enter Inner Sect, so as to avoid I was bullied did not have the helper!” Shen Xiang smiled, then and Feng Wu farewell. Feng Wu must deliver the Armored Dragon Alligator half corpse, but Shen Xiang is goes to that great hall, lining up receives the different divine beast news, he truly wants to be quicker now enters Inner Sect, and becomes the Inner Sect important disciple! Had the status and status, when the time comes worked is easier, that Yu Zhen was because had these, therefore has deceived many people.