World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2248
I already pretended non-involvement relationship with Feng Family, I of this compensation also compensated to give them, why hasn't let off me?” Feng Wu is very annoying, facing Feng Family this huge influence, she is unable to contend, she thinks she enters Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, fights for a period of time in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains becomes True Disciple, when the time comes Feng Family does not dare to be again what kind to her. But now, she actually here runs into the Feng Family juniors! Feng Wu, you now how many skeletons?” Shen Xiang asked: You had eight ten Godhead, in a short time must practice not to be easy Godhead, but can actually practice the skeleton, this is can make you strengthen the strength only way fast, only by doing so, you can quicker becomes True Disciple!” Feng Wu has more than 80 Godhead, but Shen Xiang always thinks her strength bad a little! Otherwise hits Sacred Level different divine beast not to use energy, if she has to be many some skeletons, coped with Sacred Level different divine beast to be relaxed. I...... I have a skeleton! This was I long ago cultivated, where the short time congealed skeleton to be so easy, I also did not have skeleton Divine Pill, I entered Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, to gain many divine yuan stone, was easier to buy high level skeleton Divine Pill, I at least need to eat middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill to be able now to congeal the skeleton.” Feng Wu thinks a moment ago Shen Xiang said is not reasonable, she thought that thinks the congealing skeleton, cultivating Godhead is more difficult. I have skeleton Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang said: You wait for my a period of time here.” Shen Xiang since own new room, after closing, puts out middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, these divine medicine he has many, was in the past when earth core, the Lu Qilian duplication gave him. First refines more than 20 grains!” Shen Xiang both eyes make two flames, divine medicine on hand are melted immediately, then turns into Qi ball, rapid integration together, is divided into several small groups finally, then concentrates six grains of skeleton Divine Pill. He altogether refines four times, 24 grains of skeleton Divine Pill in several instantaneously complete! Feng Wu does not know that Shen Xiang is doing, is very curious, but Shen Xiang closes now in inside, she also has to bear the curiosity, the patient waiting, how long she has not waited, Shen Xiang opens the door to come out. „!” Shen Xiang gives a Feng Wu jade box.

This is...... Skeleton Divine Pill!” Feng Wu did not determine that this is real, she has not seen these many skeleton Divine Pill, although she cultivates eight ten Godhead, but skeleton Divine Pill regardless of any rank, is precious and scarce, firmly was being controlled by the big influence. Um, do you know that concentrates the knack of skeleton?” Shen Xiang asked. Feng Wu has not heard the Shen Xiang's words, she had been shocked, 20 grains of skeleton Divine Pill in her at present, moreover eats to her, she is thinking Shen Xiang is any background, unexpectedly casually puts out these many skeleton Divine Pill, but also such naturally gives her. Shop grain of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill is tens of billions divine yuan stone, these 20 grains are equal to two 100 billion divine yuan stone, even if the influence Big Shot son, so is not extravagant! Feng Wu......” Shen Xiang light shouted. What knack has?” Feng Wu is also tactful, has not gone to ask these skeleton Divine Pill origins. Six double-hour build up, grasp this time, concentrate the skeleton Divine Pill opportunity to be quite big, if are smooth, you only take several days to concentrate a skeleton, these 20 grains of skeleton Divine Pill should be able to make you concentrate two skeletons.” Shen Xiang said: When the time comes your strength also will strengthen many.” Thanks, I later will give back your! My this closes up!” Feng Wu enters the room hastily. Shen Xiang goes out of this Immortal's cave, arrives at this big cave entrance. Junior Brother, do you want to receive the different divine beast news? Can prepare to open kills different divine beast?” Hua Lang sees Shen Xiang, said with a smile hastily. I just became Inner Disciple, can start to hunt and kill different divine beast?” Shen Xiang asked.

Naturally is not, you have one month to be familiar with here, then next month must start.” Hua Lang laughed: Now very much envies my work?” Shen Xiang looked at all around, here this time nobody, he gives Hua Lang sound transmission saying: Chinese Senior Brother, my on hand grain of pill, if exchanges something with others, is contrary?” Hua Lang hears Shen Xiang's sound transmission, at present a face, his laughed, responds: Does not calculate that the rule does not permit the sell, but had not said does not permit the exchange, exchanges the matter that the thing or is makes others help to be many in secret you with Divine Pill! Junior Brother Shen, what pill is your grain? If desired, Senior Brother I can help you let go, I also calculate in this aspect method.” Shen Xiang knows Hua Lang that this is responsible for receiving all day, definitely also secretly does this matter, therefore he will come, in his present hand also has four grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill. I have grain of skeleton Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang sound transmission said. What?” Hua Lang is startled to shout that some cannot believe that has skeleton Divine Pill not to keep to eat, unexpectedly must be used to exchange, he suspected that Shen Xiang was the brain is clamped by the gate, even if were the black sheep of the family does not dare such to defeat. Goes to your Immortal's cave!” Hua Lang realized that the importance of this matter, said hastily. Shen Xiang brings Hua Lang to enter Immortal's cave, arrives in his room. With gives me to have a look!” Hua Lang hurriedly said, this is value 10 billion Divine Pill, if he sufficiently collects hundred hundred million divine yuan stone, definitely is also the earliest possible time buys one grain to come the concise skeleton, in this big influence, the skeleton are not many, is very difficult to mix. Shen Xiang puts out grain of process radiation processing skeleton Divine Pill, like this looked like likely just did not draw a charge.

Hua Lang puts here creamy-white skeleton Divine Pill at present: Quality is very good, this color skeleton Divine Pill is quality good that what do you plan to be used to exchange?” Hua Lang thinks to want, these majority that because he purchases are the quality is very bad, is very difficult to meet quality good middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill! Chinese Senior Brother, I just arrived at this Inner Sect, weak, I think that Chinese Senior Brother helps me introduce several reliable friends Shen Xiang smiled: I want to form a small influence, needs several trustworthy skilled people!” Hua Lang is a smart person, one wants to know that Shen Xiang is winning over him. However Chinese Senior Brother is my first candidate, I believe that Chinese Senior Brother will not disappoint me, if Chinese Senior Brother is willing to join me, this is also your!” Shen Xiang puts out grain of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill: Two grains, gift on first meeting!” Junior Brother Shen......, Uncle Shen, my Hua Lang will not follow you from now on.” Hua Lang stands up hastily, must do obeisance Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang prevents him hastily. Called me Junior Brother!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Takes away!” Big brother, from now on I was your little brother, where I dare to shout you for Junior Brother again!” Hua Lang received that grain of skeleton Divine Pill, this is the genuine goods at reasonable prices . Moreover the quality is good, Hua Lang sees Shen Xiang casually to him two grains, then explained that Shen Xiang does not love dearly to these skeleton Divine Pill.