World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2245
Although Feng Wu enters Inner Sect, but also has the allocating task, now she must hunt and kill different divine beast, goes from Outer Sect like this type, front very long a period of time, must be this coolie! Although reputation it is said that is any trial, is actually a goon. But true Inner Sect locally born disciple, few this danger(ous) informed and experienced, most of them time practice in Inner Sect, at most through to fighting to enhance the actual combat experience! After Feng Wu walks, Shen Xiang also started to hunt and kill different divine beast, had Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian helps him, he can sufficiently collect 100 grains of that type of beads quickly, when the time comes can enter Inner Sect to take a look. Suddenly, Shen Xiang such busy a half year, he is taking ten different divine beast corpses to report on accomplishments now. Quick can participate to inspect!” Shen Xiang gives that old man very big storage pouch, happily said with a smile. Six months can sufficiently collect, definitely some people in secret have been helping your!” Although old man said that but on face is having the smiling face: Actually some people help also No problem, in any case gains is our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, these hundred different divine beast, but is equal to 100 billion divine yuan stone, depends on your contributions, was much better compared with these Inner Disciple! That group of bastards, only understand consumption, never understood that gains divine yuan stone!” „Can elder, why like this? Said that trains these Inner Disciple to have no merit to speak of?” Shen Xiang curious asking, the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains resources majority are Outer Disciple provides. Truly is, therefore rises in prices to close up, when the time came from new formulation rule, that crowd of little rascal auspicious day also to the end.” old man Hehe said with a smile: These ten different divine beast anything issues, have not given you!” Your strength is not weak, you can earn massive divine yuan stone, why also wants unexpectedly Inner Sect to be a scapegoat? Although can obtain many fierce cultivation technique, but looks at your appearance, should not need that cultivation technique! Comes for Divine Pill? In Inner Sect most convenient has outstanding Dan God to help you refine Divine Pill, moreover can buy divine medicine! But our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect Dan God institute in the big influence is quite strong.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I truly to that Dan God institute, I now need Divine Pill.” This truly is he enters the reason of Inner Sect. ......

After collecting hundred grains of that type of beads, Shen Xiang rushes to that giant eternal Divine Mountain immediately, has a cave under this mountain, can participate in the inspection there. After Shen Xiang enters inside, is very lonely, the threshold that after all participates in the inspection is very high, is not some daily many people can participate in the inspection. After seeing Shen Xiang arrives, a man old before his time immediately two shine: Young fellow, you are participate in the inspection? Comes quickly here!” Shen Xiang hastily walked, in this cave only then a table, this man old before his time sits on the table at this time, the outstanding leg hey smiles. I participate in the inspection, this is my jade token!” Shen Xiang hands over own jade token, then hands over a box, inside is hundred grains of beads, hunts and kills hundred different divine beast certificates. Shen Xiang, um! Very fierce, a half year sufficiently collected, then starts to inspect now! Do you need the time preparation?” The man olds before his time asked that at this time he looked like be more excited than Shen Xiang, evidently he here was really too bored, finally can a little matter be able to find relief. Now starts!” Shen Xiang rests for day, reports on accomplishments. Good, so long as you hunt and kill Sacred Level different divine beast through the inspection! This should not be difficult to you!” The man olds before his time said with a smile: I will lead you to go, and supervises you personally, this wants you to cut to kill personally is.” Sacred Level different divine beast?” Shen Xiang asked: Strong?” What eight ten Godhead is Sacred Level different divine beast, what nine ten Godhead is King Level different divine beast, but hundred Godhead is Emperor Level different divine beast, strongest one!” The man olds before his time said: You can hunt and kill hundred first seven ten Godhead different divine beast, own strength is not definitely weak, therefore you should be able to complete.”

„, Then leads me to go now, I want a bit faster to enter Inner Sect!” Shen Xiang is also only and Feng Wu met every month, after Feng Wu enters Inner Sect, almost does not have the time, all day is hunts and kills different divine beast, sometimes also goes to Earth-rank Stars, or is other Heaven-rank Stars. Star Law God Territory is so big, but the different divine beast quantity are many, almost cannot kill. The man olds before his time bring Shen Xiang to go out of the cave, the trend transmit plaza! Elder, don't you need to continue to keep in that cave? What to do if some people do participate to inspect?” Shen Xiang asked. „If there is a mind to inspect, he there and other! In fact, I can know ahead of time who will inspect probably, you collected 90 grains of beads before time, I obtained the news, but these days some people will not come.” The man olds before his time bring Shen Xiang to enter Teleportation Formation. Teleportation Formation opens, Shen Xiang and man old before his time transmit to a city, then the man old before his time puts out flying disc, bringing Shen Xiang to fly from this city suddenly. Half double-hour passed by, the speed of flying disc flight is quick, has been far away from the city. Below has Sacred Level different divine beast, you make him come out!” old man has referred to below that giant tunnel. Here is a piece of wilderness, suddenly has a such big tunnel is very truly towering, moreover lends an intermittent formidable aura, is not difficult to discover that this below has formidable different divine beast. Goes quickly, massacres through the inspection, can become Inner Disciple! However, Hehe, you enter Inner Sect, when the time comes will do this matter to do you to spit.” The man olds before his time said with a smile.

I go now!” Shen Xiang flies to that tunnel, he does not know that what different divine beast the tunnel has, but he is actually not afraid, beforehand Armored Dragon Alligator with ease was cut to kill by him, let alone these eight ten Godhead Sacred Level different divine beast? Shen Xiang arrived on the tunnel, sits puts out pot liquor in the flying disc above man old before his time, drank one, Hehe said with a smile: Different divine beast that this brat was arranged is not simple, it is estimated that must get the period of time.” Comes out!” The Shen Xiang control concentrates flame, infiltrates in big hole. Only hears under the tunnel to spread one bang the dull thumping sound, afterward erupts incisive neighing, the cloud penetration cracks Stone Ban the scream, making Shen Xiang very uncomfortable. Puts on mountain divine beast!” Yue'er said: „The voice of this fellow is very coarse, if Sacred Level different divine beast, this fellow is actually very strong, but to you are not anything.” The earth shakes, sees only mouse appearance giant beast suddenly to crawl from the tunnel, the body full is the thick armor piece that the belt punctures, these armor pieces like the fish fin, can skid. Puts on the mountain divine beast armor piece to set upright completely, after Shen Xiang was screaming one, on armor piece that was similar to the point of black lance punctures suddenly densely and numerously from below burr comes up.