World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2247
Has received, this woman is a man, do you know her?” Hua Lang curious asking. Understanding, I come to here to pursue her, can arrange me and she lives in the same place?” Shen Xiang evil smiles. This...... A little difficult, because she chooses herself to live from the beginning, only if she agreed that can open a stone chamber in her Immortal's cave again.” A Hua Lang face admires looks at Shen Xiang: Junior Brother you are really fierce, to pursue her such woman, unexpectedly fights with all might here to come, is not easy!” I lead you to have a look first, does not know her in inside.” Shen Xiang arrives at this cave deep place with Hua Lang, in this is dark and wet, but the air/Qi of Spiritual God is very rich, but compared to the position difference of mountain cave entrance to be many, obviously was internal Immortal's cave is disappointing. Here environment has missed a point, but good and bad is also the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains central place!” Hua Lang said: Best Immortal's cave is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains surface these, but penetrates internal Immortal's cave like this type of opening cutting big cave is quite disappointing, only then approaches cave entrance is good!” New disciple can only generally in this place, only if displays, can obtain the reward, obtains good Immortal's cave.” Shen Xiang does not care about the environment actually, in any case practice time, most time stay in the secret room, so long as there is a secret room of peaceful security to be enough, moreover he did not need the air/Qi of practice rich Spiritual God, he promoted the strength mainly by Divine Pill. Was here! first layer, although first layer is quite bad, but the advantage are also many, does not need to fly.” Hua Lang said with a smile, has referred to a cave entrance, above writes the Feng Wu two characters, at this time Stone Gate shut tightly. Feng Wu miss, you in inside?” Hua Lang stands on tiptoes to start, to a post in entrance shell shouted. „Do I, have the matter little rascal?” The Feng Wu hear the Hua Lang sound, replied hastily. Feng Wu, I am Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang immediately to that shell shouted.

Shen Xiang just said shortly, Stone Gate opened, Feng Wu sees Shen Xiang also to wear the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains clothing at this time, knew Shen Xiang through inspecting. Wears this clothes also really to have a human appearance.” Feng Wu has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, hee happily said with a smile. This Junior Brother wants to live in together with you, and opens a secret room in your Immortal's cave, do you agree?” Hua Lang curled the lip, he has not thought that Feng Wu so is unexpectedly warm to Shen Xiang, relationship very intimate. Naturally agreed that you a bit faster go to help him hit a stone chamber, makes attractively!” Feng Wu throws to Hua Lang storage pouch: hundred thousand divine yuan stone, sufficed!” Has sufficed!” Hua Lang received divine yuan stone, said with a smile hastily, then ran, only in heard to broadcast dingdong the sound, he was in the opening cutting stone chamber. Feng Wu, are you very busy these days? I give you to subpoena, you do not return to me!” Shen Xiang asked that he went to the Immortal's cave small hall with Feng Wu. I close up the practice! The duty that above gives are getting more and more, therefore has the time, I also closed up practice.” Feng Wu suddenly whispered: I inquired the Clear Heart God Lotus whereabouts, in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, but that belongs to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, places in Elder Courtyard!” That Detoxification Dan needs three divine lotus to refine, named three lotus Divine Pill, three divine lotus are King-Grade divine medicine, is quite precious. Really? Good!” Shen Xiang grips the hand of Feng Wu hastily, is somewhat excited. Is if wants not to obtain easily, that is the Elder Courtyard thing, heard that the Dan God institute wants.” Feng Wu sighed lightly. No problem, would the means.” Shen Xiang said that so long as knows that had that's alright, he will find the way to take.

Shen Xiang, Outer Sect enters Inner Sect is very really tired, all day was not said by these original resident disciple supercilious looks, but must do the tiring work frequently, especially kills different divine beast, in the half year I killed quickly spit!” Feng Wu honk the mouth was saying that currently she actually very much has the appearance of woman. Hua Lang pokes head to say with a smile: Therefore do not watch my present assignment is the reception, is crisper than you, Ha Ha......” Saw Feng Wu complexion sank, Hua Lang unable to smile. Hunts and kills different divine beast to have the advantage? Can't make you hunt and kill in vain does not give the reward?” Shen Xiang said. Naturally has, so long as delivers 50% corpses, therefore I will always leave behind half to sell out, but the different divine beast site sect provides. After delivering ten different divine beast, can obtain a grain of Highest quality Divine Pill reward, suffices 100 heads, can enter ten thousand ancient book pavilions to seek for appropriate cultivation technique, meanwhile can obtain a reward of Highest quality Divine Weapon.” Feng Wu said. Good! Have you this killed several different divine beast now?” Shen Xiang asked hastily, this reward was very rich, Highest quality Divine Pill was very precious. Five heads! One month at least must kill a head, moreover is eight ten Godhead King Level strange beast!” Feng Wu stretches out five fingers: Is difficult to kill very much, is injured each time, can the Dan God institute receive Divine Pill therapy luckily.” The Hua Lang sound conveys from that stone chamber: This day must continue to boil! Outer Sect comes was this, we got so far as the resources laboriously, shared with these original resident disciples, moreover they obtained were more than us, but their actually anything did not pay, after all others parents and Master were Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains True Disciple.” Kills different divine beast to not anything, runs everywhere is most tired!” Shen Xiang said. Transmission expense is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains leaves, runs everywhere truly tired, the different divine beast news is sometimes inaccurate, but must ask around, but this situation is few, generally is very accurate.” Hua Lang said: „If two people cooperates, so long as one month kills a head, the corpse that delivers needs to be complete, this will be more relaxed.” Hua Lang has completed similarly, now he is installing Stone Gate, this Stone Gate was he already completed, some formation above.

Was good, the thing of inside need you increase!” Hua Lang said with a smile: Please approve!” Shen Xiang walks to look, praised: Stops spaciously, the bathing pool, is very good, does not have the window!” This is in the cave, the window that which comes gives you!” Hua Lang said: You chatted slowly, I must guard a gate!” After Hua Lang walks, Feng Wu walks to close hastily! Shen Xiang, Feng Family also has disciple here, moreover is a True Disciple apprentice, before ran into me, I think that he definitely here will report my news.” Feng Wu said. Oh? does not need to be worried that what to do when the time comes Feng Family cannot take you, you after all are the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains disciple!” Shen Xiang said. Was difficult saying that if they decided that must marry me, so long as looked like Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Elder Courtyard start to talk, perhaps Elder Courtyard will agree, although Feng Family did not beat Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, but was several points of face.” Feng Wu worried.