World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2250

Two grains!” Feng Wu is happy at this time, concentrates a skeleton, making her feel that own strength strengthened, wishes one could to look for different divine beast to practice. Feng Wu puts out that jade box to give Shen Xiang: Also remains 18 grains, gives back to you!” Shen Xiang pushes the jade box, said: You are remaining, I do not need now, you now only then two skeletons may be insufficient, must continue, at least must have five skeletons to be good.” Um, I will try hard!” Feng Wu nodded. Was right, couple of days ago had a fellow to come early you, he high tall and thin thin......” Shen Xiang tells Feng Wu the process that and that man met, hearing Feng Wu giggle to smile tenderly. Your this fellow, you go bad my reputation like this, but must be responsible for me.” Feng Wu happily said with a smile: This is also good, bastard will not be keeping thinking about me all day.” Big brother, Big brother!” This is the Hua Lang sound. How did this fellow shout your big brother?” Feng Wu just asked that immediately thinks, definitely was Shen Xiang to Hua Lang skeleton Divine Pill, she has not thought that unexpectedly of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill in the Shen Xiang eye such did not have the status, the casualness gives. Shen Xiang opens the door hastily, sees only diminutive Hua Lang behind, is standing a tall and strong middle age, this middle-aged heavy features, have the full beard, looks like very valiant, looks like somewhat simple and honest. Went in said again!” Hua Lang hastily enters in the hall, then closes Stone Gate. True Disciple?” Feng Wu is somewhat surprised, sets out hastily. Shen Xiang also notes that middle-aged guy waist to have the purple jade pendant together, above writes one really character, this is the True Disciple identification.

„The Brother Shen younger brother is good, below Teng Yong!” The middle-aged guy holds the fist in the other hand saying: I, although is True Disciple, but everybody does not use extremely cautious.” Right, everybody sits down quickly!” Hua Lang said with a smile hastily, but also put out tea, they poured tea to Shen Xiang. This is Feng Wu.” Shen Xiang gives Teng Yong to introduce Feng Wu hastily. Big brother Teng is good!” Feng Wu sets out to salute hastily. Teng Yong is smiling nod, he is True Disciple, but does not have what big rack, although the appearance is quite valiant, but the disposition is very amiable. Big brother Teng had rescued my life, at that time I hunted and killed different divine beast outside, held a beast nest, at that time was big brother Teng at risk of life rescues my, at that time also caused him to be seriously injured, cultivation base stagnation a period of time, missed many good deeds.” Hua Lang sighed, whole face ashamed look. A Lang, these matters on the past, have not needed to raise in the past again, rescues matter that you are I are willing.” Teng Yong laughed, has patted the shoulder of Hua Lang. Big brother Teng is really person of the righteousness Bo Yuntian, can become friends with big brother Teng, is really honored.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I do not beat around the bush now!” Thinks that A Lang also said with you, I continue to establish a small influence now, needs to be powerful like big brother Teng, felt emotion the person of righteousness to join.” Teng Yong nodded: A Lang said with me, and has given me grain of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, I in Inner Sect, although is True Disciple, has hundred Godhead, but must look at the complexion of Dan God institute, the Dan God institute to let us takes orders from them, controls stubbornly skeleton Divine Pill, we are very difficult to obtain!” Mentioned the Dan God institute, Teng Yong revealed the angry look immediately: „The Dan God institute really goes too far, even if flatters them vigorously, but wish makes them help alchemy, but must pay, by them, when the slave same directs.”

In the Shen Xiang heart is greatly happy, he has not thought of the Dan God institute to control these expert, unexpectedly makes many seething discontent among the people the matters. Big brother Teng, but Outer Sect inspects, he very diligently becomes Inner Sect True Disciple, but was actually treated by the Dan God institute difference.” Hua Lang mentioned these matters, was the whole face indignation. We come from Outer Sect, the strength is not weaker than these young animals, but currently has the Dan God institute background little thing, dares to play my head to urinate.” Teng Yong coldly snorted: I because cannot tolerate, hit remnantly a little thing, finally was punished ten thousand years not to receive Divine Pill and different divine beast news by the Dan God institute.” „The Dan God institute was really too excessive.” The Shen Xiang nod said. If wants to abolish the penalty, this need 100 billion divine yuan stone is good, I! I rather take away to feed the dog, does not give them.” Teng Yong more said that more is mad. Feng Wu is extremely bright, one wants to understand now what's the matter, Shen Xiang must win over these through Divine Pill that oneself grasp to the Dan God institute discontented person, thus establishes own small influence, she to the present discovered one were really too young, could not completely understand Shen Xiang, not only the strength was intrepid, but also many precious Divine Pill. Big brother Teng, takes the liberty to ask, how many skeletons do you have now?” Shen Xiang said. Three! I for a long time have not congealed very much, our these Outer Sect come, makes skeleton Divine Pill not to be easy, not like these locally born fellows, but where they also very to go, even if there are skeleton Divine Pill that we are more, also they have many skeletons not necessarily!” Teng Yong said: I in True Disciple, do not dare to say strongly, but dares to challenge my are not many.” Big brother Teng, you eat middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill now, how many double-hour needs to build up?” Shen Xiang also asked. Four double-hour built up to melt, I also know that six double-hour were best, but that need High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill was good, that was more difficult to make, had middle-grade was good.” Teng Yong said. Feng Wu also secretly nods, High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill is auctions, the auction causes to fight for each time, only sells one grain each time.

High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill will hold the auction in Inner Sect, every month one time, but I also enter the auction by the Dan God institute limit now.” Teng Yong coldly snorted. Big brother Teng, this gives you!” Shen Xiang hands over two grains of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill: A Lang gives your middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill you to give back to him, is not big to your use, this suits you!” In the hall, Feng Wu, Hua Lang and Teng Yong took a deep breath, two grains of skeleton Divine Pill of Shen Xiang palm may be High-Grade immediately, that medicine fragrance as well as the aura can come out directly respectively . Moreover the quality is also excellent that! Such precious thing, said that gave. This...... This......” Teng Yong some cannot believe. Takes away, I temporarily only then these.” Shen Xiang has smiled saying with a smile. Many thanks, from now henceforth, you were my big brother!” Teng Yong also studies Hua Lang such, shouted Shen Xiang for the big brother, before he for High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, but was directed by the Dan God institute like the dog, but Shen Xiang actually directly delivers him now two grains, in the heart was moved very much. suddenly, Stone Gate was being struck by the People strength. Feng Wu, comes out to me quickly!” This sound Shen Xiang knew that is the previous time looks for Feng Wu that man, finally ran by the Shen Xiang air/Qi. Is the source of trouble, this fellow is the Feng Family juniors, came to here very much long time ago, how this bastard also came!” Feng Wu walks to open the door, now she does not fear the source of trouble, Teng Yong this expert may here.