World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2243
Shen Xiang arrives in that great hall, hearing some people to mention the Armored Dragon Alligator matter, he has not thought that this matter unexpectedly passes on such quickly, knows the matter that at the auction has! Because Yu Zhen has the appearance of young people, therefore he in many young people eyes is a big celebrity, but now is actually killed by not well-known person several moves, the reason is Yu Zhen robs others half Armored Dragon Alligator! Now the big fontanel in smell round, who they want to investigate the murderer is! The big fontanel was cut to kill Great Elder and many people in own city, became others' laughingstock, therefore the big fontanel must discover the fight person now, otherwise they will unable to gain ground. In Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, many people know the Armored Dragon Alligator matter, because this is very formidable different divine beast, kills top of the head ten heads, many person impressions are profound! On the same day, Feng Wu hunts and kills different divine beast, this matter also some people know, therefore has spread immediately, after all the Feng Wu for three years have the good result, altogether cut to kill 90 different divine beast, although she is a female, but nobody suspects her strength. ...... Feng Wu has reported on accomplishments, that is a quite secret place! Armored Dragon Alligator upper part? We obtain the news, this upper part not in your hands.” old man that is responsible for gathering said that such important news, where he can not know. I am and my friend complete together, although makes the non- breeze, but does not have Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains to stir up trouble! After is Yu Zhen does first not right.” Feng Wu said: If not for Yu Zhen robs other half corpse, now will be more.” „Is your friend Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains?” That old man asked that the Armored Dragon Alligator corpse was truly precious, let alone was that side Tianmen is less right first, even if the big fontanel knows in the future Armored Dragon Alligator in the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains hand, they do not need to fear the big fontanel. „It is not.” Feng Wu said.

Good! We accepted, the remaining matters you do not need to be worried that the principle us, the big fontanel does not dare to act unreasonably, moreover what fight is that person, you do not have the surface from beginning to end, therefore does not close your matter.” That old man he he smiles, takes away the Armored Dragon Alligator upper part, then puts out ten grains of specially-made beads to give Feng Wu. young miss, sufficiently collected 100 grains! When starts the Inner Sect inspection? That inspection is not relaxed, moreover cannot make the friend help! Needs to complete independently!” old man said. Old Mister, can you disclose a news of inspection to me? This also makes me have a preparation!” Feng Wu hee happily said with a smile. Good, I disclosed to you, the inspection of Inner Sect only then one, was cuts to kill different divine beast, needs to cut to kill Sacred Level different divine beast!” Feng Wu hears the old man words, is somewhat surprised: Sacred Level different divine beast, but eight ten Godhead, this has very big difficulty!” old man laughed: Truth told you, you entered Inner Sect from Outer Sect, will receive very big repel, although was Inner Disciple, but was laborious, will give you to arrange the duty frequently, making you capture and kill different divine beast! Naturally, the advantage definitely also has many, cannot like other Inner Disciple, be able all day leisurely practice, can enjoy the rich resources.” Feng Wu already had the preparation, at this time she must enter the determination of Inner Sect firmly, she must have a look but actually, oneself and in the Inner Sect outstanding disciple has many disparities! ...... Shen Xiang has arranged ten teams continuously, receives ten different divine beast news! This takes in one month to complete, if unable to complete, he is equal to delaying ten times, will increase the quantity! However he is confident to himself, one month hunts and kills ten different divine beast not to be difficult to him, so long as can unable to find. More than 20 days, he successfully cuts to kill ten different divine beast, then goes to that place to report on accomplishments.

That old man sees Shen Xiang one time to come with ten different divine beast, cannot help but is startled. Has not thought that Outer Sect came such is fierce little brat, you just entered Inner Sect shortly after! In one month can be completed, is truly fierce, little strong the fellow like you had not appeared, if you enter Inner Sect, can perhaps mix the appearance! Although the Inner Sect locally born disciple compares repel external, but you have absolute strength, does not need to care about them.” This old man said with a smile, gave the Shen Xiang ten grains of small beads. Gives me your jade token, helping you relieve Blood Contract.” Shen Xiang looked at the bead in hand, before Feng Wu gave him to look, hunts and kills different divine beast, can obtain one grain, collected hundred grains, can participate in the Inner Sect inspection, but these beads cannot to others, who obtain many grain of beads, this old man is clearest, if some people cheated, the consequence was serious. I will go to Inner Sect!” Shen Xiang received that jade token, at this time he was free, will not receive the too big restraint. He leaves Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, arrives at Blue Clouds City! He had contacted before several times with Huang Jintian, agrees meets in Blue Clouds City. Those who let Shen Xiang compare the worry is, Feng Wu has not given him to reply in writing, this nearly one month, he did not have the Feng Wu news! In a theater box of hotel, Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian have ordered big table of dishes, and has eaten most probably. You came late.” Huang Jintian Hehe said with a smile. I gave your skeleton Divine Pill before, how many divine yuan stone has sold?” Shen Xiang takes up the chopsticks, clamps together is looking like very delicious meat. „A grain 500 million, this is the black market price, does not have the means that cannot selling of open and aboveboard!” Huang Jintian said.

It seems like they can gain much, pills shop sell is 1.00001 billion grains, middle-grade is 10.0001 billion grains!” Shen Xiang said. Yes, these divine medicine are unworthy radically anything, who enabled them to have the sell power, therefore cannot sell secretly, will otherwise cause many big influences to besiege! Gained them.” Huang Yantian somewhat is also indignant, because Shen Xiang can refine High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill! High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill is more expensive, is the auction uses, these big influences to maintain the High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill price, every other a period of time puts a point to come out, but still some people buy! „The skeleton Divine Pill home remedy only grasps in the top rank influence hand, other middle-and-small influences do not have, but the purchase skeleton Divine Pill majority are these does not have the home remedy influence, the average person cannot afford.” Huang Jintian grabs a very big leg, looks like the delicacy, the big mouth is nipping. Shen Xiang nodded: This Star Law God Territory rich influence are many, we later can definitely greatly gain here gain especially, this must wait for me to arrive at the peak, so long as I helped Xueyi solve the toxin, I a bit faster cultivated.” We inquired that Detoxification Dan one divine medicine, is Life Jade God Lotus, in this Eternal Heaven Star, in a respected family hand.” Huang Jintian said: This respected family be more formidable than most medium influences, is also quite famous in Eternal Heaven Star.” What family is Oh?? Can inquire how many divine yuan stone needs to purchase?” Shen Xiang hastily asked.