World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2252

Teng Yong walks quickly, at this time he was also very happy that can become friends with Dan God that Outer Sect comes, moreover this Dan God is very low-key, is not a companion with the Dan God institute, this regarding them is the gospel!

Big brother, I helped you inquire, Clear Heart God Lotus truly in the Dan God institute, they prepared to take away the auction! This is young janitor in a Dan God institute tells me, moreover when the time comes auction not with divine yuan stone, but uses low-grade skeleton Divine Pill!” Teng Yong said: Grain of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill is 1 billion.” Shen Xiang asked: A Lang, do you know that generally King-Grade divine medicine, how many skeleton Divine Pill does need to buy?” Hua Lang thinks that said: Needs several hundred grains probably, over a thousand grains have the possibility, did not say. The request is the excellent quality.” low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, Shen Xiang is quite relaxed, duplicates to be very relaxed, and refines quickly! Helps me go, where when the time comes auctions, the condition that participates is anything!” Shen Xiang said. Good, my this goes!” Hua Lang hastily leaves. After Feng Wu closes, happily said with a smile: Has really your, wins over such strong True Disciple all of a sudden!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not have anything, I such have had the skill. Feng Wu, you continue to practice skeleton, concentrates as far as possible three skeletons, then goes to into True Disciple.” Um, my this goes!” Feng Wu knows that Shen Xiang needs the stronger big helper now, but she is not very formidable, hits Sacred Level different divine beast to have enough to do, she enters the room hastily , to continue to practice the skeleton.

Shen Xiang returns to the room, refines some middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, altogether 60 grains, then refine High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, 30 grains! Starts to prepare final low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, this low-grade skeleton Divine Pill must be used to participate in the pendulum to make the meeting. „A furnace leaves the pill six grains, I need 200 furnaces probably, must have more than 1000 grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill to go, otherwise when the time comes insufficient skeleton Divine Pill.” Shen Xiang starts to duplicate divine medicine, the low-grade divine medicine quite easy lane, the unusual liquid that he 50 Life Murdering Godhead, in addition Six Paths Divine Cup concentrates now, can make him duplicate quickly, cultivates low-grade divine medicine. He discovered that places on Six Paths Divine Cup Divine Mirror of Six Paths, making Six Paths Divine Cup absorb Divine Mirror of Six Paths internal Six Paths Power, the effect will be better! Day, he causes 30 low-grade skeleton Divine Pill divine medicine, must get so far as 200 is also only 78 days of matters, he thinks the time also with enough time. Teng Yong said that looks for the brothers friend, but several days passed by he not to come, Hua Lang has come actually several times, provided the useful message to Shen Xiang. Mainly is that auction, conducts ten days later, the place is Ten Thousand Ancient City, in a giant city near Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is responsible for having jurisdiction, will have many influences to participate actually, lets out the auction precious divine medicine, received exchange low-grade skeleton Divine Pill. Perhaps this auction, Feng Family also will participate, Feng Family has Life Jade God Lotus! Does not know the time enough, does not rest in the evening, duplicates divine medicine fully, does not have 2000 grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, when the time comes possibly cannot snatch these divine lotus.” The Shen Xiang heart said that he did not know about the quotation in this aspect , can only build up many low-grade skeleton Divine Pill as far as possible. Ten days later, Shen Xiang duplication divine medicine stay up till dawn, refines low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, but also refines 1800 grains of skeleton Divine Pill, this makes in his heart somewhat disturbed, if when the time comes insufficient, he also can only trade with High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill. Shen Xiang has made Hua Lang enter for the auction, if not Big Shot of side influence, then needs to pay grain of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, can obtain approach jade token. Honored and popular character, auction is free.

Feng Wu doesn't she go?” Hua Lang looked in the hall, has not seen Feng Wu. She is still closing up! Right, Teng Yong? For serveral days had not seen him!” Shen Xiang asked. His brothers exited to handle matters, for serveral days he found the way to contact with them everywhere! Is helps the Dan God institute handle matters, if can find them, they did not need to help the Dan God institute do live laboriously.” Hua Lang gives Shen Xiang jade token: Big brother, this enters jade token of auction, although I want to go, but thinks or thought that do not waste skeleton Divine Pill.” Was right, after that Feng Nanyi was hit, what action there is?” Shen Xiang asked. Has, they really looked for True Disciple, had looked, but did not have what movement now, it is estimated that was Feng Family True Disciple also fears the brave brother.” Hua Lang said with a smile: Big brother, you do not need to worry that this matter, that two fellows came again, I can also resist their a period of time.” Good, I now auction!” Shen Xiang has patted the shoulder of Hua Lang, then goes down Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains. Went to the place of nobody, Shen Xiang has traded the appearance, has changed the clothes, released a light cold air/Qi again, camouflaged oneself aura, this will not be recognized. Ten Thousand Ancient City is very big, at this time is also very lively, because holds a such auction, gathers on this Eternal Heaven Star many big influences to come, will auction when the time comes not only high level divine medicine, high level divine tool also will have, for example these Highest quality divine tool and King-Grade divine tool. Shen Xiang does not need divine tool now, his Nine Firmaments Divine Sword is Emperor-Grade Divine Weapon, Six Paths divine tool is also Emperor-Grade, is that World Creation God Furnace, surmounts World Creation Divine Tool that Emperor-Grade has!

The auction in a very grand main hall, gathers round has several story-high, each is filled with the person, in front of each status in a side influence is highest. Shen Xiang sits in behind, his eyes see the person in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dan God institute, they wear the white clothes that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is in sole possession, just on their clothes has the white flame chart mark, this is the symbol of Dan God institute. „Isn't this Master? They also came!” Shen Xiang hastily puts out the pass on message jade symbol, to Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian sound transmission, they sits in a corner. Master, how did you come?” Shen Xiang pass on message in the past: You did not fear that was discovered? In this auction may have many fierce fellows.” If feared that does not come.” Huang Jintian said with a smile: You in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Inner Sect should know that Clear Heart God Lotus, I also inquired, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains must bring the auction.” Um, does not know that Feng Family can take Life Jade God Lotus.” Shen Xiang said that two divine lotus that three lotus Divine Pill need both had the whereabouts, only remaining finally one planted. Life Jade God Lotus is quite important to Feng Family, they have not taken the auction!” Huang Jintian said: You do not need to be worried that we inquired Feng Family lacked anything, depending on your skill, should be able to exchange Life Jade God Lotus with them.” The auction started, peaceful, Huang Jintian has not given Shen Xiang sound transmission again, peaceful looks at the auction.