World Defying Dan God - Volume 23 - Chapter 2253

Other auction thing Shen Xiang did not care, so long as he bought Clear Heart God Lotus that's alright, low-grade Divine Pill that he equipped also only then these, if has bought other things, insufficiently bought Clear Heart God Lotus, he later was difficult the opportunity to meet Clear Heart God Lotus. From the beginning, is High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, causes many people to strengthen, skeleton Divine Pill bids with divine yuan stone, is these middle-and-small influences that fights. Quick, was bought 900 hundred million divine yuan stone! This makes in the Shen Xiang heart exclaim in surprise secretly that High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill unexpectedly is so precious, can sell this price! Several things that then lays out are High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, this is also attracts the reason that many small influences come, High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill under normal circumstances also by the way sell of auction, this time pats several grains continuously! Why now the Shen Xiang clear these big influences do not allow to sell Divine Pill secretly, only by doing so, can sell expensively Divine Pill. High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill has sold-out finally, what now comes to power is Highest quality Divine Blade, the base price is 100 hundred million divine yuan stone. This is well-known Divine Blade the dying out God Emperor refinement of Star Law God Territory, although was very long, but still has very strong might.” Although is only Highest quality, but if stems from famous expert's hand, is precious! The base price is 10 billion, was only shortly, added to 40 billion, Shen Xiang has not thought that Highest quality divine tool unexpectedly can sell this price, he thought that if Liu Meng'er they refined, this Highest quality divine tool definitely was a cinch! In Star Law God Territory, although cannot sell Divine Pill secretly, but divine tool actually! Finally, then by 80 billion finalized Highest quality Divine Pill! Downward, auction is some Divine Weapon divine tool, in ** about 10 billion, Shen Xiang some are impatient, but does not have the means that can only continue to get down, how front he is also clear is not expensive, only then behind that auctions begins shooting is big thing.

Good, everybody waited, following is Clear Heart God Lotus that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains just picked, but this divine lotus King-Grade divine medicine, as for effect...... This is not no need I saying that the person who if wants, should the clear this Clear Heart God Lotus effect.” The director said. Clear Heart God Lotus can stabilize the expert mind and drives out to enter the Divine sea unseemly behavior Divine Power, has to purify the mind to decide the effect of soul, the Divine sea and heart of poisonous spread in Long Xueyi to, therefore needs to take this Clear Heart God Lotus as of three lotus Divine Pill herbs. Finally started!” Shen Xiang is secretly excited. 100 grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill are the base prices, increases price each time cannot be lower than ten grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill!” The directors said: Now starts to bid!” People who first time participates in this auction express exclamation, they have not seen have needed with the thing that low-grade skeleton Divine Pill can buy . Moreover the base price is 100 grains! This is equal to 100 billion divine yuan stone, these things that before auctioned, did not have one is 100 billion. Shen Xiang was not anxious at this time, he has prepared almost 2000 grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, he thought that hopes to buy. 120 grains!” Some people start shouted, after is King-Grade divine medicine, even if useless, first is planting also good, if meets to continue this divine medicine person, when the time comes will change hands definitely will gain one. In Eternal Heaven Star, only then a Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains such big influence, but the present is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains takes the auction, therefore Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains will not participate. Quick, was added to 200 grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill! 210!” Shen Xiang start to talk shouted. 230!” old man indifferently said, participates to compete now, may be Big Shot of some influences, they usually also store up have skeleton Divine Pill, can therefore participate in this auction, if the average person, which comes these many skeleton Divine Pill.

Now only then several people are bidding, quick arrives at 700 grains! But now also only then Shen Xiang and that old man were struggling. 780!” Shen Xiang shouted, he will not love dearly at this time, but thinks that these skeleton Divine Pill will enter the Dan God institute, in the heart somewhat is not feeling well. Finally, that old man no longer makes noise, this Clear Heart God Lotus was bought by Shen Xiang! It seems like is I overestimates this Eternal Heaven Star these influences the financial resource.” Shen Xiang arrives at the backstage, has given 780 grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, then returns to the seat. He also more than 1000 low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, before he also thought to be able now on to 1000! This is also very normal, even if the middle-and-small influence is rich, what thing but skeleton is Divine Pill? This was being controlled by Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains this big influence, although they usually store up much, but cannot use up all of a sudden!” Yue'er said. An influence can receive in exchange for divine medicine with more than 700 low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, explained that this influence is also the comparison has background, otherwise who gives up. Shen Xiang goes to the backstage time, everyone saw him! Influence Big Shot quite clear Eternal Heaven Star Big Shot here, but Shen Xiang is actually a strange face, therefore is curious. Master, I walked, do you also want to continue to watch?” Shen Xiang passed by the place that they make, has given them separately storage pouch, inside is loaded with 50 grains of low-grade skeleton Divine Pill. Obtained Clear Heart God Lotus, Shen Xiang does not plan to continue to stay here, he must go back to have a look at Teng Yong that side situation. We have a look again, many thanks.” Huang Jintian kindly accepts low-grade skeleton Divine Pill that Shen Xiang has given, he knows that this Divine Pill in the Shen Xiang eye at is not anything, but regarding them is actually the astronomical figures, if they want to gain to also require a lot of time to be good.

Shen Xiang goes out of the auction time, changed the appearance, his today's action will definitely arouse suspicion, therefore he is discrete! These low-grade skeleton Divine Pill are not we are familiar! Moreover looks like very fresh, shortly after just drew a charge, more than 700 grains are the same!” The elder in Dan God institute attains Shen Xiang's low-grade skeleton Divine Pill, carefully after having analyzed, unbelievable. Is impossible, these low-grade skeleton Divine Pill are within half a month refines, moreover looked that is stems from a person of hand, some unexpectedly people in such a short time refines almost 800 grains of skeleton Divine Pill, who is this person? What goal does he come Eternal Heaven Star also to have?” suddenly emits alchemy technique so wise Dan God, this makes old Dan God of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dan God institute feel very restless, because this person can threaten them in the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains status. Shen Xiang just returned to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, then sees Feng Wu to descend the mountain! Feng Wu, where do you go to? You are best not to wander about aimlessly these days, perhaps Feng Nanyi is finding the opportunity to retaliate us.” Shen Xiang said. Naturally is hunts and kills different divine beast, every month must complete, you just entered Inner Sect, first one month does not use.” Feng Wu said: I can also finish ahead of schedule, next month, this will have enough time to close up!”