World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2246
Shen Xiang planned with Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, but was worried that was seen anything to come by the above man old before his time, therefore decides to solve unarmed, this puts on mountain divine beast in his eyes beforehand Armored Dragon Alligator be weaker. Puts on the black thorn that mountain divine beast releases is similar to the gust of wind rainstorm flies from below, Shen Xiang is only the way of use, concentrates flame Divine Power, then a fist bang exits, makes flame, covers the black thorn completely. The black thorn was burnt instantaneously by the Shen Xiang's flame, falls in abundance in the ground! Puts in the mountain divine beast armor piece not to have the black thorn, seemed like also more comfortable, but Shen Xiang actually discovered that on armor piece started to emit some dot, these black thorn quick fast-growth were long! „The powerful Fire God strength, this little rascal flame is very fearful, if Dan God institute inside these old fellow see, definitely will feel ashamed of one's inferiority!” The man olds before his time feel Qi Energy that Shen Xiang that fist sent out a moment ago, in the heart is secretly surprised. Sacred Level different divine beast was also too weak, I a bit faster handle, this can enter Inner Sect immediately!” Shen Xiang dives immediately high-speed, Meteor God Energy starts to revolve, at this time when he dives, the body is burning the flame, looks like meteor that is similar to crashes. Shen Xiang settles on to put on the forehead of mountain divine beast, roars lowly, the fist above blue vein sticks out suddenly, spout the genuine fierce flame, the flame turns into a fire dragon head shape, is opening the mouth, roared again and again. Roar! Shen Xiang uses Azure Dragon Divine Art to coordinate Meteor God Energy, has strength that plans unable to think , the instance that Fire Dragon roared, in the mouth unexpectedly blowout violent Fire Lightning, Fire Lightning hit together when putting on the forehead of mountain divine beast, the fist also immediately pounded to fall, Meteor God Energy impact! Bang! Strong fierce strength passes through thoroughly to put on the head of mountain divine beast, explodes in inside, causes to put on the head of mountain divine beast to be split up, blood spout, what is fearful, after that strength breaks puts on the head of mountain divine beast, still does not weaken , to continue to penetrate the earth. After Fire Lightning Divine Power with the Meteor God Energy strength passes through to deeply, has a violent eruption once more!

Bang! As the bang transmits, the earth of surrounding area thousand li(500 km) shakes immediately violently, presents a fissure, crazy collapses to shake. Shen Xiang hastily putting on the mountain divine beast corpse puts in storage pouch, then flies to the upper air, he turns head, the earth became uneven, the dust is billowing! This brat...... convenient he, he was nine ten Godhead!” The man olds before his time saw the Shen Xiang's strength at this time, only then this cultivation base, can release so fearful strength. He was self-examining whether can be victorious Shen Xiang! The man olds before his time look that the earth of that avalanche is in a daze, he very long had not seen this type to have the young face and strength so formidable person. Elder, what kind of? Do I pass now?” Shen Xiang arrives on flying disc, smiles was saying that gives the man old before his time that storage pouch. Passed, my goodness, unexpectedly hides own strength, early knows that makes you hunt and kill King Level different divine beast, your nine ten Godhead copes with more than 80 Godhead putting on mountain divine beast, does not have the pressure!” The man olds before his time have patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder with a smile. I have not hidden, but you cannot look.” Shen Xiang has scratched the nose, said with a smile: „Can elder, not have nine ten Godhead this matters to say me? I am worried to enter Inner Sect, they will arrange some quite different divine beast that is difficult to kill to me, when the time comes I will become very laborious.” Naturally does not have the issue, I also inspected in the past from Outer Sect, knows inside bitter!” This man old before his time very much will also cultivate the behavior, he knows that Shen Xiang has this strength, another day can definitely mix very well, does well relationship to. Many thanks elder!” Shen Xiang sweet saying. This is your new jade token, several clothes.” The man olds before his time give a Shen Xiang box: You change the clothes, can climb mountains to report! Although you have strong strength, but you are more careful in Inner Sect, although these proud and arrogant useless ghosts is very weak, but they have the fierce father old lady or are Master.” The man olds before his time had mixed in Inner Sect in the past, now he is giving Shen Xiang to pass on the experience: You , to obtain a better status, does not want to hunt and kill different divine beast all day, as soon as possible carries on the True Disciple inspection, when the time comes you will cross quite moisten.”

Shen Xiang's expressed gratitude hastily. ...... The man olds before his time bring back to under Shen Xiang the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains mountain, Shen Xiang changes the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains clothes, that is one white clothes, after putting on, making him has the spirit, is very charming. Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains has a tall ladder, goes nonstop to the summit, Shen Xiang has not come up, but actually finds from Feng Wu there that soon close Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that 1st Stage, will have many caves, ordinary Inner Disciple in cave. Shen Xiang running small moment, arrives at Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect, has not arrived at the summit, there is True Disciple and Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard site. Just through new disciple of inspection!” Was responsible for guarding the guy of tall ladder to look at Shen Xiang's jade token, was brand-new, looked that can know. Um!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Also asked Senior Brother to look after much!” We also come from Outer Sect!” The guys said with a smile: You enter that biggest cave, will see little rascal, he specifically is responsible for receiving the new disciple.” After Shen Xiang expression of gratitude, flies to the above that big cave, after going, inside is very spacious plaza, in addition, some every large or small caves on the hole wall, Shen Xiang sees many people to pass and out, thinks that is the Inner Disciple residence. This environment looks like did not have ground to be good!” The Shen Xiang heart said that he saw that little rascal, that is just a very short man, has an immature childish face. Shen Xiang walked, this man also saw Shen Xiang probably was just through the disciple of inspection.

This Senior Brother, I am newly arrived.” Shen Xiang hastily greeted, he guessed that this little rascal was also Outer Sect inspects, will otherwise not be arranged to handle this matter. I understood at a glance, otherwise nobody can look my!” This man is shorter than three heads Shen Xiang, he looks up Shen Xiang, said with a smile: You really high, actually many people are higher than me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Senior Brother, you are Inner Disciple, how to have the ability to change high by oneself? If your present strength wants to change the skeleton changes high by oneself, isn't difficult? You such do, to let others despises, in fight...... Hehe!” Junior Brother, you knew many!” The men laugh: „Did I call Hua Lang, Junior Brother you?” Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang holds the fist in the other hand to him, said. Good, I arrange your residence now, you need to live, is others together?” Hua Lang badly badly smiles: Or is the beautiful woman together?” Naturally is beautiful woman together lives? The words said that Senior Brother you have received a named Feng Wu female? Can arrange me to her there!” Shen Xiang asked in a low voice.