World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2251

Feng Wu walks opens the door, Teng Yong hastily receives the purple jade pendant of waist, conceals the True Disciple status! Shen Xiang was worried that Feng Wu will have an accident, hastily with coming up. After opening the door, out of the door is standing two people, one is before has come the source of trouble, another person is long some shapes with the source of trouble, but is the middle-aged person. Father, is this brat shames my!” Source of trouble angrily said, he wishes one could to kill Shen Xiang, disciple who Outer Sect comes, unexpectedly such rampant to him. Feng Wu, heard that you had man, right?” That middle-aged cold sound track: You clearly know that must marry Yuan Family, why must in the outside Hu Zhao man, your this sentences the crime of clan!” I and Feng Family No problem, I before sending back many divine yuan stone, afterward Feng Family had already not investigated that sees me to enter Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains becomes Inner Disciple, do you start to pester to me?” Feng Wu coldly said: I have the man, closes your trifling thing, you are not my parents, has the qualifications to take care my matter.” Feng Wu said that must close, but actually held down by that middle age. My Feng Nanyi good and bad is your elder, you dare so to speak to me, counter- you!” Feng Nanyi is angry, then walked, he sees in this also to have several people, complexion sank: „Is this helper who you look for? Snort, but is one crowd waste that comes from Outer Sect, today I must teach your this to the elder impolite domestic animal.” Shen Xiang hastily pulls back Feng Wu, at this time everyone could see that this Feng Nanyi so hates Feng Wu, definitely has other reason, Shen Xiang had guessed correctly that before the Feng Wu parents had also stayed in Inner Sect, definitely and Feng Nanyi has the conflict.

Teng Yong has stood up, in an instant dodged, he looks at Feng Nanyi, said solemnly: Said waste that a moment ago Outer Sect comes, but did you say?” Feng Nanyi sees Teng Yong to be enraged, in heart also is very happy, he had not seen that the Teng Yong strength comes, his said with a sneer: Was I says how? Your this crowd of Outer Sect waste, do not keep off me to teach the impolite junior, otherwise I linked you to tidy up together.” Feng Nanyi thinks that Feng Wu just entered Inner Sect, definitely cannot become friends with any formidable disciple, therefore his Teng Yong was also just came from Outer Sect in his eyes. pā! Teng Yong held suddenly to pat greatly, Feng Nanyi was hit to fly directly, hits on rock wall, in the mouth bleeds, the ground also dropped out several teeth. You...... You......” Feng Nanyi cover the face that was being hit to swell, although in heart anger, what are more is panic-stricken, strength of Teng Yong that palm of the hand was fearful a moment ago, he can feel clearly, at this time the atmosphere does not dare to leave. You in my eyes are also junior one, dares to scold me is waste!” Teng Yong two steps step to Feng Nanyi, clutches him, another palm of the hand collects. Hears resoundingly that the applause, the source of trouble that looked in side has also been shocked, although two legs became tender, but he responded quickly, turned around to run out of Stone Gate, but was held by Shen Xiang.

Senior...... I, I have made a mistake, please forgive!” Feng Nanyi begs for mercy directly, he knows that he has many weights, although Inner Disciple, but he may not have the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard supports, meets True Disciple, even if were discarded, he cannot be what kind. „The fellow of dog weaponry that person, your also this strength of spirit, I can circle your dog's life, but...... humph, humph!” Teng Yong was saying, the palm of the hand fist greeted the past alternately, right in the face hit, was only several suddenly, this Feng Nanyi was hit faints deadly in the past. The Teng Yong entire life is most repugnant is this type specially bullies the fellow who Outer Disciple comes, he entered Inner Sect in the past, was bullied frequently such, therefore he sees now, in any event must get rid to teach this fellow, let alone and Shen Xiang relationship very good female was bullied. Go away, many get lost far, do not let me see you again!” Teng Yong grabs Feng Nanyi, like throwing stone, pounding maliciously to the source of trouble, the source of trouble is pounded by the father who oneself fly, was hit by that strong impulse spits blood. Feng Nanyi pulled out from oneself with a palm of the hand time, knows that Teng Yong is very strong True Disciple, therefore he does not dare to be rampant, otherwise the poor life does not guarantee, now is hit at most waste! The source of trouble carries Feng Nanyi, hastily runs this Immortal's cave, he worried that he so is also miserable with his father, before he planned that discards his father to run away. Does not need to be worried that hits this thing I not to need any consequence, even if Feng Family came, cannot take me to be what kind of!” Teng Yong said that his good and bad is also hundred Godhead, so long as is not getting rid of these multi- skeleton, he is all right mostly, he has forced out by the Dan God institute in any case now, does not have anything to be good to fear. Many thanks big brother Teng!” Feng Wu expressed gratitude hastily.

Does not need to be polite, in the past I just entered Inner Sect, this had been insulted! Our these come from Outer Sect, should unite, resists Inner Sect.” Teng Yong said to Shen Xiang: Big brother, I have several friends, although is not hundred Godhead, but the manner is good, is my trustworthy person, is the friends in adversity, is Outer Sect comes, had many years of deep cordiality with me.” If possible, makes them come with me to chat, High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill will not be definitely few.” Shen Xiang nodded: Our Outer Disciple should unite, this does not need to look at the Inner Sect complexion.” Hua Lang said: Outer Disciple already had such idea, for many years also some people planned such to do, but Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard no matter, because cannot threaten them, moreover words that must such make, so long as the Dan God institute the high level Divine Pill deactivation, does not provide to this group of people, after a period of time naturally can dismiss.” Teng Yong said: In the past also big brother called us, but we could not insist how long, not having Divine Pill to help, we forever could not promote, therefore can only dismiss finally, continued to listen to the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard dispatches.” Dan God was being controlled by the big influence, moreover is a core of big influence is, therefore Teng Yong their past small groups were very difficult to win over Dan God to come, because they did not have the sufficient resources and background make Dan God help them, had again is the Dan God status is honored, but they were the motley crew, Dan God naturally cannot be a companion with them. But is now different! Shen Xiang can provide skeleton Divine Pill, Teng Yong also guessed correctly Shen Xiang is Dan God, but why very curious Shen Xiang does not enter the Dan God institute, he suspected that the Shen Xiang ambition is very big, wants to construct a own small influence. I go to look for now my brothers, A Lang, you paid attention to a moment ago that to fathers'and sons' trend, perhaps they here will call the Feng Family disciple, as far as I know, Feng Family also had two True Disciple here.” Teng Yong said.