World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2249
Hua Lang comes Inner Sect to be so long, has not obtained including low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, to obtain must hunt and kill different divine beast to be good, therefore in the Hua Lang eye, Shen Xiang be much bigger than Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean, who makes that Dean not give his skeleton Divine Pill. Good, but in having the situation of bystander, you shouted me Junior Brother!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Big brother, you currently have anything to tell said! I resign from that reception now the position, later specially helps the big brother work.” Hua Lang said. You can continue to make the reception! I let the matter that you handle, inquires some news.” Shen Xiang said: Naturally, those who now are main is formidable we, therefore I need you to inquire that has not to mix haughty True Disciple, I use middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, even High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill wins over him! But the premise is, he is reliable!” Hua Lang took a deep breath, Shen Xiang has including High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, in this case, he thought that this was too easy. Does not have the issue, although Inner Sect True Disciple is quite arrogant, but some are also quite simple and honest, all day trains hard earnestly, these are should better win over, although they are True Disciple, but must obtain the reward of high level Divine Pill, needs to handle many difficult matter to obtain, if the big brother you give them directly, their these honest and good-natured people definitely will mix with the big brother.” Hua Lang said. What strength is True Disciple generally?” Shen Xiang is quite curious, like Feng Wu this eight ten Godhead, was unable to become True Disciple. Generally is 90 five Godhead, even is hundred Godhead! However their skeletons are few, because of the skeleton Divine Pill deficient reason, the skeleton Divine Pill majority grasps in the Dan God institute, therefore the True Disciple majority were directed by the Dan God institute, seeks for divine medicine everywhere or hunts and kills more formidable different divine beast.” Hua Lang said: I now also 90 three Godhead, but skeleton only then, I , to become True Disciple, at least needs three skeletons, can through the inspection.” Before Shen Xiang, listens to Yue'er to mention, in Star Law God Territory, the promotion of skeleton is difficult, was mainly skeleton Divine Pill by the deactivation. Gives you again grain of skeleton Divine Pill, this does not give you, is makes you win over the person, your brat do not steal food.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Gives me 100 courage I not to dare!” Hua Lang does not dare, if angers Shen Xiang, later cannot obtain skeleton Divine Pill.

„, Helping me inquire that Clear Heart God Lotus matter, I heard that the Dan God institute has, has a look to have the means to buy!” This is also the matter that Shen Xiang extremely cares about. Does not have the issue, I wrote down! Big brother, I win over, I will win over hundred Godhead True Disciple as far as possible, these True Disciple majority are skeleton few that so long as there is a skeleton, they are very easy to win over.” Hua Lang said: Now I go!” Shen Xiang nodded, afterward Hua Lang slightly is running exiting, at this time Hua Lang is also very excited, oneself obtain two grains of skeleton Divine Pill. middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill unexpectedly is so easy-to-use, it seems like I must make to be many some am good! High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill also wants some, if, Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill must make.” Shen Xiang enters the room hastily, purple bead that he five ten Life Murdering Godhead, concentrate must duplicate High-Grade divine medicine not to be difficult fast, middle-grade was easier! If wants to make the High-Grade medicine evolve Highest quality, this need with Six Paths Divine Cup, he has not used, but now he has not needed to refine Highest quality Divine Pill! Regarding here many expert, middle-grade High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill had big attraction, was not Highest quality Divine Pill time. Shen Xiang has refined 12 grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, as well as 30 grains of middle-grade, leave to go out of the room, this was also only the past small half of the day. Feng Wu still in closing up, she requires some time to practice the skeleton. Shen Xiang sits in the hall, uses Life Slaughtering Technique concise purple bead, then puts in Six Paths Divine Cup!

Initially he obtained Six Paths Divine Cup time, inside some high level divine medicine, highest are Heaven-Grade, these divine medicine he did not know that temporarily has not known to be useful, at present he also has no need. Feng Wu, comes out quickly!” suddenly some people of shouted, moreover shouted several continually. Has a shell in the entrance, can sound transmission enter the room, Feng Wu closes up now, definitely has closed, therefore cannot hear, but Shen Xiang can actually hear the weak sound by thick Stone Gate. Who is? The expression is so bad!” Shen Xiang hastily walks to open the door. Out of the door is a tall and thin handsome man, his body wears the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains white clothing, what he sees to open the door is a man, cannot help but frowned. Who are you? How can here?” This male expression very ice-cold: Feng Wu man?” Also is what kind, she is closing up, now does not facilitate to see you.” Shen Xiang was saying, must close Stone Gate, but was actually blocked with the hand by this person. Big courage, you do not know that Feng Wu is the woman who who has a liking for? unexpectedly also dares to be intimate with her, do you court death inadequately?” This person of angrily said. I have rested Feng Wu, she is my woman, you make that have a liking for her fellow to lose heart.” Shen Xiang laughed. You...... But real?” This man is angry immediately, loudly exclaimed.

Absolutely true, otherwise can I possibly here? The Feng Wu disposition you are not do not know!” Shen Xiang sees the opposite party to jump over life Qi/angry, he is happy: That has a liking for the Feng Wu person is not you, your does life Qi/angry do? Is that your master is inadequate? Also right, if the master life Qi/angry, your this lackey is also certain with life Qi/angry, otherwise the master will hit your, right!” Courts death!” The men had been enraged by Shen Xiang thoroughly, must put out a hand to grasp the Shen Xiang's front piece, which knows Shen Xiang suddenly fierce closing. Bastard, opens the door quickly!” The men are thrashing Stone Gate vigorously. Has to plant you to break open this sliding door, investigated in any case is your responsibility, I may remember that in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains cannot cause trouble, I also want to know the consequence that causes trouble is what kind, your noisy, I can see.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. You plant, your Outer Sect coming in humble thing, unexpectedly dares to be so dissolute, you wait to me, you died, my this found the person to tidy up you.” The man trampled foot Stone Gate vigorously, then got out of the way. Shen Xiang also wants to know how the opposite party must tidy up him, therefore is waiting for patiently, over the two days, he in concise purple bead, duplicated middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, in Star Law God Territory, middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill can sell to 10 billion, but is used to win over the effect of person is very good. Stone Gate suddenly of Feng Wu room opens, sees only Feng Wu to smile to run: I have succeeded, I had the second skeleton, thank you Shen Xiang!” Is so quick, good! How many skeleton Divine Pill have you used?” Shen Xiang has not thought that is only two days of much time, Feng Wu successfully concentrates the skeleton.